Review: Good Smile Company’s Black Rock Shooter

April 20th, 2010, a 2 year relationship ends as Toyslogic’s last shipment to be sent my way arrives at my door step, four hundred and four days after pre-ordering. What a long time to wait for a figure, especially one as highly anticipated as Black★Rock Shooter. Perhaps I should say, as Black★Rock Shooter was. Since everyone and their mother already has theirs by now.


While Toyslogic has nearly always gotten me the items which I ordered, no matter the wait, I simply can no longer do business with them. They’re more expensive than ordering straight from Japan these days, though perhaps at the moment with the USD vs CAD being exactly par they have an advantage. But over all I’ve never felt I saved money using them. I started with Toyslogic after my experience with Play Asia, while they were good their prices I’d found were not. Toyslogic had come up in Google searches as well as through recommendations from others so I felt fairly confident with them. Having now dealt with Hobby Link Japan and AmiAmi there’s just no turning back. Both these companies have exceeded Toyslogic in every possible way, they’re quick to respond to emails, I’ve never had any issues with them despite ordering 32 figures between the two, contrast to Toyslogic whom I’ve only ordered 14 from and had numerous issues. Biggest of them all though, these two companies ship the same time as Japan, and for similar or cheaper prices than Toyslogic who can only ship at best weeks after Japan, or at worst like Black★Rock Shooter, 5 months after Japan. Due to this I can often receive a figure from these 2 companies before Toyslogic even has stock.

One additional complaint about Toyslogic is their rewards system. To get a 1% discount it takes $500, and to get their highest discount of 6%, one has to spend $6,000 with them. Why even bother? Adding to the joke that this rewards system is, after a year your account resets to the base level of your account. An example, say you’ve spent $2800, you’re $200 away from Gold and have a Silver account receiving a 3% discount, the year ends, you’re reset to $1000, the base limit for a Silver account and get to start all over again working up to the next level. How awesome is that? ….


Black★Rock Shooter

Now on with what everyone cares about, skipping the main course and diving straight in to dessert (delicious cake?), Black★Rock Shooter (ブラック★ロックシューター). BRS still hasn’t gotten her anime so far, I had been under the impression she would get an anime this season as she was on chartfag’s Spring 2010 chart. Researching it, it appears it’s just a single 50 minute episode/movie that will stream free between June and August. I’m still curious how they managed to create a story based on a picture. But I’ll still watch and see how it turns out.

I don’t normally comment on a ladies box, as it’s quite impolite to do so, but BRS’s box was considerably larger than I was expecting. I’d forgotten all the reviews I’d read stating how large it was but wow, 355 x 305 x 165 mm (H x W x D). Due to this size, the box in which she shipped was also quite large, I thought surely I was receiving multiple girls, not just one. I guess Good Smile Company wanted to make sure she could take a good pounding just incase. That or so she would take up a larger volume and show off in stores.

Before receiving BRS I’d not noticed just how long her legs are in comparison to the rest of her body. I always thought it was due to the high heeled boots but she’s actually got long legs on top of that, longer than your average anime character that is. She also has a chest that rivals that of Aisaka Taiga’s in flatness, and almost an entire lack of bum as well. I think I would prefer if she had more of a chest and a bit more of a bum, she’d balance out better that way I think. Despite her lack of assets she does have a nice shape to her hips and tummy, ignoring the scars of course. Which brings another question, just what kind of work has she had done? Or are they just wounds from battle? Maybe we’ll find out in the anime!

As far as matching the artwork, I think Akeji’s done a pretty good job sculpting BRS. In fact I think he’s done a better job than the original illustration by huke. The illustration has BRS looking much less feminine than the figure. Her waist and stomach appear much more straight and boy-ish, if I may say that, than the figure. Akeji has added much detail to the figure that wasn’t there in the illustration or wasn’t as emphasized. Akeji has given BRS a wonderful mons veneris (mound of Venus), deepened her navel, given her hips as well as given her a rib cage. Other less sexier changes, the edging on her boots is a brighter silver and highlights the zipper, and speaking of zippers, BRS’s coat zipper is much more visible and exaggerated, her base appears to be falling apart instead of just multi-tiered and lastly her flame is of course very 3D vs the very 2D look in the illustration.

