Arrival: Megahouse Djibril (Damaged ver.)

As far as things stand today, Djibril is the only tentacled figure I’m willing to purchase. Ever since seeing her over at foo-bar-baz she’s sat on my wishlist waiting for a reasonable price.

Somewhat of an impulse purchase, I got Djibril off MFC’s Sales section from a user named PorcelainePriss. It was a quick and easy deal and Djibril arrived 8 days later.  Having originally been a mail-order exclusive to Hobby Japan and an original retail price of ¥7,980 / $108 CAD, my purchase price of $40 feels pretty justified.

Not really sure about her character, I know I’ve seen lots of artwork and perhaps an anime or clip of an anime with a character that looked like her or was her. But whatever, tentacles, dissolving swimsuit, pervy fun, that’s what she is.

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  1. Tier says:

    Wait, what, the only tentacled figure that you would purchase? How can that be? Tentacles improve everything involving a female.

    Trivia time! Jibril is the alter ego of a girl named Rika, who powers up from sex (particularly kinky sex). Also, Jibril is the Arabic name for the angel Gabriel.

    • Aka says:

      I base that claim off the fact that none of my search results on MFC offered much I desired. Mko somewhat, but for the most part no on her part.

      Are there any others you’d offer up as suggestions?

      So, Jabril is into kinky sex. Interesting girl I’ve purchased.

      • Tier says:

        Unfortunately not. I’ve only got one such figure and it’s really sucky. I ought to make custom tentacle bases for some of my better figures.