Horo (A Rest in the Forest Ver.) by Global

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  1. Mhmm looking at the overall mark, =/
    plus you paid quite a lot, mind you, 100 was only produced so ye.

    Im not a fan of Global, in the first place.. to me its just the face, hair etc i dont like… to me it doesnt really look like Holo >.<

    Anyway gomen for the bad comment this time, but at least the photos are like usual, great! ^^

    1. Not necessarily a fan of them myself, but I had to give them credit for trying and not just doing something simple. And I had to buy the figure ‘cuz well, 100 made and it’s Horo. Couldn’t help myself.

  2. Holy sh*t did you actually shoot outside for once?!?

    Haha and no Ami really isn’t joking with that warning…bought two figures myself cold cast and both were broke in multiple places that I had to fix myself and both had been packed extremely well from reputable sites (Not Ami) so yea…not an exaggeration and one of the reasons I refuse to buy anything but PVC anymore.

    Meh anyway face still freaks me out, but aside from that she looks lovely! *saves all the shots of her from the back*

    1. Yeah I thought it might be a good excuse to go out since the weather was amazing. As it would turn out, bugs are a terrible thing, there’s so many of them outside. They were crawling all over the tripod, camera and Horo it was rather … annoying. Not very good at the outdoor shot anymore either, lighting is difficult, I should have brought my flash for fill in light, I forgot.

      Cold casts do feel quite britle I’ll give them that. But so far no issues, so far. Still seems wrong to say they will arrive broken.

      I found she actually didn’t look too bad from this angle. But yeah, most angles where you can’t see her face turn out much better.

      1. Bah flash I don’t use that nonsense…But yea the critters will get ya. Living down in here in Florida its like the bug/reptile capitol of the US always looking out for snakes and what have you…Saw a Gator at one of the parks I use that was fun. :p

        Mah the warning is like any warning…Something to cover their asses ya?

        Still I hope the wildlife didn’t dissuade you from doing more outdoor shoots! ~_^

      2. The outdoor shots were difficult, I it’s hard getting so low on the ground when it’s all mud and wet and the angles I held myself at I was shaking trying to get shots, which didn’t work well when I’m in the shade trying to use slowish shutter speeds. Lots of blurry pictures 😦 But I’ll try it again maybe. But definitely with a flash so that I can do some filling a bit better.

      3. Haha see thats why I stick to compact cameras…No way I could do some of the acrobatics I’ve pulled off to get a shot with a bulky DLSR.

        Now if I could actually save up some money for a Lumix G-10 that’d be heaven……

  3. “Please note that cold cast statues are so brittle in nature that some of them even arrive at our warehouse with broken parts.”

    When New Line shipped out their Roberta, quite a few were damaged from just shipping within Japan. I had ordered mine from CDJapan and found out she was broken on arrival. I asked if I could do an exchange, and it turns out CDJapan went through their remaining figures and found them all broken just from being shipped from New Line! Although I have no issues with CDJapan themselves, they did everything in their power to get me a whole figure and in the end refunded me. I recommend their customer service.

    1. That was pretty nice of CDJapan, I wish AmiAmi could have done something about my Orchid Seed Corti but then, she’s just a leaner.

      I do thank them for the warning though as it’s not something I’d much considered.

  4. Sorry that this one didn’t come out to your liking. 😦 It seems like this figure would’ve been a lot better had they nailed her face. Yeah a lot of the molding and pose issues you mentioned would’ve remained but I’ll be frank – as is it doesn’t look like Horo. At all. She definitely loses some of the great aspects of the artwork.

    One common thread I see between your cold-cast and mine is the color temperature; cold cast statues look cold (probably due to the material) and really lack the warmth and depth that you can get with a PVC figure. Even in your outdoor shots (and some of those really look fantastic, BTW) Horo really looks out of place from the surroundings.

    That packaging job looks a little weird. The one cold-cast I bought a few years ago came encased in Styrofoam; sort of like the way that TVs get packaged. It never even occurred to me that these things routinely get broken during shipment.

    1. Hi Frank </lame>

      Yeah she feels more like a cosplay I suppose. But I’m not sure what style they should have taken for her face, not Ayakura’s, Koume Keito’s would have been interesting.

      Damn! I thought I’d done a decent job with the outdoor shots, fitting her in fairly well. I wasn’t enormously happy with the outcome but I felt she fit in. You’re right though, they do seem to lack the warmth of PVC figures, and Horo does look a little pale in some of the shots.

      The packaging looks weird because she’s a garage kit that’s been painted, vs a real production run, same as last Global Horo.

  5. Her paint job kinda reminds me of the Aegis figure that got put up from preorder recently … from, uhh, hmm, I forget the manufacturer but you know what I’m talking about. They both have this odd glossy sheen on their faces that doesn’t really look right. I have a few prepainted figures from Volks and most of them have the same workmanship problems that you point out here (big Kenshin being a very curious and singular exception).

    Still, there’s something to be said for owning a figure of a character that you like that nobody else has.

    Ha, Alter’s too busy making Nanoha figures, MF’s got Miku figures and Figmas to make, and GSC’s too busy sculpting little gremlins and milking the Black Rock Shooter characters (and that’s an impressive amount of milk they can get from a character with no chest).

    1. Cospa’s? I guess you can compare the glossy sheen on the face, but I think Cospa’s Aegis is far superior in paintwork to this figure for sure. But I do find the lesser tiered manufacturers do tend to have that shiny face issue.

      That’s mostly the appeal of this figure, I knew how she’d look from the start really, but 1 of 100? yeah… so bought.

