Review: Chara-Ani’s Himari

I’ll be blunt, I bought Himari for her bum, there’s no more reason than that. Viewing the promoshots I was enamored by the shape of it and how the combination of her catlike pose, looking back at you as you admired and her seeming willingness to show it off, well I couldn’t help myself. How did she fare beyond her derrière, was my impulse to buy based on the gluteous maximus a sound decision?

Himari comes from the series named after her, Omamori Himari (おまもりひまり). Himari’s role in the story is to act as the bodyguard of Amakawa Yuto, she is what’s known as an “omamori” similar to a good luck charm but can be used to ward off evil spirits. She’s introduced into the story when the omamori Yuto is wearing loses it’s protective value on his 16th birthday. She suddenly appears to protect him in it’s absence and as you might have guess is a catgirl, or more specifically a cat spirit samurai girl. Unfortunately for Yuto, he’s severely allergic to cats so this doesn’t bode well for him. Hilarity and perviness ensues, generic anime becomes generic. I tried to watch some of this series but just couldn’t get into it, it did have some moments I guess and Himari’s a fun character but it felt pretty damn generic. I’m not sure how the manga and light novels compare but what I saw of the anime was meh, maybe someone can weigh in on that. The only thing that might push me to watch it  that I know of so far is the same voice actress who voiced Horo (ホロ), voices Himari, Koshimizu Ami (小清水 亜美).

Not being a very popular property it’s not surprising that Chara-Ani are the only ones who’ve produced a figure of Himari so far. Not being one of the more popular manufacturers either, the quality of Himari was suspect from day one. I do however have to credit Chara-Ani for something, I think they represented Himari entirely fairly in their promoshots. They didn’t take a picture of a gussied up version to make her seem more appealing, nor did they attempt any trickery with lighting. What I saw in the promo shots is exactly what I feel I’ve received. I’m not trying to say other manufacturers do this (*coughtheydocough*) just thought it was nice to see. Chara-Ani however has opted to use a bit of gimmickry to entice buyers into making the purchase. While there’s nothing too special about her sculpt and 1/8th scale, or her ¥6,890 / $77 CAD price tag, Himari does have stretchy panties. Yes, rubber panties you can adjust and take off and do whatever you like with. First run figures also come with a 2nd set of panties, or fundoshi rather.

The quality of Himari’s paint is pretty average as is the finish. There’s some decent blending in her blouse and hair but fairly average in execution. The finish of the paint is lack luster in appearance creating sort of an older faded look right from the start. It’s not that the colour of the paint looks faded, just that it’s finish looks faded, like how if you clean and wax a dirty car it looks new again, Himari looks like she needs a wax. Er.. that’s not what I mean, she’s bald down there already, she must have already waxed. Er… you know what I mean!

Chara-Ani’s sculpt of Himari is well executed, her sexy pose doing well to distract me from it’s otherwise fairly simple form. There are wrinkles where there should be wrinkles and folds where there should be folds, but some of it seems to come off as being thicker than it should be. Himari’s hair also could have used a bit more attention, while there’s nothing wrong with it per se, it doesn’t look as crisp as sculpts from other companies and this make it seem more bland and chunky than it could have otherwise been. The best part of Himari’s sculpt however is a bit of a dichotomy, on one hand it’s rather simple to execute a smooth round rump but presenting that fundament in an enticing and seductive arrangement takes good execution on the part of the sculptor. In this case the sculptor has done a good job adapting an entirely work safe piece of artwork into a sexy catgirl presenting herself for the taking. While I’m not entirely sure this is the artwork she could in some way be based off of, there is a certain resemblance between the two.

Having provided all the arguments I can think of for and against Chara-Ani’s Himari I’m forced to come to a conclusion to my opening question. Was Himari worth it, was purchasing a figure entirely for one aspect a worthwhile endeavour, a creditable investment of my hard earned cash, and a valuable use of my time? The cold hard truth of the matter is a resounding no, at $71 CAD paid it’s just too much money for a 1/8th scale catgirl booty. So like last weeks review with Nemu, cute girls have a strong grasp on my wallet, but, and there is a but, Himari is a cute girl and I do enjoy her butt so while she’s definitely too expensive I am satisfied with her, even if she has enormous breasts that I find very much unappealing. Wait, I hadn’t mentioned that already? That’s amazing, I must be getting over my fear of being smothered to death between two large fleshy orbs of Gainax bounce.

Gainax bounce, isn’t that a fabric softener?


Gratuitous Ass Shot

Obligatory perverted Drossel


  • Exemplary derrière
  • Stretchy panties
  • Competently sculpted


  • Incredibly average paint job
  • Himari cost too much for the quality received
  • Her breasts are quite large for my liking



  1. rook says:

    based on your shots i think shes really cute. If i dont have a tight budget right now im gonna go for her >.<

  2. Rico-sama says:

    Dawww. No matter what Drossel does she looks adorable; putting the stretchy panties on her head is just too cute.

    Something about that faces reminds me of a Kotobukiya sculpt; specifically the shape of her chin and cheeks. Himari looks like she’d fit in with the Clannad line Kotobukiya did (aside from the more pervy nature of this sculpt, obviously). No sculptor list on MFC so I couldn’t confirm this.

