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  1. Give yourself a pat on the back, because you did a great job with the photos in spite of the circumstances! I especially like the cushion/blanket combination — she looks real snug when covered up like that.

    But man, that display base is a bloody mystery to me. I’m currently stuck between “giant sponge” and “beach sands”…

    1. Haha thanks! I felt I did so as well, very surprised with my results. I kept trying to find a blanket that would have worked better, but that didn’t turn out too bad. I wanted something that was thinner though, could show more of her outline, and have light pass through it. But oh well.

      That base is also stupidly heavy for some reason.

  2. Great job with the end photos, but MY GOD light is not her friend. That face is just as you’ve said, it’s like going home with a girl after the party only to notice what she looks like in the morning. LOL

    1. Light definitely isn’t her friend. Where I have her on display not much light tends to cross her path and as such she looks quite dandy. But on the sunny days I open my blinds, I fear I’m going to shudder when I see her.

      I’ve considered turning her backwards so as to view her bum more as it’s quite well done.

  3. She defiantly benefits from the darkness thats for sure…yikes…

    Ah well you knew what you were getting into (Think I’ve poked you enough on that point for this and the other one haha.) so all I can say is grats on proving just how much of a Horo loon you are…I salute you sir! ~_^

    *goes back to staring at the silhouette pictures* Mmmm…

  4. She actually looks nice in those dark shots and especially with the kinda blue-ish light. How did you achieve that?

    I would have never thought that Id read a post in my lifetime where Taki Corporation is somewhat praised. I think I can die now as a happy man.

    1. I adjusted the white balance for the ‘wrong’ lighting to get the blue effect.

      I feel strange having somewhat praised Taki Corp. After all the hate for the past year and using them as my reference for bad, I go and spend more money on something knowingly worse.

  5. Agree… her backside is quite pleasing to behold (and in all likelihood to hold). I am particularly fond of her eyes and the smile (from a bit of distance) is very cute… I reall love the innocence of how she is depicted.

    I really, really wanna believe that’s wheat, but I gotta agree that ain’t wheat… and if it is, that junk is jacked-up something fierce!

    Tail should be longer, but I’ll let it slide!

    Nice review… you renewed my commitment to wanting to waste (I mean invest) my money on this one (as well as the others) as soon as the paychecks start coming in!

    1. I find it astounding you wish to waste money on this figure as I did. Cudos to you for being a ‘true’ fan like me haha. By which I mean CRAAAZZZYY.

      A note on her backside, it was wonderful to behold as well as hold, I can tell you first hand.

  6. OMG. I saw the header picture and I was thinking to myself “Daayum” and then I scrolled down and saw the closeup of the face and I was like “:O!!” Definitely an interesting pickup … I gotta admit, if Taki or some other low-rent off-brand figure manufacturer made a figure of Itsuki Kannagi or Irma, I’d be real tempted to buy it no matter how badly it turned out because I like those characters that much.

    It’s funny, I had a song called “Strobelite Honey” running through my head just the other week.

    1. Yeah header’s a bit deceiving, she looks pretty decent in low-key/silhouette shots like that where details are hidden.

      One of the cooler things about this figure is I’m fairly unique in owning it. Still haven’t found another who’s reviewed her. And that’s a first for me, usually I follow a trend due to when things eventually arrive. Like Black Rock Shooter who only just shipped yesterday.

      lol @ Strobelite Honey I’d never heard that song, I just looked it up.

  7. WHOA…that face startled me!

    “Horo’s breasts have been shrinking with each volume of the light novel, not getting larger.”

    Wait…are they really? Or do they just look it? I’ve only seen season 1 of the anime so far. I’m holding off on reading the light novel for now. BUT I am going to read it!

    1. Yeah the face… needs some work.

      It’s not that any of the material has mentioned her breasts shrinking, it’s just an obervation by us fans. Mainly the fault of Ayakura Jū I think, as Koume Keito who draws the manga has remained thus far consistent with her bust size. Further proof (NSFW).

      Regardless I enjoy the artwork, the new pictures are becoming higher and higher quality by the two artists. But I am curious why Ayakura Jū has decided to draw her so flat.

      1. One of the great mysteries of life!

        Hopefully, her proper form will be restored in the final LNs and any new artwork. I want her to continue to remain cute and dignified-looking… so nothing unrealistic or excessive!

        But seriously, wow… surprisingly, I had not noticed, I guess I’ve just been more focused on her face, tail (shocker huh?), ears, and personality. Other “assets” are a secondary issue, but quite welcome and considered a bonus!

  8. Ah Final set complete!
    Well the only one missing that i know of is the Holo/Horo Forest one. you ordered it right?

    Global to me is not the best, ill try and not to say worst then that ^^”
    Just looking at the face, means that not much effort or whatever is put into it. btw what is she lying on? <.<
    bright yellow color….sand is my closest guess

    1. I’m also missing the Alpha Max release. I’d also like to pick up a few garage kits if I could ever learn to paint. But yes, I do have the other Global Horo on order as well.

      Global is far from the best, they’re far from mediocre, but they’re interesting all the same. So I don’t mind so much, and this Horo while poor up close does have some good traits from afar so it’s not a complete loss. And her bum is splendid.

      As for what she’s lying on… I want to say wheat, because she should be lying on wheat… but… your guess is as good as mine.

  9. as i said on TFM:

    She’s like the girl you meet in a nightclub, under the seizure inducing flash of strobe lights she looks amazing. As closing time nears and the house lights come on,
    Quazacolt: it slowly dawns on you that the hot girl you were dancing with wasn’t quite the looker you thought she was. What’s that? It’s never happened to you? Oh of course, me neither.
    Quazacolt: lold
    * KiddoKid has left the cafe.
    Quazacolt: glad i didnt buy. lol

    seriously though, almost 1/7 or 1/8 my salary, for something that doesnt even resemble her, yeah. not touching this lol

    that said, you still did a good job on the photoshooting attempts and had they use your pictures, it could’ve ‘mislead’ more people into buying 😛

    1. I’m still relatively happy to have bought her. Though I wish it was for considerably less. I still like her bum and waist though, and the overall concept of the figure. Too bad…

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