On Order: Good Smile Company Inaba Yui

Finally Good Smile Company has decided this figure is worthy of a release. I only wish they eventually make the same decision with Kyrie Rason. Inaba Yui is from the eroge Flyable Heart illustrated by Noizi Ito, I’ve not played this game and have no real desire to do so, but I loved Yui’s character design. So different, I mean, raccoon tail and a donut?

I’m not sure if that’s really a raccoon tail or not, but it does differ from your usual catgirl tails, or my usual wolfgirl tails. The donut seems the most unique aspect for me, I never picture donuts in Japan, and now that I think about it, it’s almost a staple of Canadian cuisine. I can’t imagine going somewhere where donuts didn’t exist. Thankfully I will be able to survive in Japan now that I know they’re at least aware of their existence. The rest of her seems pretty par for the course in terms of clothing and styling. She’s got the zettai ryouiki, skirt, school uniform, bows, flowing hair and what have you. But the girly bright colours are actually pretty attractive and make me wish I could wear something so bright at times. Which reminds me of  a shirt I used to wear in highschool, it was tie dyed rainbow, I loved the shirt, but eventually I learned that the rainbow indicates a certain sexual preference that I didn’t have and shouldn’t be advertising. It’s unfortunate that my friends told me I couldn’t wear it anymore, because I liked that shirt. Now I wear boring solid colours, woe is me.

Anyway, moving away from questioning my sexual preferences and back to Yui here, she’s expected to release in September but.. yadda yadda good smile company yadda yadda delays etc… I’ll just be happy when she eventually releases. Retailing for ¥7,800 / $92 CAD she’s perhaps a little more priced than she should be given GSC’s slight lack in quality compared to Alter, who’s Asuka figure shares a similar MSRP. 1/8th scale and measuring 20 cm tall she’s an average height figure with a portion of that height received from a little stand that connects into the base allowing her to float. Hajime Kaiya, the sculptor seems to mostly work on the evil that are Nendoroids but has also done some noteable figures such as Chuchu Astram, Hiyori Pixy and Unity May.

Mmmm… donut…



  1. Rico-sama says:

    I really, REALLY want to make a joke about you and DFC now, but I think I’ll refrain. Would be in poor taste. 😉

    Yui is extremely adorable and very cute – I think I see where a lot of the Noizi Ito influence comes in her design. I’m kinda drawn to the same elements that you are (tail and doughnut) but the raccoon tail is the most unique element to me. It’s quirky and I love it.

    Oh, and be careful with what you say about Nendoroids. Them’s fightin’ words.

    • Aka says:

      I didn’t notice at the time, but the Racoon tail is an accessory, and not her own. I think I new this but I was re-reminded of it just now.

      I avoid talking about Nendoroids on MFC, but here on my blog, it’s fair game!

      • Tier says:

        I dare you to make an anti-nendoroid club there. I DARE YOU.

        • Aka says:

          Well I can’t back down from a dare now can I?

          … But I can’t use your suggested title from your reply on your Max Factory Hatsune Miku post.

          • Tier says:

            I don’t know which is more hilarious, that you actually created such a club (I really like the mission statement, by the way) or that the site admin joined.

          • Aka says:

            You dared me, I couldn’t not make it. I hope you approve of the name as well, and I’m glad you like the mission statement. I corrected some spelling and words though I guess I didn’t proof read.

            I laughed when Kuma joined, it made my day.

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  3. radiant says:

    I have this preordered as well. When I saw her, I don’t know why, but the moe-ness of it all was irresistible. I normally don’t buy these cutsey school-girl figures, especially from series I’ve never even heard of. But something about it just made it impossible for me to turn away.

    I had closed the window too, but ended up re-opening it. Too. Cute.

    • Aka says:

      I can’t say enough how adorable she is. I thought of her today as I ate my Chocolate Dip donut from Tim Hortons. Almost bought a sprinkle donut but decided against it.

      • Rajura says:

        Tim Hortons huh? Well, I’m a Krispy Kreme man myself.
        Gotta love special doughnuts… too bad that little field trip is over. And to make matters worse, it looks like they got rid of the blueberry-filled doughnut. I hope the site is just incomplete. The only good this about it being gone is that my clothes just might be a little more safe. Powdered sugar and blueberry filling are a dangerous tag team when facing me and whatever I’m wearing! We’ve lost many a battle!

        We don’t have any Tim Hortons down this way (in fact I had never heard of them prior to you mentioning them).

        Funny enough, I went on their site and their is one located in Cross Lanes, West Virginia… which is just a little ways outside of Charleston where I’ll be moving soon. Sooooooo, I guess I’ll just have to check them out!

        • Aka says:

          Krispy Kreme tried to make it up here, had some long lines for a while, but no one talks of them anymore.

          There’s a Tim Hortons on every corner, along with a Starbucks in Canada. You can go to the middle of no where, and there’ll be a Tim Hortons, in much the same way there are McDonalds down in the US.

  4. Fabrice says:

    Shame like the BRS, i dont think i can get Yui D:
    dam it, why now, well hopefully pre orders will be still up sometime end of june when i get paid or even so dont know since its out in end of sept/oct? forgot.

    Yui looks very cute nice, great choice of pose, just like the promotional posters/trailer from the game =)
    love it!

    • Aka says:

      Yui doesn’t come out until September, and Black Rock Shooter October. You have time to save if you pre-order now! 😛

  5. Rajura says:

    Wow, very colorful and a highly interesting and cute “pose”.

    Downside… that figure makes me nervous. Looks like an accident to happen if pets or small children get near it.

    Doughnuts/Donuts are always a plus! Especially, Apple-cinnamon jelly donuts!

    Looking forward to the review once it’s in hand!

    • Aka says:

      I keep my figures all behind glass. I have cats that would knock so much stuff over if they were given the chance. So I just don’t give them that chance.

      Donuts! Not Doughnuts! I don’t care how it’s properly spelled, on Tim Hortons’ menu it says “Donuts” there fore it must be true!

  6. lovelyduckie says:

    This one ended up being a pass for me, but I still think she is cute. This past week it seems like I’ve pre-ordered more than I did during all of last month.

    • Aka says:

      Definitely a busy week, I felt like there’d been a downturn in the figure economy recently, then boom so much. I think it was bad timing for Yui here, because so many people seem to think she’s great, but she’s not great enough given what also arrived at the same time. Having been looking forward to her release for far too long I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity. But I can’t help feel that some how she’ll end up in the bargin bin, though for a very short period as she’ll sell quick then.

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