Review: Kaiyodo’s Neko Peke

Today we have the ever abused Neko Peke from Mahou Shoujo Neko X though there appear to be some inconsistencies with this name. Unlike Peke’s master, Yamamoto Yamato, I will refrain from abusing this poor girl further and will instead provide her with a wonderful and loving home. Some say he’s tsundere for her, but some how it just comes off as tremendously violent when he’s involved.

The story behind this character is pretty poor and not worth talking about, and the artwork isn’t anything to scream about either. Kaiyodo seems to have thought so as well and redesigned Peke to be better proportioned and much more attractive as a figure than she ever was as a manga character. Being an older figure, 2006, Peke’s held up pretty well especially given she’s previously owned and shipped without her original packaging. I ordered her off a user on MFC and was a little weary at first, however Maha-chan did a great job packing her and Peke even survived what looked like some man handling by Yamamoto at the post office.

Being such an old figure her MSRP is quite low, very low by todays standards, Peke was ¥4,500 and converting that to ’06 Canadian Dollars that would have meant a price of $43, not too shabby and the price I paid with shipping included. Today however she would have been over $50 CAD + S&H, which really makes me think I should have got into this hobby sooner. ¥9,800 figures and poor exchange rates make’s Aka’s wallet hurt.

Having no box to try and translate a sculptors name from and no one listed on MFC as having sculpted Peke I can’t say who to credit for the sculpt other than Kaiyodo themselves. Whoever is the person who’s done the work has done a pretty reasonable job. It’s obvious who she is if you’re aware of the character, despite not looking exactly like her. She’s got some nice wrinkles in her school swimsuit as well as some nicely sculpted leash-bondage. That said she’s pretty low on detail she has enough to be Peke and not seem overly static but there are plenty of places that could be improved upon. Biggest issues are all the seams running through her limbs, they’re not hidden very well at all and pretty distracting at times.

Matching up with the quality of their sculpt Kaiyodo’s done a reasonable job painting Peke. The colours are pretty close to the original illustration and if I were to just base her solely off that I’d say she’s a pretty good match colour wise. However in reality she lacks nearly all depth whatsoever. Her skin tones while matching the illustration seem as though perhaps her legs are sunburnt under some lighting, however her arms appear rather pale in comparison. Perhaps this can be blamed on her age and the densities of the plastics and the oils escaping and changing the colour of the paint or whatever happens to a PVC figure over time. But it is a little strange.

The reason I bought this figure isn’t really about the little details like paint job or awesome sculpt, no none of these really mattered beyond being very average or acceptable. I bought Peke because of that pose. Kneeling down, spreading her legs, tail dropping down between them, wrapping herself up in her leash and being pretty happy about it as she looks at you and offers you a tug on her leash. Unfortunately tugging on the leash proves uneventful, Peke does not react.  Additionally Peke also fulfills my green eye fetish despite my waifu having wonderfully red eyes.

Peke was a good cheap impulse purchase. I’d had her on my wishlist on MFC for a while and once a sale popped up and the price reasonable I felt obligated to purchase. Wishlist reminders can be evil like that. Ever since she arrived in February she’s rested on my desk shelf out in the open, for dust to fall up on and get dirty. I keep her there because it’s the first place I put her and my wicked subconscious decided that she’d be placed just so, so that every time I look up at her she’s presenting. Because of this I couldn’t move her, it was just too perfect a placement and entirely unintentional or at least unaware to the higher functioning parts of my brain until a while later when I looked up at her from my chair.

<3 my subconscious




I’ve always wanted to make a stereoscopic picture. This one worked for me, maybe it’ll work for you too. For those not sure how to view one of these, cross your eyes. Or an easier way, place your finger at a distance between your monitor and your eyes and focus on it, then remove it and allow your eyes to refocus on the image without uncrossing your eyes.


