Review: Good Smile Company’s Hatsune Miku

Slightly older figure today but one I’ve been trying to get for a reasonable price for quite some time. It’s Hatsune Miku, everyone’s favourite Vocaloid and virtual idol.

Having missed the first pre-order of Hatsune Miku because I was much more strict on what I bought back in September 2008, and again missing her re-release in May of 2009, I was relegated to the alternate and more expensive methods of acquiring Miku. Nearly a year has passed since I missed the last run of this figure and I’ve seen Miku’s price range from obscene to utterly obscene, in very much the same way Narika’s price did. Unlike Narika though I wasn’t able to find a friend who was willing to sell her at a vastly discounted price compared to the auctions on eBay and the like. Making it harder still Good Smile Company released the “CM Ver.” of Hatsune Miku which is identical in every way to this figure except for her closed eyes, which I didn’t want. This exclusive Miku could actually be had cheaper and much easier than the original Miku despite it’s limited run of 1500 pieces. But I didn’t want this version, and waited. My waiting finally paid off last month when I found her on Mandrake, unopened and brand new for ‘only’ ¥8,000 / $93 CAD, which is admittedly ¥2,761 / $32 CAD above her original MSRP. Given the prices I was seeing at the time she was vastly discounted over alternate methods and I took the plunge. Looking at eBay today, the cheapest I can find her is $165 CAD, so I still feel pretty good about the price paid, despite it’s obvious premium.

Miku doesn’t have a story like other characters, nor does she even come from a series. I wont go into too much detail since everyone likely already knows, but Miku was designed by Crypton Future Media for a piece of voice synth software developed by Yamaha called Vocaloid2, the second installment of the software. What I find strange about the entire phenomenon is that Miku doesn’t have a personality or a compelling story for one to invest in. Instead she has a list of statistics that describe her voice and how best to use it when producing music. Some of those stats are her optimum tempo range, genre, octave range among some lesser useful stats such as her age, height and weight. Beyond that nearly everything about her is fan produced, growing organically in much the same way I think as the Touhou Project has.

Miku’s popularity has also spawned a wide range of merchandise as well as even live concert events. Many have argued that she’s become too popular, being exploited by too many companies milking her for profit, much against what made her popular in the first place. With 72 results on MFC I’m inclined to agree with this theory and I’ll cite two additional examples that I think sum this up quite well. First, during Miku’s surprisingly well done live concert this past “Miku’s Day” (March 9th, 3 (mi) + 9 (ku)), Miku sang the SEGA sound. While this makes sense since the concert was produced by SEGA to promote their Project Diva PSP game, it still felt as if she’d sold out. Which is a very strange feeling to have since, as described above, she doesn’t even have a personality on which to base that feeling on. The second item I’d like to envoke is this (NSFW), a ‘dutch wife’ made in Miku’s likeness. While this is an entirely unauthorized product, it’s way over the top and they’re obviously using her appeal to market their product. Despite this fact though, I do think it’s be slightly amusing to own it as a piece of Japanese weirdness.

So what does all this have to do with Good Smile Company’s Hatsune Miku? Depending on one’s point of view, she’s either an item from before she ‘sold out’ or perhaps one of the first products she ‘sold out’ with. I like to look at this figure like she’s come before all the hype, or at the start of it at least and wasn’t Good Smile Company jumping on the bandwagon but instead helping start it. While this changes nothing about the figure itself, it does cast a different atmosphere over her and in my crazy head makes the inflated prices make more sense.

With so much fan artwork out there of Miku I find it difficult to really compare GSC’s rendition to anything, as her image has a large variance in my mind. I’m also not really aware of much official artwork one can compare to as well. It seems very much like Miku’s any 2 of the following 3, a set of colours, clothes, and hair that can be applied to any model and it becomes Miku. This leaves her open for much interpretation and can make any figure seem perfectly in her likeness. Just look at “World is Mine” Miku, she looks entirely different, but you still know she’s Miku from her long twintails, the colour of those twintails, her eye colour, and even her dark thighhighs.

