Review: Good Smile Company’s Asakura Nemu

When I first saw this figure at one of the many events she had been on display at I knew I wanted her and wished Good Smile Company would hurry up and release her. Eventually they did and for a heafty sum, but I jumped on her anyway, the decision had already been made days or weeks or months prior. Such a simple looking figure, such a high price tag, what gives?

For a series that’s been around as long as Da Capo has been and the popularity it apparently has, it’s rather surprising how few Nemu figures there are. Looking at’s database there’s only 6 and really only 4 of those are unique, the extra 2 are just variations. Of those I’d only take 2 of them, Good Smile Company’s and Chara-Ani’s. I like Chara-Ani’s because Nemu’s dressed casually and has a lab coat on like a doctor. But easily of the few figures Good Smile’s comes out on top and nearly twice as expensive as well. So lets break this down and see why she might be more expensive.

The other figures are all from the past, 2004 to 2007 when prices were considerably cheaper, but this alone doesn’t account for the ¥8,800 / $99 CAD price tag. How about her scale, is she larger than the others? Nope, she’s 1/8th scale and 20 cm tall so that couldn’t be it either. What else is there, well you can take Nemu’s clothes off in this version but that doesn’t always necessitate a higher price tag. Many figures are cast off and averagely priced so again, what did Good Smile Company include in this situation to request such a high price? Cards. Four cards to be exact. Four of the exact same card of Nemu looking angry. They’re apparently for a trading card game “Weiß Schwarz” and are premium rare cards, but well, it’s complete bullshit. Sure they may be valuable to someone but they’re not worth anything to a lot of people. Ignoring that, Nemu does look adorable when angry…

So we’ve answered the price question lets move on to this cast off clothing of Nemu’s. I remember before I started collecting I thought cast off figures were awesome and every figure should have their clothes removable.  But when I received my very first anime figure with the full intention to start collecting this idea was thrown out the door as being a terrible and poor idea. Cast off figures always have ugly seams and Nemu does not differ in this respect. Good Smile tried their best to make her click together right but there are still gaps. I do admit though she does clip together where my first cast off figure does not and never will, but it’s still more difficult than I think it should be. What did surprise me however was how soft and pliable the material her blouse is made of feels. This softness made it very simple to get on and off and the fact that it’s entirely one piece was pretty impressive, except for the cuffs which are separate pieces. This brings me to my next point…

Is Nemu bulimic or anorexic? After taking off her clothes there’s nothing left of her. She’s got breasts, larger breasts than I think she should, but nothing else, barely a torso and the flattest rear I think I’ve seen on a figure. I think someone needs to eat a sammich or two, poor girl is withering away. Putting her clothes back on, she becomes very much more reasonable in appearance, looking much more healthy and attractive. I do not think I’ll ever remove Nemu’s clothes again unless I acquire a terrible new fetish for sick malnourished women.

Sticking with the sculpting and ignoring her malnourishment under the clothes, she does have a decent amount of detail in her blouse and skirt. While it’s nothing to write home about, it does help make up for the lack of dynamism in her posture. Nemu’s hair while short has plenty of strands of hair, detail and is actually layered, while obviously not real there is a surprising amount of sculpting in there, adding in the ribbons as well it’s fairly complex. The top of her head though is just as boring and smooth as any other figure but I suppose that’s to be expected.

Paint wise GSC’s done an excellent job for such a simple figure. Everything and I do mean everything is within the lines so to speak, none of the paint seems to have overflowed on to parts it should not have. The toning and shading seem spot on, her white top has blue mixed in adding considerable depth, and her skin tones are pleasant though admittedly flat. Most of the depth you might see in Nemu’s skin is likely a side effect of lighting rather than any work on GSC’s part, but it’s still pleasant all the same. Under Nemu’s clothes, her underwear is a very feminine pink colour with a slight bit of shading between pink and pink adding about as much depth as one really can to underwear I guess.

So, is Nemu worth ¥8,800 / $99 CAD? No, she’s not. Is she worth the $84 CAD I paid for her? eehh no still too expensive. If Good Smile Company could have offered the “rare” cards at no added cost or not at all and marketed the figure at say ¥6,800 I think it would have been much more reasonable, as with the usual 15-20% discounts offered she would have only cost me $62 CAD. There’s nothing special about GSC’s Nemu, she doesn’t deserve to be priced exactly the same as “World is Mine” Hatsune Miku who had a pretty interesting base to go along with her interesting character design. Overlooking her price she’s a simple but well done figure and I actually like her a lot, but she’s no WIM Miku. So if you see her in the bargin bin at a reasonable price, do by all means buy her if you like Nemu but I think I would avoid her otherwise.