BRS’s paintwork is quite solid. Her hair appears quite detailed with multiple shades of dark blue and even darker blue adding a nice depth. Her weapon also is quite well painted with lots of shading and wear marks all over it. I’m curious what it’s made out of it, it feels quite light. BRS’s skin is quite pale and entirely solid in tone, no depth that I notice beyond what light creates but that works for her. Her jacket, boots and tiny little tight shorts all share the same gloss black without shading, not that one can really shade black I suppose, but again it works well and creates a leather-ish feel. I mostly failed to capture the blueness of her eyes, they’re quite a vibrant blue, if I were to actually have directed a light upon them. The biggest issue with the paintwork is one everyone knows by now, BRS’s scars. Even on the box she ships in they have the original prototype look, but when you pull her out of the box you’re smacked with this childs railroad of a scar. I think I could have done better myself in this respect, or at the very least made her look like she was bleeding to death by accident, oops. Additional issues with my particular figure, there are some scrapes in the paints finish on her stomach, you can just sorta see them in this picture.

My biggest complaint though with this otherwise very well done figure, the chain. What a pain that was the get right, and I think I still got it wrong but it’s good enough at this point. I never ever want to remove that weapon of hers, maybe I just have shaky hands or lack the skills necessary for this kind of tiny work but I swear it took me 30 minutes to actually stay in her hands and not fall off. The instructions provided aren’t the most useful, there’s 4 pictures with words and arrows, and of course I can’t read the words, and the arrows sorta help but man, pain in the ass.

Given the production issues Good Smile Company has had since September ’09 Black Rock Shooter has turned out spectacularly well and I’m quite impressed with her, despite lacking some assets I’d like her to have. One funny thing I saw when I removed Black★Rock Shooter from her box was an advertisement for the Black Blade Version. This brought me back to when I bought the first Lord of the Rings movie on DVD, and inside it contained an advertisement for the Extended Editions that would later be released. It felt like a kick in the pants, like they were saying “ha ha! now you have to spend more money!” at least this time seeing the Black Blade Version makes me happy because I know I got the better one already. Black Blade Ver. BRS’s small, no, non-existent breasts are so blatant and obviously not there making her look much more child-like than I’d like. So I’m very happy with the original version here, now I just need to figure out where to put her.

I kept typing Miku instead of BRS, uguu~


Note: For the info I usually cover by didn’t, hit up MyFigureCollection.Net.

Best for Last


  • Excellent sculpting work, improved upon Huke’s original artwork
  • Attention to detail, generally excellent paintwork with some exceptions
  • BRS’s base is a nice addition


  • Her scar is poorly painted
  • Some minor scratches and marking in the paint
  • Very difficult to arrange the chain properly



  1. Fabrice says:

    I think GSC did a good job on her.
    just by looking at it, i cant wait for the OVA. actually shame its only 50 mins, it better be good!

    They painted her well, thought ye the chains are a little bit =/
    but not that big deal.

    its a shame i missed out on her,… and Wtf O.o
    i dont know if i misread but you waited 2 years for it???

    Anyway Nice pictures, you really bring the best out of her ^^

    • Aka says:

      Misread, I waited 404 days since pre-ordering, that’s 13 months, not 2 years. The 2 year bit is my relationship with the company who I purchased her through, Toyslogic. I was a customer with them for 2 years.


  2. Chag says:

    Glad you like the figure! I can’t even imagine how I’d react to a figure after a wait of 404 days if it turned out to be seriously disappointing…×793.jpg

    What’s the blue jazz on her torso, by the way?

    • Aka says:

      Just the blue lights from above due to how I shot the picture and the angles of everything. I took a 15 second exposure to let the blue soak in, then I took my flash handheld it pointed it generally in the direction of the figure and clicked the flash button to illuminate the rest of her. So I guess the flash didn’t hit those parts as much as it did the rest of her leaving much of the blue in place.

      I’m still debating with myself whether she was worth the wait, I think not really but she is well done.

  3. Rico-sama says:

    Every time I hear you voice your displeasure about Toys Logic I cringe a little because I was one of the ones who recommended them to you in the past. >,< Sorry about that! They didn't used to be so bad but customer service and product delivery has gotten horrible.

    Though it's interesting that you're finding compatible or cheaper prices going straight to Japan.

    You've gotten amazingly good at the low lighting shots, Aka. Especially the ones from here on. You also got some really compelling and dynamic angles in your shots. I feel like I’ve got to step up my game now.

    I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments about how the BRS figure improved over the original artwork by portraying BRS as more feminine; it’s not something I had considered until I read your review but you really hit the nail on the head there. I like her even more now! 😀

    “She also has a chest that rivals that of Aisaka Taiga’s in flatness”

    Personally I feel they borderline being voids, ie like there are depressions in her chest, than they are flat. This is nicely hidden by the jacket but the Black Blade Ver. is like the depressions are obvious.

    Scar on prototype? Wow! Scar on production run? Meh.

