On Order: Alter Sasasegawa Sasami

I couldn’t help it. I caved, I tried hard to be prudent with my money and pre-orders, I tried to cut back. Honest. But everytime I saw her black panties reflected in the transparent base below a growing part of me said “buy, do it, do it now”. Growing too large to withstand, I pre-ordered her.

Damn all you people, yes you, no not you, you! It’s because of you I’m forced to buy this figure. I’m not angry, really, I’m just disappointed. I’m disappointed that you couldn’t help me resist, no instead of help I only got sabotage and treachery! You evil evil vile terrible people, I love you so much.

Originally skipping out on Sasami because she just didn’t do it for me I carried on content with my collection. But the more I looked at her on various blogs all over the internet, the more I felt I had to buy her. I’m not sure if it was just their praise talking me into it, or if I’ve grown to like the figure more but regardless, she’s ordered and I don’t like cancelling unless I really have to. So unless I really have to, she’ll be arriving into my possession probably late September.

Measuring around 11 cm tall in her sitting pose, she’s sculpted by both Aketagawa Noboru and Morikawa Hiromitsu. You may recall Akategawa Noboru from works such as Shihoudou Narika to whom I continually thank Ashlotte for. Morikawa Hiromitsu however hasn’t done anything else I’m really interested in save perhaps Akizuki Nagi, he seems to conjure up the younger girls into the 3D world and he has conjured up quite a few, along with far too many ToHeart figures.

I look forward to receiving.



  1. mangasus90 says:

    lol i give up on passing her too ^__^. Cant wait to actually get her and hope Alter will do a full set in the near future ^__^

    • Aka says:

      Not sure I necessarily care about a whole set, or what a whole set would consist of. But I’m not interested in their Noumi Kudryavka figure, perhaps a Natsume Rin, though I already own one.

  2. Tier says:

    I’m really buying her to see what her panties look like. I think I’m going to put her on the edge of a nice high shelf for the best viewing angle.

    So I’m thinking that if I get Kotobukiya’s old Asuka Soryu figure, then I can get Alter’s new Asuka Shikinami figure with a clear and happy conscience. Should I do this? Should I succumb to the groupthink? It’d be an easier decision to make if I knew that Asuka wore black panties, too.

    • Aka says:

      That sounds like a good placement. I have no plans for her location as of yet, but I usually try and hide things and make them not obvious, if only for the fact it’s fun to watch people try and see up a skirt.

      Naughty girls wear black panties, I can only imagine Asuka is a naughty girl. I think that’s a good plan, it saves you buying two Asuka figures from the same line but also lets you get the best of both. Go for it!

  3. Chag says:

    Oh Aka, looks like you fell victim to Alter’s deviously cunning photography. Somewhere in Japan, a photographer is surely giggling with glee at the thought of a mere strategic reflection prompting an influx of orders.

    • Aka says:

      I admire the photographers skillfulness. He’s managed to hide the panties in plain sight. For a while I thought to myself, wow not a single pantyshot and yet she’s wide open. Then out of no where my mind told me “black” and that was that.

      I’m curious who chose these school uniforms though, because that’s a awfully short skirt to be wearing to school.

  4. Leonia says:

    If I will have money (maybe with my “maybe” job), I will order this one. I really like face expression, that show character personnality ^^

  5. Fabrice says:

    I wouldnt mind getting this only if i had Noumi Alter one D:
    plus Rin is needed to be made by alter XD

    • Aka says:

      I’d like to see a Rin done by Alter as well. I enjoy my Enterbrain Natsume Rin, she’s fairly well done and I love the action pose and upskirt shot. I wonder what Alter would come up with, probably something a little less obvious and more subtle like Sasami here.