Review: Good Smile Company’s Index

Librorum Prohibitorum Index (禁書目録) from A Certain Magical Index (とある魔術の禁書目録(インデックス)) by Good Smile Company. I don’t like this character very much. I’m not into nuns, and she’s a very annoying character and is easily over shadowed by Misaka Mikoto (御坂 美琴). Never the less I bought this figure.

One might ask why I would purchase a figure of a character I dislike, and in fact frequently have asked. Every time I mention Index I’m asked, “Aka, I thought you hated Index?” and I do, but the answer is simple. The figure looked good, and with that reasoning I purchased her. Since I based my purchase on the figure instead of the character or the combination of the two, I don’t feel it necessary to compare the two in any depth. So, does the figure look like Index? Yes.

Masato Abe is the sculptor, he’s also sculpted Kotobukiya’s Plug Cryostat, Nagi and the adorable Nekomiya Nono, a decent portfolio. He’s sculpted her in the standard 1/8th scale and the figure measures around 19 cm tall. Her MSRP was an acceptable ¥7,800 / $86 CDN however through AmiAmi I paid $65 plus shipping for a total of $75 thanks to their half off shipping deal. Index comes with two sets of hands, one set is praying and the other set holds Sphinx (her cat).

Despite being dressed like the Pope, a fairly unattractive old man I’m sure you’ll agree, Index appears rather cute and inspite of her bulky clothing her petit frame is apparent. One can even see her individual legs through her robes as she floats in the air. Speaking of which, what’s with that? Why is she floating? Ignoring that question, her pose has a magical semblance to it which I’m sure was the intent, similarly the circumscribed pentagram on her base. It would be neat to float around defying gravity like Index appears to be doing, I suspect I would use such a skill for more nefarious tasks however.

Index has gobs of sculpt detail for a 1/8th scale figure. I know there are better but I’m still impressed with Abe’s work with her clothes. While the positioning of her clothes is unrealistic, the folds and the way it flows seems very much realistic, assuming unrealism. Her robes appear thick and heavy with long flowing rolls lifting and folding in the rising wind that I assume must be present. Adding to that, in all of the gold edging there’s mold work as if it were embroidered. The best aspect of this figure though is Index’s hair, it has this double layered effect which adds all kinds of depth when viewed from many angles. However her hair also has the biggest flaw of the figure, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

Good Smile has done a fairly competent job painting Index as far as shading and colours goes. Her skin tone is uniform and pleasant, what little of it we see. Her eyes are located about where they should be. The’s plenty of shading in her robes adding nice effect The gold edge work looks thick as it should, though does suffer from the appearance of having been applied with a brush. Also in the bordering are a bunch of small little crosses.

Index isn’t perfect though, she has a series of paint faults throughout and a rather large scrape on her head, I’ll give you the run down. On her robes there’s no less than 12 gold marks visible, most of which are small, but some range as much as 6.5 mm in length. I can understand QC missing some of the smaller faults or they even falling within their quality guidelines, but the 6.5 mm gold line is extremely noticeable as is the two 3.5 mm marks. To bring it more into perspective however, most of these marks are on the back of her robes and aren’t visible from the front, the 6.5mm mark is just under a fold on her left side and not visible so long as you’re looking downwards at her. That’s not where it ends though, getting back to her hair, there’s only one flaw here but it’s worse than the gold marks. While it ‘only’ measures in at 5.5 mm in length it’s far wider than any of the gold lines at 1.6 mm across. Again thankfully this mark is also towards her back and not visible, even less so since I’ll likely always have her head covered. But none the less it should have been caught for sure by QC, Good Smile continues to fall with regards to overall quality.

All in all I’m quite happy with Index, she’s an adorable little thing and manages to bring a little (fake) religion to my otherwise agnostic abode, well I do have my pagan Horo deities I suppose. Some things I wish GSC had done with this figure however is produce a more interesting base. They’ve managed to do it with more and more figures, I’m curious why they couldn’t with this one. Perhaps the floating nature of Index’s pose limited the requirements but I still would have been interested to see them try.

Index, you have a much more interesting character design than Misaka, but she still kicks your ass. Sorry.


Sophisticated Light Setup

Made out of cardboard! Shipping boxes are useful for something!


  • Good value at the price paid
  • Good shading
  • Great sculpting, good folds and flowing clothing. Multi-layered hair is also a nice touch


  • Large scrape on her head
  • Many, far too many gold marks on her robes where there should not be any



  1. Chag says:

    Hum, Keychain’s Index has a paint chip on the same spot as yours, though his seems worse off than yours. Coincidence, or a systematic production screw-up? Hmmm…

    By the way, you certainly don’t like beating around the bush, do you? Your introduction sounded downright angry with Index for being a lousy character. If your Index had a heart, it would have been shattered into little plastic pieces by your blunt, short sentences. Can’t blame you, though — I pretty much hated everyone in that show… Except Misaka and that crazy lesbian Kuroko — those two had potential (too bad they didn’t get too much screen time).

    By the way, I’m not too clear as to what you mean by “gold marks”. Do you mean overpainted gold bits, or did you mispell “mold marks”?

    • Aka says:

      So others have it as well, hmm. I noticed on foobarbaz’s review, he didn’t have the issue, but his figures always look so perfect I often wonder if he does some touch up on them. I’ve seen other blogs do it.

      Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. I’m not angry with Index being a lousy character, I just didn’t like her. A Certain Magical Index was meh, but I did like Misaka and her sisters. It’s strange though for a main character to be so over shadowed by others. I’m curious why you say “too bad they didn’t get too much screen time” though, because they got an entire spin off TV show!

      I don’t think Index’s heart would be shattered, see how Touma treats her? I think I’m better than that.

      Gold marks, just what I say. The gold paint is all over the place. Here are some examples, one and two.

  2. Ashlotte says:

    Bah nuts to you Aka Index and her epic head biting skills where the best!!!

    Ah but yea like Chag I freaking hated that show…The pacing was just…god…ugh…Yea anyway I like to pretend I never watched it and just concentrate on Railgun or specifically Kuroko….mmm Kuroko…

    Keep being inventive with the lighting though eh!

    • Aka says:

      Any woman who can open her face that wide need not apply.

      Show more or less sucked. I enjoyed Railgun considerably though, Misaka, Kuroko (though a little annoying), Saten good stuff. There needs to be a good Saten figure. Perhaps Saten flipping up Uriharu’s skirt, though I’d prefer Saten’s skirt being flipped.

      I keep trying to be inventive. I’m not the most creative person, but I try. It helps for me mostly because I’m tired of the white background.

  3. Rajura says:

    Interesting figure, looks nice, and a good review but still, no other girl for me than Holo. I shall not be swayed by your fancy lighting and photographs or flowery speech… but a very nice try… you almost had me!

  4. Miette-chan says:

    I wanted to get this figure, but once I saw Biri Biri by GSC announced I dropped that idea along with buying Koto’s Biri Biri.

    I don’t particularly like Index but I did like her pose specially with her praying hands and I think I need more GSC figures in my collection.

    I find it amusing, you use you shipping boxes for the same purposes as I do.

    • Aka says:

      I find this figure much more interesting than GSC’s Biri Biri. Though I ordered her as well because she’s superior. It’s really a shame Misaka had such a boring outfit.

      I prefer Index with her holding Sphinx, it seems cuter as her cheek just touches his face. Prayer is just too religious for me.

      I’m glad someone else uses their shipping boxes for something useful! I’ve been doing it for a while, and as I collect more I just keep piling them in there trying to control light in various ways.

  5. Rico-sama says:

    “Index, you have a much more interesting character design than Misaka, but she still kicks your ass. Sorry.”

    Quoted for truth.

    This was a real treat to see, especially since I was fuming to myself a bit this morning about GSC’s recent lack in quality so seeing that Index came out (mostly) as advertised brought a little faith back to the company for me. Yeah you mention a whole lot errors in the production process that led to all sorts of ugly marks and those definitely suck but, personally, I can live with QC problems far more easily than I can a figure that doesn’t have the basics of coloring and construction down. The ideal would be for both QC and basics to be perfect but you can’t always get it.

    I also think you’re being too hard on Index, what did she ever do to you? Force you to buy Taki Horo? 😉

    I got the figure as well – she was too cute to pass up on. Can’t wait for her to arrive.

    • Aka says:

      Interestingly, I think Index also came out on time? or at the very least didn’t suffer from delay after delay.

      The errors are quite minor on this figure and I’m rather happy with her out come. I know I rag on the faults but they’re really not that bad honestly. It’s just my job, literally. At work I have to be vigelant with all sorts of very minor details, everything has to be perfect. And with that mentality I find it easy to find stupid tiny flaws in otherwise great products.

      Index was just annoying… But makes a cute nun.

  6. Fabrice says:

    She looks really nice =)
    love the pose.
    all you need now if misaka ^^

  7. lovelyduckie says:

    Your thoughts are the same as mine. I dislike Index as a character, she is VERY annoying. BUT despite these feelings I was very tempted by this figure. It’s really adorable with wonderful flow in the pose. But in the end once my dislike of a character has been decided, it’s next to impossible for me to own any figures of that character. Regardless of how beautiful the figure may be.

    • Aka says:

      Unless an amazing Index comes out this is likely the only ever Index figure I’ll own. The hate for the character isn’t deep enough for me to dissuade me from her purchase.

  8. Blowfish says:

    I personally found Index really,really annoying and nearly dropped the series because of her.Luckily the name given Character takes a backstep throughout the series and wasnt getting on my nerves that much anymore.

    I had no interest in the purchase of this figure since I didnt like her face and found the expression in combination with the floating pose a bit weird.

    I am amazed that GSC has so many QC issues lately. I hear about these problems from left to right

    • Aka says:

      A lot of their QC issues seem like things that should be easily preventable. Like the paint marks on mine and the scrape on her head. Like, don’t drop her head in the factory, and don’t spin around with a paint brush covered in gold paint.

      At least I’m not the only one who hated Index though.

  9. […] however has continued to drop the ball on overall quality. While Yuzuko is quite well painted like Index is, also like Index she has spots and marks all over. The biggest of which is a black squiggle on […]

  10. mangasus90 says:

    Still waiting for her price to go down more before i get her ^__^. The cheapest one i find now is 5000 Yen means she can be down more in the near future ^__^