Who designs these uniforms, the skirts are all so short, I’d like to shake your hand…



  • When dressed her proportions are quite appealing
  • Paint is well done
  • Well sculpted and detailed


  • Far too expensive!
  • Nemu appears bulimic/anorexic when cast off, terrible and unappealing
  • Pointless collectors cards that are all the same



  1. mangasus90 says:

    great review! I always hope there are somethings else that can make her price up besides the cards…. And she looks so thin without clothes that nearly make me think its a miracle she still can smile like that >.<…..
    But well, i guess this quality for the rare Nemu on market is acceptable at the lower price. As a D.C's fan i will try to get her when i spot her at a sale-off price.
    Waiting for the next coming review ^__^

    • Aka says:

      There really isn’t much beyond the cards that add to her price. Maybe the cast-off but that’s not really a feature to be charged for in my opinion.

      Hope you find a decent deal on her though!

  2. Chag says:

    My first (and possibly last) experience with cast-off figures was the Max Factory Rize from the Shuraki line. Tried as I did, taking off and putting oh her top was excessively difficult, and I ended up transferring blue paint all over her abdomen. And then there was the clip that hold the top together, which did not fit well and ended falling off when I tried to work it into the right spot. Long story short, it was a mess of krazy glue and a very nerve-racking affair.

    In my book, unless nudity is involved, bishoujo figures should focus on one look instead going out of its way to double dip. Nemu did that and got a double dose of seamlines and anorexia. Serves her right?

    • Quazacolt says:

      >Nemu did that and got a double dose of seamlines and anorexia. Serves her right?


      well, same cant be said for the recent AO/megahouse series 😉

    • Aka says:

      I’ve always managed to be careful when removing cast-off parts. Thus far I’ve managed not to destroy anything, though occassionally my finger nails leave marks. I’d hate to have to use crazy glue on a figure though…

      I think you’re right, but even still, much nudity under cast-off clothes is still pretty substandard. Though I do like Aludra’s breast. But she’s not got a lot covering them in the first place.

  3. zh3us says:

    I have her too! =) Wonder what will you do to her after this review?

  4. Quazacolt says:

    when it comes to cast off-able figures, megahouse, or more accurately, alpha omega (alter x megahouse :P) wins hands fucking down. not even an argument lol.

    case in point: AO’s sheryl nome and ranka lee. or for megahouse’s sake, the QB series. ALL of them have cast off feature and you can almost NEVER see/notice seem lines as they design the cast off points very well (like sheryl’s sleeve, 1 of its point is at the armpit part, which naturally would have a “line” considering how fabric/joint moves/fold

    yes i have the AO macross set, and compared to anything gsc/koto/alter(hmm i cant remember from the top of my head if alter had anything cast offable, at least from what i own) and lol taki horo can throw up, megahouse/AO just clearly beats them

    • Quazacolt says:

      oh ya the cards aren’t worth that much AFAIK 😛

      and yeah notice TFM chat does have a WS channel (which, afaik, no one uses? since they dont online while playing em shitty card game wwww)

    • Aka says:

      Megahouse does a good job, though Alpha x Omega hasn’t done many cast off figures I don’t believe. Just Ranka and Sheryl, and that’s probably more Megahouse than anything in regards to those two figures. I’m happy with my Aludra (as mentioned above), a Megahouse figure. They did hide their seams well.

  5. Tier says:

    That’s sounds like a pretty cool fetish to me. If I could make an h-game, I’d definitely make one where you had a cute little girl slave who has to starve herself to prove her love for you. Hey, that wouldn’t be all that much weirder than some of the stuff I’ve seen. (And the drama it could cause in real life! It’d be a wonderful thing to behold.)

    I guess that’s one of the problems with castoff figures, where they can’t make the plastic thin enough to look right. I think FREEing’s upcoming Senhime figure is going to have a similar problem. Very neat butt-twitcher skirt, though, I’m tempted to get this figure just for that (and for her cute smile).

