On Order: Kotobukiya Shikinami Asuka Langley

Actually pre-ordered her yesterday as soon as she went up, but didn’t have time to write this. When she arrives, assuming things follow the same order as I ordered them, Koto’s Shikinami will be my 3rd Asuka figure and out numbering my collection of Rei figures by one.

I’m starting to hate collections, they’re so hard on the wallet. I love ’em to death but it gets so expensive trying to collect ’em all. Sometimes I feel like Ash Ketchum from Pokémon, or just about any children’s advertisement that has to do with collecting, “gotta catch ’em all!” etc… Kotobukiya’s 1/6th line of Eva figures have all been pretty decent and above average for Kotobukiya’s quality in my opinion so I’ve been pretty confident with all their 1/6th figures, ordering anything I thought looked good.  So with that I feel finishing off this collection is a must for me, so I’ve continued to do so.

Unlike Alters Shikinami Asuka, Kotobukiya’s Asuka seems have absolutely no wrinkles at all in it, following Asuka’s skin perfectly and smoothly, as I think it did in the anime. So in that respect it feels proper, however comparing to Alters the wrinkles in the material seem to add so much realism to the figure. I think technically Alter’s Asuka is superior in almost every way. So why am I buying another? well part of course what I said in the first paragraph, but part because I, unlike what seems to be a good portion of people, like Asuka’s face and pose in this figure. As I’ve said elsewhere, the feeling I get from her face in this figure is that of just before suprise, embarrassment and anger. I see a little bit of fear in those eyes, combined with a little bit of blank stare.

Picture this scenario if you will. Asuka has just suited up in possibly the most embarrassing plugsuit to date, she’s a little uncomfortable with it but proceeds to put her hair clips in. Just then Shinji walks in completely oblivious to what all is happening having been told to meet Kaji here for a surprise. Asuka freezes for a split second, *snap* Kaji takes a picture just at that moment. The moment just before Asuka realizes what’s even happened, the moment before she can even be embarrassed or angry. The moment before she can kick Shinji and Kaji’s so hard in the butt they feel it in their teeth. That’s what I see in this figure, and that’s the majority of why I’m buying her, for that imagined scenario that came to mind immediately after seeing her painted face looking back at me.

Asuka will of course be 1/6th scale like the other figures in this series, and like the others will be sculpted by Shirahige Tsukuru. She’ll retail for ¥6,800 / $76 CAD and should be released in October of this year. The claimed height is apparently 18 cm.

One last thing I need to mention though… Why doesn’t this one get a base like the other 4?



  1. Chag says:

    Haha, you interpreted that expression perfectly. I definitely prefer this expression over the run of the mill smile that Alter has, not to mention the price tag for this figure actually ended up cheaper, despite being the larger one out of the duo. Still, the more realistic colouring and those delicious wrinkles on the Alter version still has its claws in me… bah, I think I’ll procrastinate some more and hope Max Factory reacts to these pre-orders with one of their own soon. Shouldn’t they be panicking, now that there are two strong entries already for Asuka? Then again, as long as collectors like you exists out there, I doubt Max Factory as too much to worry about =P

    Oh wait… “The green parts of the suit have also been painted with special fluorescent paint! They will glow under black-light for an amazing effect! (from AmiAmi)” That’s one more point for Kotobukiya.

    • Aka says:

      If Max Factory releases their Mari, and an Asuka, Rei, and even a Misato figure… I’m done for, my wallet is going to be filled with dust, air and possibly moths. I’d even consider buying a Gendo figure, so long as it comes with a desk, and he’s in that pose with his shiny glasses staring back at you. Would be great for pervy photoshoots.

      Really? glow in the dark? I didn’t even read their description, that sounds neat. I can’t wait for some examples.

      • Chag says:

        Oh man, I bet Tier would be all over a Gendou figure like that — it would make a mandatory cameo in all of his ero-figure shots.

  2. radiant says:

    Nice. This one reminds me very much of the Kotobukiya Rei figure (http://radiantdreamer.net/wp/gbamicro/12.jpg).

  3. soulstaker says:

    October? AmiAmi is listing her as late September release. Well, doesn’t really matter, as long as she turns out good.

    Caught myself admiring how perfect her breasts are =3=3.

    • Aka says:

      MyFigureCollection.Net claimed 10/2010, usually get my info from there.

      I’m not sure I’d consider them perfect or not at this point. So far my favourite breasts on a figure I think are Seena Kanon’s on Max factory’s swimsuit figure. But Asuka’s are nice as well.

  4. Fabrice says:

    To put it simple, i guess ill stick to the figma, i mean she looks nice, but within my budget, the figma are normally cheaper so i guess ill have to miss out on her. She looks nice but im not really keen on the pose.

    • Aka says:

      I hate budgets… They ruin all my fun. I give in far too easily, so I respect others strength when they can hold out.

      I’m still not a huge fan of figmas, certain character designs work best with them I think, and I don’t think Eva designs are those. But I really haven’t paid much attention to Eva figmas, perhaps they’re cool too.

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  6. lovelyduckie says:

    I ended up going for the Alter one myself, but I agree there is something really lovely about her expression. I also really like how she looks fixing her hair, this is probably only the 2nd ever figure I’ve seen where the character is fixing their hair (Gift Yoko being the other).

    I own the other 1/6 (female) Koto Eva figures, but I guess I didn’t really consider this one to be part of that set for some reason I can’t explain now. Now you have the collectionist in me a bit riled up and re-considering her.

    • Aka says:

      lol sorry, I think I picked up that habbit from Rico. He’s caused me to buy so many things, now I’ve almost got the same effect!

      The Alter one looks solid, and of the two it’s the one I’d pick if I were only getting one.