    Wow, lots of agreement there. We’ve got to disagree on something! Uh. Oh! I like the way the base is “failing apart” in the figure. Since you don’t have the advantage of having a background to work of like the artwork did the base gives a nice context to the figure.

    PS. Yeah, the chain is a pain.

    • Aka says:

      I don’t blame anyone who recommended them. In the beginning they were acceptable, but they rapidly deteriorated and I put up with it because I don’t like to cancel orders.

      AmiAmi has so far the cheapest prices I’ve managed to find overall. Especially with their half off shipping they’ve had the past 3 months.

      Thanks for the comments, sometimes I wish I didn’t keep getting better because it means next time I have to out do myself, and it gets harder and harder. For this post I spent two nights taking pictures, the review pictures with the white background take no time now. But the few that had neat lighting took considerable time to get due to long exposures, trying out different lighting methods and moving locations. I’m just happy they turned out well after all that. Some of the angles I had to look through my camera at were obscene!

      I don’t find her breasts to be concave or anything, they’re definitely non-existent though. I think it really would have helped her character if she weren’t so flat, adding to that femininity Akeji has already added.

      I don’t think I said the base falling apart was bad, so that’s not a disagreement 😛

  4. Tier says:

    A person who commented on my blog mentioned having some recent problems with Toyslogic as well. I don’t think I’ve ever ordered from them, as I pretty much buy everything from Japanese retailers these days, but if I were going to buy from a North American store, I don’t think Toyslogic would be a candidate.

    I didn’t actually really like the BRS figure much at first, and I’ll admit most of that sentiment was due to her popularity, but over time I’ve come to appreciate her quite a bit more. I guess it’s not all that common for an original figure (well, based on original artwork, I guess) to become a big hit (versus, say, a Fate/stay night or Ikki Tousen figure), and I can’t really hate on a figure of a half-naked girl in a tiny bra top and hot pants, even if she doesn’t have anything to fill out either.

    I don’t think I had a lot of problems fitting her gun into her hand; there was sort of a depression in the base that the gun barrel fit into that made it easy to keep the gat in place. I just wrapped the chain around her hands and guns rather than following the instructions, I figure nobody’s going to notice whether I wrapped it correctly.

    I really like the backlit photos, the contrast between the shadows and those really long legs instantly draw the eye. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get an effect like that myself (without much success).

    I’m still kinda puzzled as to how and why BRS got so popular, and I’m wondering who this Dead Master gal is. Is she supposed to be the bad guy? She’s wearing capri pants. Capri pants. How can you be evil wearing capri pants?

    • Aka says:

      Yeah I’d stay away from Toyslogic in general, they’re just a hassle to deal with. Though always reliable if you give them mounds and mounds of time.

      Hatsune Miku also became a big hit and while not a piece of artwork in the same manner BRS is, she’s still not a character with a personality. I still feel BRS gained popularity due to Miku, and likely vise versa with more recent Miku figures.

      The gun wasn’t an issue it does just sit there quite easily as you say. However wrapping that chain properly, that was a pain. If I ever remove the gun I’m just leaving the chain in some random wrappage around something. Maybe I’ll bondage up BRS herself with it.

      Thanks for the comment regarding the backlit photos. Those were pretty interesting to do. I used my IKEA halogen lights, little round lights that are usually mounted under things. I set one of them behind BRS’s base in the off position. I then turned on my IKEA Dioder lights to white and took a long exposure shot, the EXIF data is in the full size pictures. During the long exposure shot I flashed the IKEA halogen light for a short period of time just to illuminate the lower areas without over exposing them in the shot. The combination of these two different coloured lights creates the effect and the long exposure using the two allows for details to show up that otherwise wouldn’t with a different setup. Hopefully that’s coherant, I probably could have taken pictures of the setup, didn’t occur to me at the time.

      I’m quite puzzeled as well but I think I blame the Miku fad as I said earlier in this comment. Many peopel mistook her for a Miku varient, and then it built off that. As for Dead Master, I’ve been thinking the exact same thing, she can’t be evil dressed like that. If anything BRS must be the evil one.

  5. keychain says:

    Nice review and nice pics! Shame it took you so long to get her. I’m having the same issue with an order from Toys Logic taking forever. I guess they are pretty bad with pre-orders but when I ordered stuff that was in stock from them I got it fairly promptly.

    Yeah, that chain is a pain in the ass to put on properly. After taking it off a few times to do some other shots I decided I wouldn’t even bother putting it back on properly anymore.

    • Aka says:

      Toyslogic didn’t always have these delays with pre-orders. Well, they always had a delay but it was usually in around a month after Japan and that was more or less acceptable. But having discovered other sources who can get things to me at acceptable prices and speeds, there’s no need sticking with them. I feel a little bad, but they did it to themselves.

