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    1. I wish Audi was still in the ALMS, same with Porsche. I know there are Porsche RS Spyders in the series, but it feels like the series has been neutered and all the factory teams backed out.

      Personally though, I prefer the Aston Martin in the LMS series it just seems like a sexy car, too bad it’ll never win because it’s not diesel powered.

    1. I had no plans to go… I’ve been to ImportFest before a number of years back and it was sorta meh. It felt more like a big event for advertising more than anything else. I’d likely prefer CSCS to ImportFest, but I’m not really a fan of drag racing. The time trials and drifting could be interesting though.

      You going? Participating? 😉

      1. Yeah, I’ll most likely be going to CSCS on the 26th – I keep forgetting which date it is. A bunch of us from will be attending, although I don’t think I’ll be tracking my car – I don’t really feel like tracking my daily, but who knows, maybe later on in the future. I’ll be there to take some pics and show support for the rest of the guys and gals though. ^_^’

      2. I would definitely recommend against competing with your daily driver. I’ve blown up an engine at the track in my daily once before, it’s not fun. And it’s embarrassing.

        I stopped with the car forum thing, I found the information to be anecdotal at best, and many of the people just didn’t jive well with me. Though, once I figured out who to ignore it did get better.

        One of the track days I went to (after blowing up my engine), I was just there for pictures and whatnot, I got a ride in a fairly old Subaru Legacy rally car. I think that was the safest I’ve ever felt in any car ever. I was strapped in with the 5 point harness, full rollcage all around, in the bucket seat, sitting low because I was in the co-driver seat, and had the most casual conversation with the driver while he wipped around Shannonville. I could feel everything that car was doing in the seat of my pants, it was great. At the time I owned a ’99 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS, and it certainly didn’t have the same feel, cheapest brakes and pads, cheapest tyres etc… My current Saabaru 92x Aero is much better in this regard, but the seat allows for too much movement.

        Anyway… Do you know what the turnout will be at CSCS?

      3. Not sure what the turnout will be like, but usually it has a fairly good turn out with an assortment of cars. It’ll definitely be more interesting than Importfest, that’s for sure. lol

        I was just at the VW freedrive event yesterday and it was pretty fun for a short track in the parking lot. =P It got my blood pumping now I feel like going to the real track and drive around.

        Definitely sucks when you blow your engine, I’ve seen it a couple of times at other shows. Sure, it’s fun (and funny) when watching it happen to others, but I can’t imagine how I’d feel if it happened to me.

  1. I really like those panning shots, they look great and the cars look crisp and sharp. What I especially like, though, is the teeth on the nose of the Green Earth Team car. That’s an awesome ride, fruit and foliage and starfish and crocodile teeth.

    I don’t follow auto racing much, but I will happily admit that whenever I come across a video of a spectacular crash on a raceway, I’ll take the time to watch it.

    1. I like the panning shots as well, and I have a bunch, but I felt the post would be boring filled with just them. I think I also need to buy a monopod to take better panning shots, get less verticle movement and only have to focus on horizontally matching the speed of the car. Then I think they’ll be crisper. Additionally a faster camera where I can take more shots in a shorter time.

      Gunnar Jeanette in the Green Earth Team car also has a polkadot helmet. It’s a very odd combination of things to be on a race car I have to say, it’s far from my favourite colour scheme or paint job. But it is interesting.

  2. NICE! That action shot with the crash is +1!

    Really like the last “GT”-style shot! 🙂

    Tell me about your skills in getting such clear and crisp panning shots!

    1. Thanks!

      The only skill is taking a lot of pictures. Seriously, I have hundreds of shots from each race I’ve been to, and only a few really turn out.

      That said, there are a few tips I guess that’ll help. Like everything shutter speed and aperture play a big role. You want the slowest shutter speed you can get, but on a bright sunny day that might be something like 1/4000th of a second which is going to get you a parked car no matter how fast it’s going. What you need to do is drop down the aperture so that you can use a shutter speed say around 1/80th or 1/100th of a second. Normally tightening the aperture would get you more depth-of-field and detail in the picture but in this case it’s just used to reduce the amount of light in the exposure. The longer the shutter speed you can manage the more apparent movement you’ll get in the shot. However if you get too long a shutter speed you’ll also get your body movements blurring the shot. What many people do is use what’s called a monopod, like a tripod but with just one leg. This reduces some of the movement in the camera allowing for longer shutter speeds and more apparent movement in the shot.

      Since the weather and speed of the cars are always changing, the settings in your camera will always change as well. What might work great at one moment may not at the next, a cloud could pass over head, a car could go faster/slower than it did the previous lap, or the previous car. If there’s an accident and you’re setup for a fast moving car, you might just get a blur of a car instead of a crash. You’re constantly changing between settings and trying to anticipate the action, but it’s almost always luck that gets you a great shot, it’s just being there and being ready for it.

      Hope that helps!

  3. Know exactly jack about racing, but damn if I don’t like looking at cars! :p

    Only even vaguely near track I know of off-hand is Daytona and stockcars hardly look as fun as the ones you shot…

    1. Cars are definitely works of art. Well, except all the boring crap.

      Daytona doesn’t only have NASCAR, they do the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona, with Prototype and GT cars. This years took place January 28-31st. As the name suggests, it’s a 24 hour race, which generally aren’t the most exciting due to everyone being on the safer side due to the length of the race. But it’s still not NASCAR.

      That said, I think it might be interesting to go to a NASCAR race if I could get close enough to the track. Reason being, the cars go around so many times, the likelihood of me getting a good shot would be better lol. Though I’d prefer Watkins Glen or Sonoma, as they’re both road courses, ovals suck.

      Some other races also in Florida, the Rolex series is in Homestead, the series I saw at Mosport the ALMS they race at Sebring for 12 hours. I’m sure there’s lots of SCCA stuff down there as well, and the Indy cars race at St. Petersburg, but that’s a crap track. So there’s a bunch of stuff you can hit up if you were interested.

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