On Order: Good Smile Company Senjougahara Hitagi

How could anyone resist this amazing figure? The uniqueness of the school supplies falling out of her skirt alone is worth the buy, but Senjougahara Hitagi is a pretty awesome character as well.

Everyone and their mother are pouncing on Senjougahara Hitagi by Good Smile Company, and who can blame them? Despite all the talk about how aspects of the figure look strange or wrong I think everyone is into the final product. While many have quipped that Good Smile Company wont be able to deliver on time and that she’ll be horribly delayed, I hope this is not the case given the distance between pre-order and release, her release date being in October. With a solid 4 months and then some between now and then it’s hard to imagine them not being able to meet their deadline. But with the quality concerns everyone is having with them I also hope they don’t rush it, I’d rather a delay than an inferior product.

From the promo shots released, and the other shots around the ‘net from various events in Japan she looks like an amazing figure and I don’t really see everyone’s problem with her face. One thing I don’t understand though is GSC’s choice to include a 2nd skirt. The entire figures appeal is that she’s got school supplies falling out of her skirt, having a normal skirt, well I could just buy Kotobukiya’s for that, but that’s not what I want. This extra skirt, seems very minor and much like an afterthought that also adds cost, even if it’s minor. Regardless, I hope she can live up to the hype that I feel is building now, Black Rock Shooter managed to I think, while not perfect she was quite well done and if GSC can manage that I think I’ll be happy.

Hitagi’s MSRP is ¥9,800 / $109 CAD making her quite the expensive figure and I’m not sure she’s actually worth that price, however ‘discounts’ at various retailers makes her acceptably priced, AmiAmi has her for ¥7,450 / $83 CAD, Hobby Link Japan ¥8,866 / $98 CAD, and Hobby Search ¥7,933 / $88 CAD. She’s sculpted in 1/8th by Tokunaga Hironori who I have to say hasn’t done anything too noteworthy in the past however has done one of my Yami figures and his upcoming figures appear quite splendid indeed, Saber and Nadeko.

Now the wait begins… Wolfram|Alpha says it’ll be 170.5 days from the date of this post until the end of October. Click here for an up to date duration.

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  1. Guy says:

    One could say no cause one doesn’t have the money…

    The seam in her hair is a bit too big, and the seam at the back of her shirt is not a real crease-esque.
    The creases in her blouse are pretty great, her face is really wonderful.

    The clutter is a bit too cluttered, and her limp skirt is hmm, meh?
    A solid purchase, though the asking price is a bit too much.

    • Aka says:

      I don’t think they’d say no if they had money though. The seam in her hair I think is quite acceptable, it doesn’t seem exaggeratedly large or anything. I think you’re making too much of it at this stage. How can you complain about that wonderful clutter? it’s exactly cluttered enough!

      • Guy says:

        It’s a /bit/ too cluttered, not enough to complain about, just a small mention.

        Hair-seams are something I really detest though, and it’s quite noticeable. It’s just par the course, heh.

  2. Chag says:

    While the price is pretty harsh, I wasn’t expecting any less. What with GSC’s unparalleled ability to generate hype and Bakemonogatari’s rampaging popularity, fans are pretty much at the price tag’s mercy with this one.

    That said, the figure does look stunning. Though the alternate hands and skirt don’t look too great, the standard illustration pose captures her teasing personality so perfectly. I’m not sure if the nifty falling stationaries are worth the extra money, but since I somewhat disliked Hitagi right up until the second last episode, I think I am spared from this purchase for now.

    • Aka says:

      How could you dislike Hitagi?

      How does Good Smile Company command hype with such effectiveness?

      • Chag says:

        I think I was more partial to the catgirl. Hanekawa deserves more love, dude — she’s kind, helpful, and shags like an electrified panther one night every year. Much better than a constantly abusive cockteaser, or so I thought.

        As for Good Smile Company… I think Danny Choo’s influence over his dark empire, aggressive marketing, good photography, and fat nendoroid profit margins are all fuel to its hype engine. Not to mention the way it satellites other makers like Max Factory and Freeing (I’m not sure what the exact relationship between these makers are, actually), which makes GSC look like the be-all and end-all of the PVC figure world… I think I’m treading on common sense at this point.

        • Aka says:

          Hanekawa as a catgirl does for sure deserve more, but her personality wasn’t as fun for me as Hitagi’s. And since there wasn’t any sex in the series, it really didn’t matter at that point. Besides, I think Hitagi’s probably good in bed every night, not just once a year. Though I also imagine you could tap into Hanekawa’s catgirl side for a good one if you knew how to play your cards right. I saw a pretty good garage kit of Hanekawa though. And that I would totally buy if someone decent produced it.

          Ah Danny Choo, seems like an alright guy but he does influence his readership quite well. I’ve always thought of him as an otaku, but many have convinced me he’s a sell out. And if he’s what a sell out looks like, I’m happy to do so. He seems to have a great time.