      I can totally understand why you’d never put it back on properly. I certainly wont. And its’ entirely the chains fault I didn’t remove her gun and try anything creative with it during the photoshoot. I was too angry at it.

  6. Ami says:

    You know what’s funny? I ordered my BRS from Toyslogic but I haven’t received mine yet so no you are definitely not the last one to own her. But its not due to the issue you had with them. I like to choose local pickup instead of paying for shipping since I don’t live very far away. I just haven’t picked her up yet. I usually like to wait until a good amount of my orders are available before I go.

    But I too have stopped ordering from Toyslogic after they started raising their prices. I’ve also had my share of problems with them as well. They really rubbed me the wrong way. :/ All they care about is making a profit. The customer always comes last. (That should be their new motto) Its much better ordering from Japanese websites because not only do you get your items on time but most value their international customers. Toyslogic is no longer a reputable store. They used to be my #1 supplier for figures (I even have silver membership so I get %3 off xD) but not anymore. I can’t depend on them when they delay my orders 3-4 times.

    And great BRS pics! I’m hoping I don’t run into any problems when I get her. T-T

    • Aka says:

      Ah, I see yeah that’s handy and nice of them to keep things in house until you pick them up. If I had a local shop I’d likely use them as well, at least I could bug ’em face to face about things if there were issues as well.

      Well after reading and responding to your first paragraph then reading your second…. Even as a local store they suck eh? That’s really too bad for them, I guess they’re going to learn the hardway about customer service. I can understand making a profit that’s important, but you have to keep your customers to make a profit.

      I’ve been really surprised with the Japanese retailers, AmiAmi especially. I was moving email services around when I ordered from them, and their emails to me kept bouncing. So they called me. And they didn’t call me in the middle of the night no, they called me at a time that would be convient for me, 13 hours difference. I really appreciated that, and their English on the phone was quite good as well which I was not expecting. So I’m really happy with AmiAmi.

      Thanks, and I hope you don’t have any problems!

      • Ami says:

        I’m going this Friday to pick up BRS. I have my fingers crossed that everything is going to be okay! The only thing I’m not looking forward to is putting the chain over BRS’s cannon. That looks like its going to be difficult. T-T

        Toyslogic is about a 30-40 min drive from my house so I wouldn’t say they’re local. I don’t actually have any local shops near my house. It’s kind of a shame their service has gone downhill because I really do like buying from them. I trust them more than any other US based shop. I think I’ll ask them what’s going on with their delays and all the problems they have been causing for other people.

        I would go into detail on how many times they screwed me over but that would make this comment turn into an essay. But they have been treating me well lately. I’m not sure if its because they noticed I’m no longer making any new pre-orders with them. I guess they don’t want to lose me since I’ve been a long time customer. :3 Oh well sucks for them.

        • Aka says:

          I suppose I could find a shop within that sort of distance as well but it doesn’t seem worth it at the moment due to just how cheaply I can buy straight from Japan these days.

          Why have you kept buying from them if they’ve screwed you over so often?

  7. Ashlotte says:

    I only deal with the big three anymore (AmiAmi, Hobby Search, HLJ). Ami is for when I absolutely know I won’t be canceling the figure…Hobby for everything else and HLJ for when I forgot something even existed as they have a penchant for still being in-stock of things the other two ran out of ages ago.

    But yea I’m never ordering from a domestic based site ever again…The rare order from a Sing, HK, or Ebayer and thats about it.

    Bah ANYWAY nice review…You went into some good details there that helped set it apart from the other zillion reviews of her I’ve read before so kudos! ~_^

    Also digging those last few shots…Keep the artsy ones coming! Even though I’m thoroughly a Dead Master fan they certainly helped make her look awfully appealing…

    • Aka says:

      Ahy AmiAmi when you know you wont cancel? I’ve cancelled two items with them without any issues. So I don’t see that as being an issue. I’ve never used Hobby Search, but HLJ was good to me.

      I’m glad you saw something new in my post, I wondered if I should even bother at this point given the number of reviews already out there and what I could possibly add to them.

      Those artsy shots are killin’ me! lol I’ve got some ideas for the future though, just not entirely sure if they’ll actually work or not.

      • Ashlotte says:

        Ami “frowns” on canceling as it were…And I cancel a great deal. Within the past 2 months Ive canceled and shifted orders around on more then a dozen things easily so I’d rather not annoy them.

        HS on the other hand always puts up with my indecisive BSing since I started using them ages ago so thats where I stay for now plus the info page lets me organize and see what I’ve got on order which works out nicely for me. ~_^

        • Aka says:

          They never even seemed to indicate any issue when I cancelled. I never cancelled an entire order though, only a single item. Would that be why?

