Review: Orchid Seed’s Corticarte Apa Lagranges (Updated)

Already having owned a great Corti figure by GSC I was hesitant to buy Orchid Seeds version, but despite that I closed my eyes and let the money magically vanish from my possession. Since pre-order I’ve been on the fence with Orchid’s Corti, many aspects of her seemed awkward, but obviously I didn’t cancel my order. (Updated)

I’m sure I told myself after purchasing my first Corti figure that I’d watch Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica but… I still haven’t. So I still can’t tell you if I even like Corti’s character, or the series, or much about the series other than what Wikipedia says. So I’ll move on, this particular Corti is modeled after some artwork by Kannatsuki Noboru whom I believe was also an illustrator for one of the light novel covers. Given the artwork that’s out there, it also appears to be perhaps the only time she wears these clothes. I have to admit, I much prefer the clothes in GSC’s Corti, they seem much cuter, I think it’s the garters, I must not be a fan of them.

Orchid has chosen to stick with their scheme of using 1/7th scale to increase the cash required to purchase their figures. An interesting scheme that seems to be working for them, despite the fact their figures really are closer to 1/8th than 1/7th. Comparing GSC’s Corti to Orchid’s they’re pretty much the same size in most respects and that’s a 1/8th scale figure. Yamato Sagami was the sculptor of this Corti and according to is the only figure they’ve sculpted, not a bad ‘first’ attempt I suppose. Corti was released last month, February 2010, for an MSRP of ¥7,800 / 90 CAD but I purchased her through Hobby Link Japan at a mild discount of ¥7,057 / $82 CAD.

In terms of matching the original artwork Orchid Seed has done a fairly competent job, matching most aspects even down to how she’s tied her corset. However as often is the case with figures they’ve managed to mess up her face. If you look at the original artwork she gives off a much more engaging and happy expression. Orchid’s rendition looks to have made her hesitant or only half-assedly acting happy, her eyes are also taller and don’t match the emotion. It really affects my enjoyment of the figure because I don’t get that happy emotion I’m looking for in her face. Additional screw ups, her arms and hands aren’t in the same positions, and I feel they’ve made her legs and torso slightly too long giving her maybe a more balanced appearance but still differing from the artwork, or at least the impression I get from it.

Not all is bad though, rotating her around, her boots are well done with enough detail, the bow in her hair and on her back are also pleasant. And keeping towards the back, her hair is quite well done, lots of strands going in slightly differing directions, and skillfully crafted in such a way that you don’t notice all the seams. I tried to count all the seams in her hair, but I’m not sure what are and are not actually seams, impressive.

Orchid’s choice of colours with comparison to the original artwork seems off as well. Corti’s hair seems much more pink than the red it should be, as are her eyes. Her dress seems to lack some red as well, which does have me wondering if the original artwork I’m looking at has the red turned up slightly higher than it should be. But over all this effect creates a more subdued tone for Corti and like her face gives off a different feel from the original.

If one is to ignore the comparisons to the original artwork Corti does look to be a pretty great figure albeit perhaps slightly awkward appearing. She has great sculpting and a solid (if wrong) paintwork that come together to make a pretty good figure. Soon however after holding her in one’s hand one will notice there’s still yet one more problem. Corti’s right leg doesn’t feel rigid like it should. Comparing her to other figure with one legged poses, they all have what feels like a different plastic, likely ABS. Orchid’s Corti though seems to have a PVC leg, and I suspect will be very prone to leaning as her weight distribution is already quite far forward. This is the first figure I’ve bought that I’m actually considering putting back into her box. Which is a shame, I much prefer having them on display.

Ever since placing my pre-order for Orchid’s Corti I’ve been feeling a little bit of buyers remorse, and after receiving her this hasn’t really gone away. In many ways I’m surprised with the figure, Corti is decently done no doubt, but just doesn’t have the feel of a $90 figure in enough ways to make her worth $90, or the $82 I spent. I feel kind of bad putting her down though, because it does feel like a lot of effort went into her, yet she still came out… off.

Corti, your legs seem so looong….



This looks a lot like leaning to me. And she’s doing it already?! I surely must have done something wrong.


  • Impressive sculpt work in Corti’s hair
  • Ignoring the differences between artwork and figure, Corti’s quite cute


  • My Corti leaned within the first week of displaying her
  • Differences between the artwork and figure, such as her face and torso length
  • Like other Orchid Seed figures, the colours seem less vibrant than the artwork on which they’re based
  • Too expensive



  1. mangasus90 says:

    Hum. Great review. I think i wont buy her now T__T…. Although Corti is my favour anime girl.
    Your close-up pictures of her make she looks really bad @__@…. and lack of details in some places too >.<.
    I'm so looking forward to it, man

    • Aka says:

      Thanks, it’s too bad she didn’t quite turn out.

      I wouldn’t however base your entire opinion on the macro shots. They’re from a distance you’ll likely never be able to reproduce with your eye, so they’re not useful in that sense. They are useful however in pointing out how detailed they’ve managed to be, but from the normal viewing distances they’re nearly useless I think.

      I personally wouldn’t buy her though unless she was quite inexpensive, that PVC feeling leg really doesn’t seem right. I hope I’m wrong about it, but it felt like it had give when I was placing her onto her base. Other figures never had that. Additionally the texture of the plastic differed.