  6. Once again you made the best out of limited means — those outdoor photos look fantastic! That unconventional display base works wonders in the right context, and you were awfully brave to take that brittle piece of work outside. If the figure was unlikely to survive a padded trip, one can only imagine the consequence if it were to dropped…

    Anyhow, I am curious: if you knew had prior knowledge of the figure’s exact quality, would you have bought these two Global Horo figures?

    1. I gonna go out on a limb and say yes!!! *rare smilie usage imminent* 🙂

    2. As Rajura says, I was completely aware of the quality I would receive, and went ahead full force anyway. The Horo fiend and collector in me were convinced that these would be valid purchases for their uniqueness in relative terms to the figure scene.

      Appreciate the comments! I was worried to take her outside, and I didn’t honestly take the best care with her. I was walking across trees that had fallen across the river, as seen in the back of this shot. I also had her on angles where she was almost falling over, and even didn’t wrap her back up in her foam during some bits of transport. But I was overall adequately careful I suppose. I considered placing her into the water for a moment to try and get the original pictures feel more closely but yeah that was a no go after that paint came off so easily and landed on her dress.

  7. As always, I am impressed by your ability to make me feel like I’m standing there looking at it… very well done in painting a vivid picture for my mind’s eye. Also, to capture her from all those angles in such claity is impressive.

    Maybe I will be fortunate to get one eventually… if someone does not adore her as much as you. I agree with the feet issue…

    On a side note, I had managed to get my hands on the completed “sprawl figure” from Global you recently reviewed… it came in today. Unfortunately a piece of her hair was “broken off” at the point where it inserted into the rest of her hair. It appears it was not well secured at that the paint did do much help to provide any support to further stablize it. It was very disappointing to find this (especially since I was originally so excited and surprised that she had come in so quickly). I have contacted the company so hopefully something can be done. I am glad your Horo did not suffer a similar fate, given the scare you received from the documentation!!!

    1. Thanks Rajura! ❤ my 50mm prime lens. So clear and sharp.

      I'm rather surprised mine both arrived intact given the warnings I've now received and further information with comments in this post. I'm sorry to hear yours broke, I'm not sure how one is to fix them, but where there's a will there's a way. And there's a huge scene over at MFC that I'm sure will be able to help you out.

      Damn feet… why can't you be cuter! Way to fail Global!

  8. I can see why you’d complain about the position of the ponytail, but from the looks of the illustration, if they had kept the ponytail visible from the front then half of Horo’s head would be pretty empty. If I hadn’t seen the illustration, I would’ve thought they did a good job.

    1. You’re right, it’s off center in the original illustration making it really hard to copy without looking strange. Not really a fan of the side ponytail anyway so I suppose they’ve done well.

  9. Woah your site looks great

    Thanks for your review and sharing those great pictures

    In my opinion the figure looks awesome.
    the face expression is very cool and matches the look from the anime more than other Horo figures, also the clothes are looking really good.

    judging from the pictures I can’t see any flaws in the paintjob maybe Im too impressed from your great outdoor pictures ;D

    1. Thanks!

      The flaws are mostly in the colours themselves and the lack of finish. They painted well though I agree, there’s no over painting or anything.

      I still prefer Volks Horo out of all of them.

  10. Great outdoor shots!

    I think this Horo’s face is still pretty hideous, like that other one you reviewed, but the paint work on this seems better.

    I’m always scared about resin/cold cast figures due to the brittleness. I hate the feeling that it would brake if you touch it the wrong way. Glad yours arrived without damage.

    1. lol I’ve never had people write things like this before in comments until Global “I think Horo’s face is still pretty hideous”. Oh Global, what have you done to my waifu?

      The paintwork on both is great, so far as they only painted where they intended to paint. If only PVCs could be as well painted in that respect. But yes, the paint quality itself is substandard.

      I never even considered resin/cold cast to be scary and brittle until that warning, I always thought they felt that way after the first Global figure but I didn’t think they’d break easily. So I’m very glad mine arrived without damage.

      1. LOL sorry, didn’t mean to criticize your waifu like that. At least the other Horo figures aren’t as horo-ffic. 😀

        I like the fact that the resin won’t change shape, bend, lean, etc. but it is less resilient to damages. =( So overall I think I still prefer PVCs as they’re more accident proof.

        I guess PVCs don’t usually receive good paint jobs is due to their mass production nature.

  11. Holy Hell! You took her outside?
    I wouldnt have the guts to take something as fragile as her outside.Thats quite a steep price tag shes coming with but I guess thats what you have to expect of something as exclusive as this.

    1. Haha… yeah I keep feeling I have to one up my previous set of photos and for this figure that meant… out doors. I’m rather happy she didn’t fall or break, she was so close to it at times…

      She was definitely over priced, but worth it for me as a crazed Horo fan. I guess.

  12. Additionally her dress seems much more yellow than it should be. It also would have been nice if they could have recreated the transparent effect on Horo’s wet dress, however I think that’s another one of those things that often doesn’t work out well on a figure unless done really well.

    theres a number of companies even outside the usual ‘big 4’ that recreated transparent effects on clothings and with some tweaks, it simulates watery wet effect pretty well. namely, eroge characters or even those r18 hentai/ecchi figures lol.

    sure, effort are commendable, however with a figure pretty much almost 1/4 my salary, naw. and to me, the end result is what counts, no matter how hard they can try, a failure’s a failure and that fact isnt going away anytime.

    and like the previous post again, really nice outdoor shoot. thank god they did not use em to market their figure rofl

    1. I would have loved them to have produced a well done transparent effect on her dress, it would have added considerably to the figure.

      And I agree, a failure is still a failure, but the improvements on this Horo of the first is noticeable. So here’s hoping if they do another Horo, she’s better still, and cheaper.

      I may have been a little generous on the ratings for this Horo, but I’m fairly content with her.

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