    It took me a while but I finally see what you’re talking about with the paint finish. There is some shading but you’re right it doesn’t really “pop” like other figures.

    Boo. I should’ve figured they’d pull that little stunt with her “naughty bits”. Not that I particularly wanted to see that but if they’re going to go so far to entice you to buy for the stretchy panties then they should’ve sculpted…erm…more detail down there. Otherwise what good are stretchy panties then (aside from putting them on Drossel’s head).

    Regardless she’s a charming sculpt and seeing your review of her made me want her more than the original promos. Okay, fine. I meant to say that seeing Drossel put the stretchy panties on her head made me want her more than the original promos. 😉 Might pick her up if I see her at Otakon.

    PS. Yeah companies love to fudge their promo shots. The worst by far is Kotobukiya.

    • Aka says:

      What they’ve done with her ‘naughty bits’ as you put it is actually sculpt the cameltoe into the panties, though subtle. I agree though, they should have sculpted a little bit down there. Barbie crotch has never been my fetish.

      I should have took more time with the Drossel shot with the pantsu on her head. Perhaps sitting her differently and her twintails more forward, or one of them at least with her one arm around it.

      I’d say Griffon is the worst IIRC, mostly because of the bad photoshopping of backgrounds.

  3. Tier says:

    I hate to admit this but Drossel looks pretty cute there. The figure is pretty cute too, she looks like she’d go well with Haru Usami, visually and thematically. I kinda wish they’d stuck with the artwork and dispensed with the ears and tail, though. I looked up her price tag on Hobby Search, 5650 yen seems to be typical for a 1/8 scale figure, maybe even on the low end. Wait, what, enormous breasts? They look pretty good to me!

    • Aka says:

      I’m slowly winning you over aren’t I, that adorable little robot girl.

      I wanted to get Haru Usami before, and I’m wondering now why I didn’t. Oh yeah, exclusive right. Ugh. I guess I’ll keep an eye out.

      I knew you’d like the large breasts, I keep them faced away from me, all I want is face and ass.

  4. Rajura says:

    Yeah, I thought her style of speech and voice were familiar. She just has a perfect voice for Classical and Oiran!!!

    She does look nice; I agree that pose is rather enticing, considering as you pointed out, she does seem to be offering a go at it, but HER tail doesn’t do it for me. Now, put Horo in that pose and put a short skirt on her and now we’re talking. Seeing her beautiful, soft, fluffy tail coming out from under her skirt would be just wonderful!

    Of course, would a proud and wisewolf do that for me? … well, maybe if we were playing she would. After all, I am committed only to her and besides my GF, so Horo knows I would never stray after anyone else.

    Holo… please! PLEASE! FOR ME?!?!?! *Praying in anxious desperation*

    • Aka says:

      I recall thinking her voice was familiar, but I usually don’t care about VAs. I recognize really only one by name, Norio Wakamoto and that’s about it. Beyond that I’ll usually compare characters, like in this example, Himari sounds like Horo.

      Horo in any pose is a winner if you ask me, but I’m biased, as are you.

  5. Chag says:

    Don’t like big breasts? Just pretend they’re a extra set of plump buttcheeks… coming out of her chest.

    …Hey, they DO look strikingly similar!

    • Aka says:

      There’s a huge difference between a nice bottom and a set of breasts. I don’t like big butts nor big breasts.

  6. Fabrice says:

    OMG im in love with that pose, i want her.
    yes drossel has all the rights to remove her panties.. ill do the same O.o

    anyway great shots!

  7. Ashlotte says:

    Meh do yourself a favor and distance yourself far far away from the Anime…The Manga may not be any groundbreaking piece of literature, but its atleast fairly enjoyable and fun fluff that I continue to read. The anime on the other hand I dropped about mid through…

    Stretchable panties though…Well I’m all for using a variety of materials in figure construction so why not!

    • Aka says:

      Yeah I figured the anime likely wasn’t so great, I couldn’t get into it but sometimes it takes a push through the first few eps and it gets better. Sometimes it never gets better….

      I don’t think I’ll really mess around with her pantsu much but who knows.

  8. Fabienne says:

    Thx for your helpful review and the pictures.
    To be honest I didn’t like her face from the promo pictures.
    But in the pictures you’ve made she looks a lot better, especially her face expression.
    It nearly make me want to buy her =D

    Her pose is really nice and sexy, I’m fine with her proportions.
    I also like her outfit as well as the hairstyle.
    The mounting of the sleeves to the body and some other parts of her seems to be sculpted a bit chunky,but overall she looks quite nice and better than my Usami Haru.
    Wanna change XD?

    • Aka says:

      I’d love to get my hands on Usami Haru, but I’d like to keep Himari as well, I think they’d make a good pair. I think Tier mentioned that as well. Doggirl and Catgirl, mmm.

      I was a bit iffy on Himari when buying her, I mean I really just wanted her bum, but from the angle I view her at my desk, she’s amazing. It’s all in the pose and angle I’m at though, it’s just so damn perfect.

      Glad you found the review useful 🙂

  9. bluedrakon says:

    That is too damn funny using the Drossel. I keep hearing a “meooooow, meoooow” in my head though.

  10. ZaxX says:

    Omg nice…hahahaha