Despite the lack of official art to compare her to I think Good Smile Company has done the best job bringing her to the 3rd dimension, and did it with their first attempt. With no personality to build upon, the generic happy face is entirely fitting, I couldn’t see them doing much else other than the eyes closed version which does have some positive qualities of it’s own. Her pose is attractive and playful though I imagine movement in this pose due to her hair, and so her skirt appears far too static given how far out her twintails are. I’m not looking for an easy panty shot, but just something to indicate her skirt isn’t plastic would have been beneficial. Overall her sculpt seems to represent a good averaging of all the Miku variations I’ve seen.

GSC has chosen not to deviate at all with Miku’s defacto colour scheme, using what I feel to be the ‘true colours’ for Miku. Other figures such as those produced by SEGA, and Max Factory have deviated somewhat, Max Factory’s appearing slightly more green, and SEGA’s entirely blue instead of the mix, though the blue is an interesting change. GSC’s detail work is about par for the course at least with regards to average GSC craftsmanship. She doesn’t stand out with any real intricate details, but she’s not barren of detail either. There is the occasionally mistake though, on the back of Miku’s head there’s a tiny paint chip that’s not just noticeable in macro shots, but not incredibly distracting either. There’s also over paint on her finger nails, but that’s somewhat expected. The saw tooth edging on her costume also suffers from overpaint, not keeping within the lines, but they’re quite small and it’s quite acceptable to the naked eye. Miku also has a rough finish compared to some other figures, some of which is noticeable to the unaided eye. The only flaw I can see that’s not forgivable on Miku is the green mark in her right armpit, it’s far enough away from any green areas and should not have made it there. But all and all these flaws are minor and hardly noticeable.

Actually, I take that second last sentence back, there is one more flaw that’s not forgivable. Miku’s panties. They’re white, just white, and that’s not acceptable. Since as far back as I can remember, and as far back as September 25th, 2007 according to Danbooru, she’s had aqua striped panties that match the rest of her attire. How could Good Smile Company overlook this incredibly important and identifying piece of clothing? I take pride in the fact that I can identify Hatsune Miku by her panties alone, as do many I’m sure. Just look at all the posts on danbooru that are of her panties, and only her panties, yet everyone knows who she is. With plain white it becomes much more difficult. Here are some examples, all of which aren’t safe for consumption at work. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen. Sadly that long list could be longer. If at some point in the future I’m able to paint well enough and straight enough I will modify my Miku to have the proper attire, until then however she will have to remain in her very un-Miku-like plain white panties.

I’m quite happy finally having GSC’s original Miku, she looks great and I love her character design. While her twintails might be too long in this figure, they frame her quite well and add some dynamism to the other wise static pose. Miku’s zettai ryouiki is in around the right ratios for my tastes, though maybe her skirt could be slightly longer narrowing the gap as well as hiding her panties a little better (what?). Her detached sleeves expose some extra skin while adding substance to her arms so as not to appear too thin, and for some reason a girl in a necktie is cute. All this comes together quite nicely in a well executed package by Good Smile Company.

I forgot to take Miku’s skirt off…



  • The original (and definitive) Hatsune Miku figure
  • Good paintwork
  • Well produced overall


  • Small paint chip on the back of her head
  • Minor overpaint on the saw tooth edging of her costume
  • Plain white panties, where are the stripes?
  • Skirt could be a little more dynamic given the movement of her hair



  1. Guy says:

    Just one photo with Drossel? For shame 😀

    • Guy says:

      Goddamit, it ate my 6 paragraph long reply.

      To summarize:
      There is no “Selling out”, this is a misguided attempt and concept which paints a fan into the group of those who knew the X before they became famous, and tries to paint them as the real fans as opposed to the johnnies come latelies. It also has a madonna-whore dichotomy where you supposedly want your idol to succeed but resent them if they do.

      The “Fan produced” is often a load of bolloney, cause someone owns the trademark. They encourage people to invest time and even money to kickstart their product for them and then earn money for it.

      There is no “Before selling out”, there’s “Before succeeding in selling out.” GSC did not jump on the cash-cow after it began galloping, and they did not “get it going”. Their whole attitude in release was to get it to sell, for the money.

      Also, what personality do the Touhou gals have, really?

