Arrival: Good Smile Company’s Asakura Nemu

Arriving along side Koto’s Sora, Good Smile Company’s’ Asakura Nemu has graced my shelf with her presence. A rather expensive purchase she was for her 1/8th scale with an MSRP of ¥8,800 / $99 CAD, ouch!

While her MSRP may have been high, I purchased her for the low price of holy moly did I actually pay $84 CAD for this figure? I’m becoming a little worried with my sanity because Nemu’s not Horo and thus not necessarily worth the added cost of insanity. Regardless I have always thought her character design was cute and while I’m not into my sister, I can see why Asakura Jun’ichi might be into his, especially since she’s not blood related, oh that old chestnut. Peering through the plastic I can see a rather angry and embarrassed Nemu looking back at me, no not the figure, some ‘trading cards’ that have been included. I hope it’s not these “rare” trading cards that raised her price so but I’ll find out when I eventually review her at some point in the future. My preliminary reading of this figure, Nemu’s breasts don’t quite match up with the Nemu from Da Capo, I believe this can be attributed to her cast off nature but a little disappointing. Keep in mind I’m saying they appear larger on the figure than in the anime in case someone thinks I’m thinking (which I’m not) that her breasts should be large, not that the figures are large, but they are larger than… ok you know what I mean!

Further information for those not in the know already, Nemu here is 1/8th scale, sculpted by Choushinsei & Hikari,  was released in May of ’10, measures 20 cm tall and comes with 4 Trading Card Game “Weiß Schwarz” Premium Rare Cards which I have absolutely no clue about. Some confusion for me regarding her manufacturer however, MFC claims Circus and Good Smile collaborated, but the copyright on the box says © 2002 Circus, and the producer of Da Capo is Circus, but I some how don’t see them actually manufacturing anything here, so I’m not sure why MFC has claimed otherwise.

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  1. mangasus90 says:

    i really love Da Capo series but have to cut down on this one =__+…… i think shes too plain for that price….