          I certainly don’t make a habit out of cancelling though, I try and order only things I actually want.

          I use an excel spreadsheet and MFC to track what I have on order and what stage it’s still at.

          • Ashlotte says:

            Hah yea I cancel full orders all at once…Nothing to do with Money though just my tastes in what I want to collect changes from month to month…I’m a fickle bastard that way. >_>

            Though I think I’ve settled upon what I want to collect atleast for now anyway. Might go back to Ami after the “never ending” HS sale finally concludes. :p

  8. lovelyduckie says:

    BRS is such a quality figure filled with details! It’s a figure I REALLY admire a lot. This isn’t a figure for me but I still think it’s majestic. I more-so have my eye on the newest BRS announcement, I think I like that attack pose.

    I’m neutral about TL myself, I use them fairly often but I can’t deny the truth of your criticisms on the wait time.

    • Aka says:

      Fixed your comment and removed the correction 🙂

      Majestic eh? That’s quite a powerful word to describe her and not one I think I’d agree with honestly. She’s imposing and has a beauty to her, but she’s not majestic. Majestic describes, in my mind, a more pure beauty, an imposing beauty. Something more akin to Saber Lily by GSC, where she looks dignified and beautiful. BRS I don’t think has the dignified appearance required for the word majestic.

      I’m happy that TL works out for you, I don’t like to hate on a person or a company in public, but I felt the neat to vent my frustrations.

      • lovelyduckie says:

        I’m not sure what I consider majestic as a definition when describing figures, but that word popped into my head when looking at your images. When looking at this figure she seems calm but proud, a cold and dark type of majesty.

  9. Nopy says:

    I ordered from Toyslogic a few times before. The last time was when I ordered the Rin and Ren Kagamine nendoroids and it took 6 months to get here. Their excuse was that since I lived in Canada, my order got lost in the international pile.

    Anyways, at least you still managed to get BRS in the end. I’m a fan of long slender legs, so the lack of assets doesn’t bother me 🙂

    • Aka says:

      I live in Canada as well. I’m curious what international pile it would have gotten lost in. Theirs? Because I’ve never had anything lost so far in the mail, and customs is only allowed to hold things for like 8 days.

      BRS has many wonderful aspects, but those lacking assets are … lacking. Her legs are sexy though a bit too long.

      • Nopy says:

        They said that it was in their (Toyslogic’s) international pile. I personally don’t believe them since all of their orders should be electronic.

  10. VF says:

    Glad you finally received BRS. I was recently charged for some other figure orders at TL, I really hope it won’t take THAT long to receive them. =\ I hate waiting!

    I had BRS since around January, but haven’t even taken her out of the box yet, didn’t know she came with chains! I sort of want to try and take some photos of her inside a cathedral or some old building to try and match the base.

    Love your latter shots and the use of lighting.

    • Aka says:

      Thanks VF.

      I certainly hope you don’t have to wait 404 days for anything but millions of dollars.

      That could be an interesting idea, but I wonder how well or at least, how easy it’ll be to mix and match like that. I look forward to the results either way.

  11. Blowfish says:

    I had numerous Issues with Toyslogic aswell when I ordered ONE figure from them.I only relied on them because they werre the only source to order a hyperexclusive figure back then.

    Unluckily Archonia had the same figure on preorder for 20€ less a few months later.What a bummer because i wouldnt have to pay tax with Archonia <.<

    Back to Toyslogic:

    At first I waited several week for an Pre Order Confirmation,then I wrote them several times without answer and had someone in the US call them.
    Then they send me an Invoice for Credit Card which I clearly didnt state and once again I didnt have any answers for weeks from them.
    Had that guy call them again and then tehy send me an Paypal invoice over the whole amount of the figure instead of the 5% you have to pay in advance.
    This is where I said Fuck It and paid the whole thing because I feared that I might never get her if this continues….

    Lets hope this works somehow out <.<

    • Aka says:

      Is that 5% only for exclusive type orders? I’d never had to make any payments until the order was ready to ship. Only for Black Rock Shooter did they make me pay a month or so before she arrived because they said she was in stock when she wasn’t.

      I hope all works out for you, I’ve never not received my figure through them, just had delays and slow responses. But they’ve always arrived, so I hope you have at the very least the same luck as I do with this regard.