      • Aka says:

        You and I disagree on how one defines sell out. You define selling out as becoming popular, where this is not the case for me. I define it more as, milking your fans for profit.

        I have absolutely nothing against something becoming popular, it doesn’t affect me and may even make me finally notice something. I do however have a problem with a band or groups image on every type of product conceivable in an attempt to squeeze every last cent out of their fans. There’s a big difference between popularity and success, and selling out.

        Now applying sell out to Miku is of course absurd, as mentioned in the post, as she was always a product from the start. But never the less that’s the phenomenon I was reminded of.

        With the case of Miku, her entire reason for existance was for people to buy this software and produce music of their own. While the character might be copyrighted or trademarked, the voice was licensed for use by the user. This allowed Yamaha and Crypton to make money, money they deserved to make, and of which I have no problems.

        The sell out aspect comes when Miku’s face is on nearly every product you can imagine. This doesn’t mean I’ll suddenly stop buying things, but it does remind me of selling out, and that’s all I was getting at in the post.

        Also, I know that GSC didn’t start the trend, and I know their intentions were profit oriented, but that doesn’t change anything.

        I can’t speak for the Touhou gals really, I haven’t played any of their games. But it’s my understanding that there is a story in there, so even if that story is the thinest poorest attempt at a story, it’s infinitely more depth than Miku has, since she has no story.

  2. Chag says:

    I am with you when you say Miku’s been “sold out”, but I don’t believe this is a TOO big of an issue. Unlike some the cases of popular music, the profit-seeking actor is a third party when it comes to the Vocaloid franchise. This means that the creative process of the Vocaloid community remains mostly untainted my outside influences, thus maintaining its unique integrity. As long as this is true, distasteful attempts to cash in on the characters can be ignored as they have little influence on the “core”.

    Of course, my stance on the issue would change dramatically on the day when I see figure companies promoting their products directly within the Vocaloid PVs… Actually, I can definitely see that happening in the near future :S

    • Chag says:

      Oh yeah, before I forget — loving the darker shots! =)

      • Aka says:

        It wasn’t my intent to make a big deal of it. It was just a feeling I’d recently got with the franchise and voiced my thoughts within the review as it seemed a fair place to do it.

        I agree that the community will remain and all will be well. I just couldn’t help but feel it seemed a similar fashion to a band who’s sold out.

        Glad you liked ’em, I took so many of them, but really couldn’t get what I was intending to do. I was trying to get the kinds of shots one might get at a concert, assuming you weren’t in a pushy crowd or something. Failed miserably in this I think, but they turned out well.

  3. Tier says:

    Nice pictures, I like the darker shots especially; it looks kinda like show lighting. I’d say something about Miku but it feels like I’ve been writing about her for all of last week and I don’t really want to write another word about her.

    • Aka says:

      That’s what I was going for! If I only had a fog machine…

      I wished you and Visual Fanfare hadn’t done Miku figures recently. I had the pictures all lined up and saw your posts and was all FFFFFUUUUUU lol. Didn’t feel like reshooting a figure so I went with it anyway. I totally understand if you’re all Miku’d out.

      • Tier says:

        I was looking around for dry ice around here for smoky, foggy effects but I’ve got no idea where to get it. I don’t think the local Wal-Mart or Home Depot have it and I’m told that this stuff evaporates (sublimates, whatever) fairly quickly, so I guess I can’t easily mail order it.

        • Aka says:

          Yeah that’s something I’ve never even thought of ordering until recently. There are other methods for creating smoke or fog, but it seems nearly all of them will also set fire alarms off. So I’d have to be careful with it I guess.