          I’m not sure what the relationship between Gift, FREEing, Max Factory, Circus and Good Smile Company is… But it seems to work.

          • Ashlotte says:

            Distro and manufacture if memory serves right…Way back GSC only did this sort of thing for people like Max who were transitioning from the Resin Garage Kit model of business to the Pre-Made PVC market until they decided to get into making figures themselves and…yea.

  3. Rico-sama says:

    I’m with you Aka: I don’t see nothing wrong with that face. She’s stunning on almost every aspect. It’s really nice to feel just as excited now as it is when we first saw the unpainted mold.

    I’ll take 4 months, 5 months, 6 months, or however long it takes but please, PLEASE don’t screw Hitagi up GSC! This is another sculpt that I have seared into my memory – the phenomenal peach color of her skin tone being the thing I’m most concerned will be lost in production. If we get another Canaan type bland skin tones it’ll ruin the sculpt.

    I hope that’s not the case. I hope the extra ¥1,000 between what GSC charged for Canaan and what GSC is charging for Hitagi is going to more than an extra skirt.

    • Aka says:

      I’m excited each time I see pictures of the figure, I think I’m building the hype in my head too rapidly. Hopefully that wont continue for 4-6 months as I’m quite sure my head will explode before then at this rate.

      I hope she doesn’t lose anything in the transition, or if she does it’s something more minor like Black Rock Shooter’s scar, a pain and a complaint for sure, but minor in the overall scheme of the figure.

  4. Ashlotte says:

    Well unlike The Chagster I adore Tsundere-chan so this was ordered without a second thought…Face is fine like you said don’t know what everyones bitching about. Alternate skirt is indeed stupid and cost increasing for no good reason…ah well.

    Just gotta figure out how the hell to shoot her…Well I got an idea or two, but I’m sure you’ll kick my ass…Stupid bastard and your indoors skills… :p

    • Aka says:

      That’s because Chag is evil, an evil man. I too ordered Hitagi without a second thought. In fact, I did so from work even, and I never ever check anything figure related from work due to the tendancy of things to be not very work safe in the figure arena.

      Hey, I’m not doing too bad with the outdoor shots either 😛 Picture of the day my friend! Though like you, I still prefer this one.

      You’ve got some great shots though, I love the hint of pantsu from Jun, the picture that made me take those Horo pics above and venture outdoors, and this neat one of Miku that got picture of the day.

      Edit: I just wish I was as creative as this guy.

      • Chag says:

        Don’t be hatin’ — leave me and my catgirl waifu alone, you breast-hating man.

        • Aka says:

          I don’t hate breasts! I hate big breasts! There’s an important difference.

          • Ashlotte says:

            I like all breasts…Well up to a point then it just gets absurd. Although if you had to push me I’ll go with a nice DFC anyday. >_>

            Ahah gomen gomen forgot about the Horo ones…I had that Seena shoot in my head when I made that comment. Some of the lighting in that round was insane eh. :p

            @Link Well damn that sure as heck is creative… O.O

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  6. Blowfish says:

    I really like Bakemonogatari but the Hype about this figure never really got onto me.Sure its a fitting despiction of Senjougahara but hmm I dunno I just dont feel the love.
    This could probably be because I am one of the view people that actually watched Bakemonogatari because of the Writing and not because I wanna bone the girls featured in it.

    I really laughed when I saw the price tag shes coming with though.What the hell is wrong with GSC?
    I know that alot of people will buy her but I cant understand how people are willing to pay any price.There are times where you have to show the middle finger to companies that test out how far they can go reaching into the consumers wallet without beeing jailed for theft.

    Who knows how much a standard GSC figure might be sold for next year… <.<

    • Aka says:

      I don’t like your presumption that I watched the show because I wanted to bone the girls in it. I watched the show because it was entertaining and interesting and differed greatly from the crap that often gets aired. Sure the girls were attractive, I don’t deny that, and I don’t deny that a small part of the reason I watched the show was because of that. But pretty girls does not a show make. There are too many shows I drop because they have nothing to them and are bland crap shows with pretty faces. The personalities of each girl was a lot of what made the show fun, along with the walls of text I had to pause every half second for to read, which I actually enjoyed because it was almost a joke.

      I like this Hitagi figure because I think it embodies her character about as well as any figure can. I don’t find her to be the most attractive character in the series, I actually like Kanbaru or Nadeko better, Kanbaru because she’s a perv, and Nadeko’s cute, but Hitagi is more interesting. So your presumption that people are only hyping on Hitagi because they want to bone I think is false. However I cannot speak for the majority.

      As for price, thd discounted price at various retailers is reasonable, but the ¥9,800 is not, I agree. However Good Smile Company is messing about with pricing. If you look at their Misaka Mikoto figure, she’s actually quite cheap, a plain figure for sure, but still remarkably cheap given Good Smile Company’s recent pricing. She’s ¥5,800 and seems to retail for ¥4,415 which is entirely reasonable I think. I do feel they’re messing with us and trying to figure out the boundaries.