  12. […] so I can’t claim that as a surprise. But the chain is still displayed on the box, just like Black Rock Shooter’s original scar was still displayed on the box. It’s deceiving and I don’t much like the […]

  13. BakaMan says:

    Ah Toyslogic. It took me 3 orders with them, to get me to realize how much I hate their guts. Almost everything I ordered ended up being delayed at least 2-3 months. And they clearly know it too.
    I think they’re only good if you want to find stuff that’s in-stock, but most of the time their in-stock crap is sold out and you can almost always find it cheaper elsewhere.
    I don’t know how they still operate.
    The people who think they’re good are either blind, or just haven’t experienced the “horrors” of buying from a grade F American importer.
    I’ve been dealing with PlayAsia and Amiami in the meantime. Yay for overseas companies who know how to do the job right.

    As for your review. Black Rock Shooter. The song is mediocre but the character design is simply beautiful. It’s simple and complex at the same time. Kind of hard to describe.
    I’d kill for her figure, but at this point, she’s too expensive, and I don’t have much interested in her sword version.

    I laughed pretty hard when I found out she was bootlegged. Just happened recently too.

    • Aka says:

      Toyslogic wasn’t too bad at the start with delays. Their given arrival dates were never very exact but they did indicate that items would arrive long after Japan received theirs. Their prices were also more competitive at the time when I started, but more competitive against fewer known companies to myself.

      I’m surprised you use Play Asia though, while they’re professional and items arrive in good condition and quickly, they do seem in general to be more expensive that alternatives such as Hobby Link Japan, Hobby Search and AmiAmi. I personally prefer AmiAmi at the moment, they’ve gone out of their way to contact me when I screwed up, and I really appreciated it. So I’ve stuck with them for the most part ever since they started offering International shipping.

      So… killing is cheaper than a few hundred dollars? is that all life is to you? 😛 j/k I didn’t realize she was bootlegged, or are you talking e2046’s run of BRS? Still a bootleg, but just somehow less so and more expected than ‘actual’ bootlegs.

      • BakaMan says:

        I’ve actually been using amiami more than usual. I still use play-asia from time to time, only if I happened to miss out on something over at amiami, which doesn’t usually happen.
        The only thing I don’t quite like about amiami is their cancellation policy. Of course, their prices are better than everywhere else so it’s all good.
        I have something on preorder with them at the moment. Do you think they’d let me cancel it if I provide a good enough reason?

        As for the BRS, yes. Bootlegged. Just look her up on ebay and you’ll see people selling her for 20-30 dollars.

        • Aka says:

          I’m not sure what AmiAmi would do. I’ve cancelled two items in the past without issue, I’m not even sure if I gave them a reason. I wasn’t aware of their cancellation policy until just now when I read it. I’ve never cancelled an entire order though, only single items in multi-item orders.

          Looking at a past email with them where I cancelled an item, I gave absolutely no reason at all. It would be my guess that their policy is written this way to discourage cancellations as well as give them the option to block orders from certain users with reason if they’re abusing their services.

          Did a search on eBay, 3rd hit was too good to be true, $28 for a BRS figure, yeah right!

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  15. […] opted to pre-order Good Smile Company’s Dead Master (Original Ver) to go with their Black★Rock Shooter figure. Maybe I’m a follower, but if she follows with BRS’s quality (scars aside) I think […]

  16. Genshijin says:

    Hey guys!

    It kills me inside to see so much Toyslogic hate around these parts. We know things haven’t exactly been great for us in the past year or so. That’s why we’re stepping up our game and working to improve your customer service and satisfaction.

    I think a few things need clarification:

    – The VIP program isn’t advertised. It’s just our little way of saying “thanks” to consistent customers. The “tier” system is a pretty common way of doing rewards – look at Square-Enix and Nintendo’s customer loyalty programs for other examples. I think your perception of how it “resets” is also mistaken.
    – Since we have to pay shipping from Japan, we do have to include that in the markup for our items. That’s why they’re more expensive. Some stuff, however, you will find cheaper on TL. We’ve got a nice deal on all of the One Piece POP figures, for example, since we’re an official licensor/distributor for those. And we’re working to create more deals like that in the future.
    – One of the ways we try to distinguish ourselves from many of the direct-from-Japan sellers is our ability to offer normally limited and hard-to-get items – the sort of stuff you’d usually have to pay an arm and a leg to get someone to buy for you on Yahoo! Japan.
    – We also offer an additional advantage – we will go the extra mile to make sure you get your items in the best condition possible. We’ll warn for things like box damage and other flaws.
    – Delays and cancellations suck. We know that. We hate them, and you hate them. Sadly, it’s part of life when dealing with suppliers. If a figure doesn’t get enough preorders in Japan, a distributor might decide to simply not carry it and neglect to tell us until we get a shipment sans said item. If it’s a hot piece, we might get short-shipped.
    – If we’re short-shipped, we’ll even go to other retailers to try and source product – and honor customers’ original preorder prices. We actually lost quite a bit of money – about $10 a figure – when the original B*RS run got short-shipped and we had to get them elsewhere. If it’s a hot item that’s sold out everywhere, sometimes we have no choice but to cancel it. Either way, we’re losing money, but we try very hard to make sure everyone gets their order fulfilled.
    – If your figure has a problem – say, it’s damaged on its way to you – we will gladly accept your return, even if we lose a lot of money as a result. There are several other stores that won’t even offer you this courtesy.