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  • Great price
  • Very fetishistic, bondage, school swimsuit, catgirl etc…
  • Combined with the above point, great pose
  • Not being abused by her master, Yamamoto


  • Massive seam in her left leg
  • Very pink legs and no depth/shading to the paint
  • Average quality, though for the release year decent



  1. Orni says:

    Oh my God ! It’s hot *__*
    This figure is well done, your shots are good and the wallpaper is a good idea 🙂

    • Aka says:

      Thanks! Glad you liked the wallpaper idea, as I was framing shots that one just screamed wallpaper to me. Tried to provide a resolution for the top 10 resolutions of visitors to the site, looks like I forgot to link to the Full sized version! Ooops! I’ll fix that now.

  2. Chag says:

    Everyone once in a while, I see something and step back, being reminded of the fact that our hobby is really, really creepy. This is one of those cases. Gotta love the combination between bright kiddy colours and JUMP-ROPE bondage.

    Oh bishoujo figures, never change!

    • Aka says:

      lol I had to link that comment around to a few friends. Some of them even knew the figure that was being described without even seeing it.

      To be fair though, it’s not a jump-rope, it’s a leash! Wait… does that make it any better?

  3. Tier says:

    I don’t think it says anything positive about me that I noticed the big animal ears and the cute smile and the rope, but the adjective “creepy” did not even occur to me until Chag mentioned it. I’m also not sure it says anything positive about me that I’m very interested in reading the manga now that I see that it includes ruthless and unexpected domestic violence.

    It’s really cute how she looks so happy while holding her leash out. There need to be more happy bondage figures in the hobby.

    • Aka says:

      To be quite honest, it never occured to me at all. I just thought the figure was cute…

      Well in reality I think it’s just reverse tsundere and probably isn’t as violent as I make it out to be. But there’s just something about violence against men that’s comical where the counter arguement isn’t so much.

      Not sure how many bondage figures I’d buy, but if they were all cute and happy I may end up with a large collection, who knows.

  4. Rajura says:

    You weren’t kidding, it looks like somebody drop-kicked that box.
    I’m glad that everything seemed to have survived.

    Nice job on the stereoscopic imaging! You need to do that on your future figures and especially on an future poses for Holo. And speaking of that, shame on you… I don’t care if she is freely offering you a tug on her leash, cheating on that angel of a waifu is unacceptable. Holo will never catch me looking at another girl. 🙂

    • Rajura says:

      … other the my actual girl!

      (Just wanted to clarify that for everyone else… and save myself from the doghouse… dang my inability to edit these posts).


  5. Rico-sama says:

    I’ve seen that weird discoloring happen on figures before myself; most notably with FREEing’s Kyon no Imouto. In her case her legs have taken on a decidedly more pink tone than her arms, torso, and face. Like you I’ve always thought it was a natural decaying of the PVC material.

    Anyway this figure really isn’t my cup of tea but it’s good to see that you’re getting so much enjoyment out of her. Although I think I’ll have to check out the manga this Peke is based off of: I’m getting an “Excel Saga” vibe from it.

    Oh, and this is the first time a stereoscopic image actually worked for me. If I was doing it right, lol.

    • Aka says:

      Really, not your cup of tea? Maybe I’ve been hanging out at Tiers website too much these days. He’s corrupting me, he almost even had me buying a Dakimakura! Almost!

      Hey, even if you were doing it wrong and it worked, it worked, that’s what matters!

  6. Fabienne says:

    Thats a very cute neko related figure, but I think sometimes it’s better when you don’t know the origin of a figure XD
    The Manga pic you’ve added really killed my mood for two seconds.I don’t like such sort of violence.

    Nevertheless its a nice and cute neko figure with a playful pose.

    *lol*it seems like your package was punched in the face, too.

    • Aka says:

      lol I know what you mean. I read the comic long before buying this figure though and wasn’t even sure they were related at first. She seemed familiar but I wasn’t sure why then Google to the rescue, reminding me how I didn’t really like the manga. There’s an h-version of the manga as well similar name but has XXX in the title. It’s to be avoided as well haha.

      Definitely punched in the face.

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