On Order: Max Factory’s Suzumiya Haruhi Middle School Ver. (figma)

Following the crowd yet again, I order Max Factory’s Suzumiya Haruhi Middle School Version figma. I’m still not a fan of joints though, honest. Figma’s have been growing on me though, but not quick enough to keep up with others.

Pretty sure everyone knows the character, and everyone already knows about the figma so I wont say much. I’m surprised she comes with a bench, that’ll be a nice object with which I can rest other figmas upon if I ever get any more (I will, remember I have Black Rock Shooter on order as well). Anyway, figmas feel so cheaply priced that I really can’t resist when one piques my interest even slightly. I’d love to get Hakurei Reimu’s limited edition figma her drunk face is especially nice, but not for the prices asked, but ¥2,800 / $33 CAD? yeah I’m down, and AmiAmi’s 20% off putting Haruhi at ¥2,080 / $25 CAD even better.

I love the attitude Haruhi gives off in this figma, she seems like a little bitch haha, does she come with a happier face?



  1. Chag says:

    Those TEETH — she looks like a pissed-off rabbit in the center there. I haven’t watched Disappearance yet, but looks like loli Haruhi must have a significant role in there to warrant a Figma….Then again, I doubt the few minutes Haruhi and Mikuru spent as cheerleaders qualify as “significant” either.

    • Rajura says:

      Hahaha… she does look rather miffed to say the least!

      Her facial expression is a major turn off for me in terms of me considering whether or not I’d buy this one.

      If she does come with a happier expression, I can guarantee that the other heads or faces or whatever would find themselves left in the box if I were to purchase this one.

      However, I’m sure you’ll find a way to make this figure look awesome. You always seem to pull off some amazing shots!

      • Aka says:

        I love the facial expression, it’s actually expressive. But she can’t be angry always!

        I’m pretty sure most figma faces can be interchanged amongst figmas, at least of the same series. So it’s possible I could find a happy face if there isn’t one.

    • Aka says:

      I haven’t watched it either. I recall reading some of the novels and such though.

      I don’t think anything needs to be significant to be a figma…

  2. Tier says:

    I got my third Figma recently, the one of Yomi Isayama. I think they look a lot more impressive in the sample photos than they do in real life … I took Yomi out of her box and I thought, “Is this it?” I dunno, I guess I might get more satisfaction if I played around with them, but they don’t stand up well on their own and I don’t really have enough room to clutter up my shelves and desk with Figma stands.

    • Aka says:

      I agree, I don’t like that they don’t stand on their own, save for Drossel. But the Bench would serve as a good stand for more than one figma (I hope) consolidating some space if I were to order another. I think it’d be fun to have a Kyon figma hitting on loli Haruhi or something.

  3. Laura says:

    Figma stands are at least nicer than some of the other stands for other figures (PlayArts for example)

    Most of my figma are posed defying gravity so standing without a stand really wouldn’t work for most of them anyway.

    • Aka says:

      I like to pose ’em in realistic positions which usually means Drossel doesn’t need her stand. Kagamiku however is sitting on the edge of a shelf so she doesn’t need it currently, but would otherwise.

  4. Ashlotte says:

    Thats how they get you Aka…You start buying these damn things for the accessories and they’ve got you soon your buying figures of characters you don’t even give a damn about…DON”T FALL FOR THE TRAP!!!

    Ah but yea I’m digging the grumpy faces…Anything besides “Happy Smile Sunshine Time” looks generally get my interest. :p

    • Aka says:

      I haven’t really fallen for it yet! At least I’m not buying Luka for her Tuna!

      I wish I could change Drossel’s face, like, angry eyes at least. I know I photoshopped them that way in the past, but that’s not the way to do it!

  5. Fabrice says:

    That was so unexpected, but i ordered her =)
    looking forward to having her, btw do we get the bench?

    • Aka says:

      I’m not sure why everyone feels it was so unexpected. I recall seeing her in the past at one of the various figure-centric events.

      I’m pretty sure the bench is included, if it’s not so many people are going to be disappointed.

  6. Miette-chan says:

    I was thinking that after owning three different Haruhi figmas a fourth one would not be something I would consider. I was proven wrong as I immediately pre-ordered her.Although thanks to there being now five Haruhi figmas, she is the most expressive of the bunch. With that said, I look forward to adding loli Haruhi’s expressions to her repertoire .

    • Aka says:

      She’s definitely the most expressive, and I like that she’s not in the usual school uniform deal. I like the 5th figma as well, the formal school uniform is a rather nice change. So soon I may have 2 Haruhi figmas, neither of which she’ll be in her seifuku.

      Will loli Haruhi’s face fit the other Haruhi figmas? I’m curious if the proportions will differ do to her potentially being smaller? Never thought of it until just now.

      • Miette-chan says:

        Judging by past releases I would say her head is probably the same scale as the other’s and will fit ok.You just made me noticed there six Haruhi figmas and not five, that’s a lot for one character.

        • Aka says:

          Oh wow I assumed you’d included that Haruhi. That is quite a lot for one character, is she really still that popular?