    Here’s the truth, guys: selling Japanese figures isn’t a hugely profitable business. Toyslogic isn’t an office gilded in gold and jewel-studded computer chairs. We’re a little warehouse out in the middle of Contra Costa County. If we really were a bunch of crooks, we would be in a business a LOT more lucrative than figure retail. We’re in this business because, frankly, we LOVE this stuff and we want to promote these totally awesome toys and this wonderful hobby to everyone.

    So, here’s something to show our commitment. If you’ve had numerous bad experiences with TL in the past year or so, write us an email! Send it on over to We’ll look over your complaint and if we can acknowledge the validity of your complaints (and yes, we KNOW we’ve screwed up some stuff in the past), we’ll give you a FREE figure. No charge at all. We want to make amends.

    • Aka says:

      Hi Genshijin,

      First off, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to find my site as well as respond to mine and everyone’s complaints directly. Let me address each item as you have, in the same order.

      – You say that I’m mistaken with how the VIP program resets, however you do not specify how I am mistaken. Could you provide some clarification? What I wrote is how I understood the system given the information I found on Toyslogic’s forums. Have I misread?

      However I would not say that’s my biggest complaint regarding the rewards system. While discounting is always appreciated, the amounts a customer has to spend at Toyslogic to get very marginal savings is outrageous. If I calculated this out correctly, and assuming I’ve purchased sixty $100 items, or $6000 worth of merchandise over the course of a year. My net savings would be $216, or an average of 3.6%. Now, I agree that amounts to 2 free figures over the course of that given year, however I had to spend $6000!. It’s because of this that I feel it’s more of a joke than a rewards system.

      – I understand you must also pay shipping fees that of course must be added in to the markup that goes into products. But from the consumers perspective the reasons your prices are higher aren’t really our concern. Just the fact that they’re higher is. Explaining why doesn’t make them seem cheaper, it just makes me feel sorry that the competition is so harsh and that I as a consumer is as well.

      It’s great that you’ve managed to score a deal with those One Piece POP figures, taking a look at other resellers such as Hobby Link Japan, you certainly are cheaper. I guess it would be hard to say what the future holds but would future deals include the sort of figures I buy and review on my site? Kotobukiya, Good Smile, Alter and the like? Or are the deals more directed to certain popular franchises such as One Piece?

      – This might be my favourite reason for using Toyslogic in the future. Limited and hard to get items. I haven’t compared the pricing of Toyslogic to other offerings like Tokyo Hunter who’s prices seem rather high I admit. However he is willing to negotiate on his fees when multiple items are ordered through him. So it’s hard to compare his prices directly when they can fluctuate like that. Nor have I compared to proxy services, but it’s worth considering in the future so I’ll definitely check it out.

      – While I can appreciate the effort that goes into packing and making sure everything is in the best condition possible, I’m not sure I see how this is an advantage so much as a given. I would expect that when I buy a $60 item or a $100 item, or multiple items that they be in good condition when they arrive. Anything less would be a failure on the resellers part. As harsh as it is to say, if the item arrives in perfect condition that’s how it should be and not seen as an advantage.

      If I compare to the other resellers I’ve experienced, Toyslogic is no better at packing their items than AmiAmi. And of the resellers I’ve experienced I think Hobby Link Japan has the best offering when it comes to packaging. They offer the most sturdy boxes I’ve ever received, and their packing materials are clean and efficient. I believe they package in much the same way Amazon does for their books and DVDs.

      – Delays and cancellations do suck. Many of the delays are no one other than the manufacturers own fault, I do understand this. What I’ve never managed to understand is how Toyslogic can have such poor communication with their business partners. Not being privy to the ins and outs of the industry, I don’t see how it would be beneficial to either the distributor or yourself if the distributor decides not to honour orders placed with them, or communicate issues as they arise. But from the outside perspective looking in, it seems dysfunctional and very much a reason to avoid using Toyslogic. It may and likely isn’t your fault, but that doesn’t matter when in the end things do happen and shipments are shorted or cancelled. It may and likely does happen to other resellers as well, but so far it hasn’t seemed as obvious with them, at least in my anecdotal experience.