      • Blowfish says:

        Oh dont get me wrong I wasnt talking specifically about you when I was reffering to people that want to bone the female cast of Bakemonogatari but its sadly a fact that alot of the “otakusphere” cared more about the girls than the excellent writing of the show.
        Of course the design of a character plays a role in the enjoyment of the show but I often had the feeling that it was,to unjust, just reduced to the oh so hot Senjogahara.

        This is of course just my subjective perception and might be seen by other eyes differently.

        I totally agree that a show can only shine through good writing and thats why Im so sad that Bakemonogatari is largely reduced to the girls.
        I mean I also have a favorite girl,Kanbaru,but theres more to the show than just some pretty girls.

        The Figure does Capture her from that Artwork pretty good no doubt about it but the price is imho not justified.
        I also noticed that GSC has the tendency to design figures nowadays with certain gimmicks out of cheaper material than PVC and raise the retail price of the figure for those.

        BRS for example is a rather petite figure made out of (expensive) PVC with a big base and weapon out of cheaper material.

        Anyways I didnt wanna offend you and hope you forgive if not everything I just wrote makes sense because its late here.

        • Aka says:

          I just noticed none of your posts were showing up in my email like everyone elses. I’m sorry if I’ve perhaps ignored you in the past, I only just noticed as neither post in this article have arrived in my inbox, but instead in the spam folder. So I’ll go back and make sure I’ve responded to the old ones as well.

          I didn’t mean to get as defensive as perhaps I did so all is forgiven, but I did feel like I was being lumped into subset of otaku I didn’t feel fair, though can entirely understand given half of what I talk about with regards to figures. So no worries at all!

          I can’t blame people being attracted to the characters, but I agree liking a show entirely because the characters are attactive is a bit much. Of course we’re talking just physical attraction, because liking a show because of a character as a whole is perfectly fine for me, because that includes their personality and interactions with the rest of the cast. I know all about this because I often get accused of liking Spice & Wolf because of Horo, and it’s entirely true. But they haven’t watched it and don’t realize just what that actually means. The show is entirely about Horo and her relationship with Lawrence (or vise versa), economics and travelling is just a means with which to accomplish that.

          All said, I’m not sad a show is liked only for the physical attractiveness of it’s character, if it means I get more of the show or the show is popular and gets the treatment it deserves, then it’s an end to a means that I’m willing to live with. However if it in the end ruins the show, then of course I’m disappointed.

          I feel the price is justified when you consider everyone else has raised their prices for average figures as well. I think the best value right now though tends to be SEGA and Alter. Alter seems reasonably priced for a well produced figure, and SEGA is very well priced for a surprisingly well done figure, at that price. No Alter sure, but not actually poor either. My Maria figure is surprisingly good for ¥1,500.

          Where I think Good Smile Company gets off with their higher prices, is they’re being unique with their designs. I don’t see other manufacturers going as far as Good Smile Company in the creativity department, who aren’t Garage Kit manufacturers anyway. Kotobukiya seems to lack the creative gene that Good Smile Company has shown recently, and their figures seem to often be more over priced than GSC, at least in my opinion. They seem very plain, but still ask ¥7,800 or something.

          As for the cheaper materials, I don’t really expect many accessories to be made out of PVC, which I add is also very cheap. None of the materials used in figures are expensive, except perhaps resin. PVC is too soft a plastic I think to make many of the accessories out of. To make Black Rock Shooters gun out of PVC would have also made it very heavy and you probably wouldn’t want it to lean on her like it does. Additionally perhaps the texture couldn’t be had with PVC, but who knows. Other types of plastics are used throughout figures and I don’t generally fault them for their choices and feel they’re cheaping out on me. I think I can buy a kg of PVC for 80 cents, so if they feel that switching to another plastic is going to save them a bunch of money they’re just fooling themselves and you as well. So I like to think they’ve chosen for a reason.

  7. GSC – I have a sudden dejavu about the recent GSC Canaan figure… LOL

    • Aka says:

      Please GSC, don’t screw her up like Canaan!

      • Guy says:

        I’ve been out of the loop, what happened with that much-awaited Canaan figure?

        • Aka says:

          They didn`t give her anywhere near the level of paintwork the prototype had, along with some molding defects in her hair. Though everyone was scared at first from some pics by Hobby Search, as their copy was abismal compared to everyone elses. Almost as if they got a bootleg.

  8. Fabrice says:

    For sure i couldnt resist this one ^^
    im so glad i was able to pre order her!
    that arrogant look on her face ahaha <3
    Good smile company sure did a great job. im glad they fixed up the face as when they showed in the wonfes show, it looked kinda weird. but dam have to wait so loonngg D:

    • Aka says:

      I hate the long waits. Never in my life before collecting figures had I waited so long for an item I purchased. I was used to instant gratification but now I’m forced to be patient, I don’t like it.

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