  2. Leonia says:

    I prefer GSC version, but this one is adorable too. I like Corticarte clothes (I would like a dress like this one lol). It’s a bad news for the PVC legs -__- But.. She is cute ! Thank for the sharing !

    • Aka says:

      GSC version is superior. Cheaper and cuter for sure. I even like her clothes better, the mini skirt curves much nicer making for a more ecchi feel heh heh.

      That PVC leg is bad news though 🙁

  3. Ashlotte says:

    CORSET…oh wait sorry…GARTERS…*cough* wait thats not right…Oh yes nice errr…review. *stares some more at the low angle shots*

    Ah I almost ordered this one just for the outfit, but I was utterly bored with the anime (Although I still get a laugh out of the horrendous animation…Look it up on youtube if you get bored Aka haha) so I ended up passing. Orchids a wierd company though…They tend to skirt greatness, but can never quite seem to achieve it.

    Oh did you do the bend test on the leg? I’d be utterly amazed if that really is PVC…I don’t think I’ve heard of anyone stupid enough to do that in a long time. >_<

    • Aka says:

      The leg felt like it flexed as I placed her on the stand, which is what made me take notice in the first place. I find it hard to believe but it certainly felt like it, and that’s all I can base it on really.

      I think the best upskirt shots are the ones that hint rather than explicitly display. I sometimes get those right, sometimes.

      Examples: Corti, Makoto

  4. Ami says:

    I really wanted to get her and thought she came out pretty nice for a Orchid Seed figure but her price just isn’t reasonable. I just couldn’t bring myself to spend $70-$80 on her especially when there are better figures to buy. I’m glad I stuck to my decision because I think I would’ve felt the same way you did. Buyers remorse is never a good feeling! Maybe you’ll grow to love her as time passes? 🙂

    • Aka says:

      She could grow on me, I mean Taki Corp’s Horo actually has over time, still the worst thing every, but she still holds a certain place in my collection and never looking at her too closely works out well.

      I agree though this figure is far too expensive. But as Ashlotte says it does skirt greatness, but just misses the mark.

  5. Rico-sama says:

    I can’t remember if I got this Corti or not. I think I may have let her slip by without ordering her and, if true, that was a blessing in disguise. I don’t demand perfection from my figures but I do expect them to stay standing after a couple of years. That whole softer material leg thing is all kinds of fail. While I still like Orchid Seed I don’t think I’ll any similarly posed figures like this from them for the foreseeable future.

    Your analysis of her face is spot on; the figure lost a lot of the charm from the artwork. It’s weird though that it looks slightly better in some shots than others.

    Yeah I think the artwork in question may be a little too red; probably had a color filter applied to it at the end to give it that effect. Regardless I think you’re right about the figure’s hair color being off.

    In defense of her legs I think part of the reason they look so tall is because the skirt and corset are the same color. It causes a bit of an optical illusion. Of course I don’t own the figure so I can’t tell for sure since it’s hard for me to tell where her butt begins.

    Speaking of butt: wow! The detailing on her panties is horrible! They don’t even complete the white trim! With detailing that bad it’s like why even try?

    PS. I wouldn’t bother with actually watching Polyphonica. I tried renting it and tired of it really quickly. You know a show is heading for bad times when they have to pull out the beach episode on the third ep.

    • Aka says:

      I can’t really believe they used PVC, but I just stated what I felt. It doesn’t seem right at all. Definitely a blessing in disguise for sure if you didn’t order her. I love how you don’t remember though lol

      I think Corti’s face might look ok in some shots due to lighting? some may show off details others don’t.

      I still think after owning her her legs are too long, but it could still be the optical illustion, she just seems.. off.

      As for white trim, I suspect that’s supposed to be effect, like panties aren’t going to be worn perfectly to see the trim, especially between the legs where they’d get compressed often. So it’s likely the trim is supposed to be folded under.

      PS: I guess I wont… but Corti’s so cute!

  6. Tier says:

    I like the combat boots and the garters, but it’s too bad about the quality elsewhere. I hope Orchid Seed’s a bit more consistent with their future figures; they showed off a ton of stuff at Wonder Festival that I am interested in.

    • Aka says:

      Heh, I figured you’d like their upcoming stuff, mostly because I don’t think I liked any of it haha. All looked to have breasts that far exceeded my size tolerances.

  7. lovelyduckie says:

    “I’m sure I told myself after purchasing my first Corti figure that I’d watch Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica but… I still haven’t.”

    Same, but you know…I decided I don’t care. I LOVE flowing pink hair, so I don’t mind that I don’t know her. I like the adult version of Corti too, but I haven’t purchased it.

    • Aka says:

      I’ve been convinced not to watch it seems…

      I don’t like the adult version of Corti. I prefer she stay small statured and small to medium breasted.

  8. Ashlotte says:


    Great Orchid…Way to tarnish your name and bring into question all other modern figures. This is like one of those times where you have a sign at the work place “X amount of days without an accident” and they just went and reset the damn thing…

    My condolences Aka…

  9. Blowfish says:

    Shes not my kinda girl but boy its a bummer that she seems to be already leaning after such a short time.
    I sometimes wonder if they dont properly test the testruns <.<

    • Aka says:

      I’ve heard mixed results so far. One other person with a leaning Corti, and another 1 or 2 without.

      Maybe mine was made during a ‘midnight shift’, unsupervised and unauthorized… I’ve heard of it happening for various kinds of memory cards, they even get the real packaging and a real number, but are very low quality.

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