On Order: Good Smile Company’s Dead Master (Original Ver.)

Like nearly everyone, I’ve opted to pre-order Good Smile Company’s Dead Master (Original Ver) to go with their Black★Rock Shooter figure. Maybe I’m a follower, but if she follows with BRS’s quality (scars aside) I think she’s definitely worth some of the hype that seems to surround this series of figures.

I still find it odd that the assumed evil character’s clothing is much more modest and chic than everyone’s beloved apparent do-gooder in hot pants and quite possibly the most unneeded bra in existence. Perhaps it’s a nice change for once? Seriously though, capri pants? How can she possibly be evil in capris pants. In a discussion on Twitter between @Chag89 from HobbyHovel and I, we discussed this very idea and in the end developed a possible synopsis for the Black★Rock Shooter anime.

@Chag89 I think it’s been discussed before but… why is the ‘evil’ character better dressed than the ‘good’ character? that’s backwards.

@aka_tg Bullshit mode, on: It’s class struggle, man. Dead Master obviously represents an oppressive overclass.

@aka_tg She’s even got “Master” in her name. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

@aka_tg And BRS, with her hooker-chic fashion sense, is a warrior of the proletariat, and a victim of oppression (look at her scars)

@aka_tg Yep. the BRS anime is totally going to be an acute social commentary. I called it — BELIEVE IT.

@Chag89 I’d totally watch that. Did some rich person steal BRS’s kidney for their dying child? Was that child Dead Master?!

@aka_tg You just blew my mind. THAT WOULD BE SO GREAT.

Like the first Black★Rock Shooter, Akeji has done the work of sculpting Dead Master (Original Ver.). Also like the original Black★Rock Shooter as well as Black★Rock Shooter (Anime Ver.), Dead Master will retail for the same ¥9,800 / $114 CAD making her a pricy figure for sure. Discounts a plenty though as usual, Dead Master can be had for around 20% off at various retailers throughout the Internets. Dead Master will also share a similar height and scale to BRS, 1/8th and 29 cm tall due much in part because of the raised bases they both share. Her release date is expected to be November 2010, but, well… delays perhaps?

One nice treat though about Dead Master I didn’t know until just before my conversation with Chag, visible bum atop her capris. What a nice touch, and very matching of a BRS set I think. She’s still better dressed though even if she does show a little bum.



  1. Tier says:

    I will look forward to your and everyone else’s review. Dead Master isn’t really my bag. Maybe if she wore less clothes; I like BRS because she doesn’t wear many clothes. It’s pretty cool how Dead Master goes commando, though. You know, I’m not sure if I’m getting a GSC figure this year, since it doesn’t look like Saber Alter or Rin Tousaka are going to be announced any time soon.

    • Aka says:

      While I’m all for less clothes, I do like a girl who can look amazing fully clothed. I’m not sure Dead Master looks amazing fully clothed, but she does look great. Horo on the other hand, she’s can wear anything and look great. She wears a long sleeve shirt, pants, and a long dress over said pants and is still super cute. I think that says something more than sexy when scantily clad.

      Didn’t notice she went commando, good observation. Adds a little extra to her character.

      The only GSC figures I’ve ordered this year and received so far are GSC’s original Miku, so not new this year, and Asakura Nemu. I’ve had more GSC figures arrive than that, but the orders were all placed in 2009. But I do have a number of GSC orders placed this year that should arrive this year, barring no delays.

  2. Chag says:

    Man, now that I look at her hair, it reminds me of Nero Spaghetti. Mind, I have never had Nero Spaghetti before, but I am assuming that it’s delicious because of Dead Master’s tasty-looking curls. I sure have things backwards, don’t I?

    • Aka says:

      I don’t even know what Nero Spaghetti is, I had to Google it. It would seem it looks like something a Klingon would eat, you know, one of those dishes best served cold.

      Had I not Googled it though, I would be been inclined to agree, delicious based on her tasty-looking curls. Though that sounds like some kind of a hair fetish…

  3. Rico-sama says:

    Hmm. Acute social commentary? I could see that working. In fact I hope it does work because if it really works then we’ll be treated to perpetual BRS merchandising in all shapes and forms for the next 15 years like a certain other ‘acute social commentary’ we all know about. 😉

    I love this figure. I hadn’t picked up on the whole “better dressed” angle at all though. I don’t really have an opinion on that I guess. But what I thought was that Dead Master’s design was more simple than BRS but it was absolutely brought to life by pose and detailing. I love the fact that you can see parts of her body (her butt, like you mentioned) through her clothes. It gives the figure a texture that, frankly, BRS didn’t have.

    • Aka says:

      Really? You’d like another series whose characters become the biggest sellouts in the history of anime? How many things have Asuka and Rei been used to promote? And how many different figures have been produced? I’d be much happier with a few good figures than a million bastardizations.

      Despite that, Asuka is hot, as is Rei. And damnit I want my beer swigging Misato with a tear in her eye and her boobs nearly falling out of her tanktop.

      What I really should have said in place of “better dressed” was something like “modestly dressed”. Usually evil villian characters have the tight leather, or vary little clothes and are really sexualized because they have no morals cuz they’re evil and all. So it feels like with BRS and DM, BRS has no morals and should be evil based on her lack of clothing, and DM should be good based on her modest apparel.

  4. Still can’t decide on this version or the anime version – but after looking at the pics a bit more I’m leaning towards this one too. Her face on the animation version look a little weird and doesn’t seem to have as much class as this one.

    Love the green and black on this figure – I think it would be pretty cool to do a shoot with some green lights and fog. =D

    • Aka says:

      I’ve often wanted to use fog, but all the fog setups I’ve seen seem to say they’ll set off fire alarms and I shoot at night when others are sleeping… I’d rather not wake them accidentally. But it would be cool.

      I’m buying both unless I go broke.

      • VF says:

        I use a humidifier that pumps out fake smoke… lol No worries about setting off fire alarms! =D

        • Aka says:

          It’s my understanding that it really depends on the smoke detector. All methods of fake smoke can cause smoke detectors to go off, even humidifiers.

          I suspect some more much more likely than others, but still I just don’t want to do it. Not till I have a place more dedicated anyway. My bedroom is only so good.

  5. Miette-chan says:

    I look forward to getting this figure, I do not find the BRS design appealing, not a fan of the boots and the bikini top on her DFC.

    This one on the other hand caught my attention the type of design Dead Master has is not something that I see often. Too bad much like you I expect this figure to be released in 2011.

    • Aka says:

      I think her DFC is really not… it’s not deliciously flat, it’s just plain old flat. Sorry BRS.

      I think both BRS and Dead Master have their ups and downs… BRS had the uniqueness when she came out, and Dead Master has a similar uniqueness but also seems to be an attractive character on top.

  6. lovelyduckie says:

    I pre-ordered Dead Master without hesitation, I think there is something lovely and unique about this figure. She will be unlike anything else I have in my collection and I’m really excited for her. I’m more excited for her than my animation BRS. Will I still think she is “unique” after 4 more figures have been released of her? We’ll see. Also I’m kind of surprised but I REALLY prefer her original pose over her animation pose that was recently previewed. That’s completely opposite my views on the BRS figures. I guess action poses aren’t always better for me.

    • Aka says:

      BRS (Anime) has sorta lost some appeal to me as well. She’s nice, I ordered her (I think? jeez I can’t remember), but the hype I guess is wearing thin since the figures were released in one sense so long ago. Pictures are everywhere… yet no one owns her yet.

      Dead Master suffers from this as well. But still feels more unique at the moment.