    • Aka says:

      Hey, it’s up to you. It does remind me a little of Katawa Shoujo in terms of fetishes. While none are anorexic, they each have a disability of some sort. And surprisingly it’s fairly well written and produced. I was pretty impressed given the concept and how it was conceived.

      I wish they’d given Nemu more of an ass. It would have been much better with that skirt flipping up if there was actually something there. I don’t need a big ass, in fact I prefer not to have a big ass, but some ass would be good.

      Additionally, with her clothes on, she seems to lack a figure, she’s pretty straight in terms of her hips.

  6. Rajura says:

    Nice review… competently done figure.

    Main draw back for me… her britches seem to be holed-up in box canyon.
    I know some people wear tight-fitting underwear, but that is just ridiculous!

    Oh well, if I were to get this one, with appropriate positioning (from my perspective at least), that issue I noted above could be overlooked!

    • Aka says:

      You don’t like the tight undies? I find it an attractive addition, allowing me to view the bum without being totally pervy and having no panties at all. I think most figures with panties visible have some aspect of wedgie to the underwear.

      • Rajura says:

        I can appreciate your desire to get a look at her backside without being a perv.

        I’d just prefer she had a little less of a wedgie going on… of course that is merely my worthless opinion!

        Won’t be responding as much to your figure critiques, now that I’ve made my move.

        Got my signing bonus of $4000 today… government took $1600 of it! Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

        Oh and all my Horo’s survived the 500 mile journey on the interstate without injury… though one idiot driving an 18-wheeler tried to pull over into and destroy all of them (especially my Rest in the forest ver.).

        But all is well, now just waiting to move into my new place, so I can set her figures up again!

        • Aka says:

          I suppose they are tightly lodged betwen her buttocks but c’est la vie. She probably likes it that way, Jun’ichi can better see the shape of her bum.

          I recently got a bonus from work as well, which was taxed to hell… again c’est la vie.

          Glad the move went well and nothing broke!

  7. meronpan says:

    hahah damn yes she does appear to be quite thin doesn’t she ^^;; but other than that, a nice gsc release. too bad about that price tag though… and on a 1/8 no less orz

    i’ve never been a fan of cast off ‘cuz yeah, the seams are unsightly… but also it means you must go through the process at least once to remove the protective plastic -_- which means more opportunities for my clumsy self to break things.

    yet another classic series i have yet to delve into. …gads i haven’t played a visual novel in way too long ;_; argh but i still have to finish off air and clannad first ^^; …some day.

    • Aka says:

      She’s quite nice, I think I would have preferred they just left her uncastoffable and focused more attention on her figure and proportions. And dropped the price substantially of course.

      I know what you mean, they like to put that plastic everywhere they can, and I suppose it’s good that they do. But it is annoying as hell when you have to take them all apart. I think this is the first figure I actually shot in reverse order. I shot her without her clothes on first because I didn’t want to have to take them on and off over and over.

      I haven’t really played many visual novels at all, some tiny joke flash ones, and Katawa Shoujo but that’s really it.

  8. Rico-sama says:

    If they were going to make Nemu look that bad naked then one wonders why they bothered making her castoff at all. Actually I think I know the answer to that; I have a feeling that’s also, in part, why Nemu was so expensive. You’re paying for the “feature”, didn’t you know? 😉

    Oh well, she still looks better then some other castoffs I’ve seen.

    She’s definitely a charming figure and is one of the few Da Capo figures I’ve considered purchasing but she just feels to expensive. Like you I’m completely unimpressed with the addition of trading cards and would’ve rather seen them put that money back into the figure directly. Maybe that way they could’ve actually afforded to give Nemu a sandwich or two. 😉

    PS. I wonder how much GSC actually had a hand in Nemu? Wasn’t there another company credited with her as well? She just seems to be missing a little of GSC’s usual flair.

    • Aka says:

      I’m paying for the feature of a sickly girl who’s in dire need of a sammich? well why didn’t they just tell me! I’d happily have bought her as well as many sammiches with which to feed her, something as you say, GSC neglected to do.

      I’m pretty sure GSC has to have played nearly the entire part, because Circus was the other name attached to the figure, and they’re the owner of the trademark and producer of the game I believe. Everything Da Capo is Circus, and Circus isn’t a producer of figures… So I can only assume that at worst (best?), Circus commissioned GSC to make them the figure.

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