      – This I very much appreciate, and it’s what I think your distributor should be doing on your behalf as well. If the order cannot be fulfilled, find a way to fulfill it. Shorting your customers (form the distributor’s POV) is not a proper way to do business. They should make the attempt to fulfill their order and commitment to Toyslogic as Toyslogic does for their customers. One thing I’ve always pointed out with any and all of my complaints with regards to Toyslogic is how in the end, regardless of what may have transpired, I always got the item I ordered.

      I’ve heard quite a few good stories about how Toyslogic has sourced product for their customers and I’ve always wondered though how these individuals were informed of it. With my Black Rock Shooter order in my blog post above, she arrived 5 months after those in Japan received theirs. Toyslogic did not inform me of any reasons for the delay nor of their efforts in sourcing the figure. Perhaps had I been informed my perspective would not have been so harsh towards Toyslogic, and more sympathetic to the work put in to fulfil my order. Perhaps my story would have been “Toyslogic is a great company! They did this and that to fulfil my order and despite it all still honoured their original price! That doesn’t happen every day eh?” But unfortunately from the uninformed consumers perspective, my perspective at the time, Black Rock Shooter was simply delayed without reason. How could I not be anything but upset with that?

      – Accepting returns for broken items really is the right thing to do, and I imagine finding replacements for “hot items” can be an expensive bother. While this is something I expect of a company, I can’t say all of the companies I deal with will. Having so far never had the unfortunate experiece of a damaged figure (beyond a quick leaner), I’ve never consulted with any of the resellers I deal with on what to do in such a situation.

      Toyslogics commitment is commendable but I do wonder what sort of experience would be required to have a free figure offered. Personal experiences while bad practice for a company don’t seem worthy of a free figure. Toyslogics hasn’t screwed me out of a figure, I don’t feel the need to screw them out of one either. All of my issues with Toyslogic deals with delays and miscommunication. Be it poor stock inventory, items magically disappearing for 2 months, or just plain delays like Black Rock Shooter.

      Personally what does more for me than the idea of a free figure is the fact that Toyslogic has decided to respond to my criticisms, and not through email on a personal basis only but publicly on my own site for any who choose to read. In doing so Toyslogic has acknowledged the problem and in my eyes apologized for it both publicly and directly. It gives credence to mine and others complaints and shows you’re actively trying to manage and repair damage done to your reputation. I appreciate the time taken to do so on my personal blog and wish you the best with your recovery.

      (If you still want to send me a figure, Kagamine Rin would be nice :))

      • Quazacolt says:

        what TL said is pretty much the harsh reality of this business. I’m kinda close with someone anyways whos into this sorta business *coughtfmcough*

        and what you said is pretty much correct at the same time- consumers don’t really give a shit about all these, what they care, is their figures bought at the lowest price, arriving in the shortest amount of time and in the best condition without damage or defects.

        • Aka says:

          The Figure Mall is outside of Japan as well right? So potentially they’ll suffer the same supply issues as Toyslogic. Is it only those in Japan that do not suffer, or suffer far less? Such as the big three, AmiAmi, HLJ and Hobby Search?

  17. […] Black ★ Rock Shooter franchise, or perhaps just her herself. She was new and interesting when the first figure came out, and the excitement carried to the anime version (which I also pre-ordered) and some of […]

  18. That1Gai says:

    Heh heh. Was that a pun in there? You talk about how small her bum is and then you say “Despite her lack of assets…?”

    Well, I know nothing about this character (but then again, I don’t get to watch anime that much, so I often don’t know any of the charcters you review), but overall, the figure is bad-ass enough to forget about the lack of bum and boob. And I, too, do not like the idea of “some assembly-that-is-really-hard-based-on-the-pictures-because-we’re-too-lazy-to-write-our-directions-in-english-as-well-as-in-japanese-even-though-it-wouldn’t-make-that-much-of-a-difference-in-dificulty… required”…either? (well, THAT must have been hard to read).

    PS. I find myself commenting a lot on your site, so if I were to join under the same username and email would my old comments be linked to my profile?

    PPS. Nice Horo sketch!

    • Aka says:

      Definitely a pun! Always like a good pun, even bad puns are punny, even if a little lame.

      There’s really not much to know about Black Rock Shooter, she was an illustration that became a character that became an OVA. And you’re not missing out any not having watched the OVA btw.

      Your comments would not be joined, no. And I don’t think ‘joining’ would really do much as I think I have the feature disabled anyway.

      Horo sketch is by an artist named Gofu, here’s the original.