  4. Rico-sama says:

    I’m glad that you were able to get her at such a (comparatively) reasonable price. 32 CAN over MSRP isn’t too bad even if she wasn’t so rare but I am sorry that after a year-long hunt yours came through with so many extra chips and marks. >,<

    Interesting thoughts about the milking of Miku. I totally agree that the fan origins behind the popularity of the character don't really sit well with the seeming commercialization at her expense, but personally I'm not ready to that she "sold out" yet. It just seems to me that the true power of the character comes from the fan inspired works and that all the figures, concerts, and…erm…toys are more accessories than anything. Of course I’m an Eva fan-boy and I’ve seen that franchise milked for years without end, so I might just be desensitized to it. 😉

    *Sigh*. I have a love/hate relationship with your reviews, Aka. I love them but occasionally you point out something about a figure I love that’s so basic, so obvious in hindsight that I’m never able to get it out of my head. You did it again with just now by pointing out Miku’s panties aren’t striped. I don’t even particularly like striped panties but you’re 100% right: they are a crucial part of her character design and people know Miku from her panties alone.

    I’ll echo everyone else – love the darker shots! How did you get the spot light effect? Just some rolled paper?

    • Aka says:

      Evangelion is definitely a great example of a series that sold out, maybe 10 fold now. In fact so much so they’re making a remake of the entire thing. Though I like the remake, and some of the merch.

      The marks on Miku really aren’t too terrible, I point them out because I like to find faults in things. But looking at her on my desk, she looks perfect from any normal viewing distance, and I can’t see the back of her head anyway.

      Haha sorry about the pantsu, but I thought everyone already knew it anyway. So I felt I should dedicate more than a passing comment. I’m surprised that GSC didn’t do it to be honest, but perhaps it’s more effort than it’s worth in their eyes.

      Thanks! The spotlight was acheived using the old halogen lights from my cabinet, and as you say, rolled up paper. The hints of red were done with the same red plastic bag as in the Haruhi review.

  5. Ashlotte says:

    Late to the party I am it seems haha…

    Funny you got such an impression from the Sega logo thing when all I was thinking is “ZOMG MIKU IS GOING TO BE PROJECTED ON STAGE!!!”. :p

    Ah fanboy I am…But I dunno I can’t really bring myself to be bothered by any of it just yet. Things like what Sega is doing with the Diva games and concerts all I can do is feel grateful for them heh.

    Like Chag said the fan-made song community is still going strong and as long as thats always there I’ll be content. Plus to me corporations interest in their songs can only be a good thing right? I mean look at Ryu or Huke…Its amazing how far they’ve come thanks to Miku and I sure as heck appreciate Ryu’s non-vocaloid work that hes been given the opportunity to make lately! ~_^

    Reminds me why my favorite games are all ones with a strong Mod community…I just absolutely adore fan-created content and the type of creativity it fosters. ^_^

    Ah well anyway enough rambling…Lovely shots here Aka especially the funky light ones. I still prefer Max’s version of her 100x over, but you made her look quite nice here!

    • Aka says:

      I love the concert, don’t get me wrong. But midway through when I heard he sing “SEGA” I was like wtf. Or when I heard game sounds, likely around the same time. It was distracting from the concert rather than adding to it. While I never needed reminding she wasn’t real or anything, it still ruined the mood.

      Ryu is supercell right? he did the theme to Bakemonogatari I think?

      You like MF’s? She looks like an alien! Totally unattractive to me.

      • Ashlotte says:

        Ryu is part of supercell, which includes people like the illustrator Huke and Redjuice so basically the people behind most of her most well known songs. Its since expanded to include real musicians and thats what you heard them sing the ED to Bakemonogatari (I <3 their vocalist).

        Haha alien…Eh yea she does look somewhat funny in pictures, but once you get her in hand she's spectacular…The sheer quality and detail put into her blows any other PVC of her out of the water. Like when you said that the GSC one doesn't have much movement in the skirt considering the pose you get that movement in the MF one and then some…The thing just oozes craftsmanship. ~_^

        But then I love semi-transluscent hair and thats a big part of the appeal of the figure.

  6. Fabrice says:

    She’s beautiful but i prefer the Figma version of miku =/
    anyway love the photoshoot, makes miku look even better =)

    • Aka says:

      I’m not a fan of joints really. But I’m learning to ignore them somewhat. Slowly ordering more figmas.


  7. Cool shots with the black background – it works really well with this version of Miku. Instead of a fog machine, try a humidifier… that’s what I’m trying out with some of my shots right now.

    I was debating whether to get this or the CM version – I eventually opted for the CM version as it was something different. The CM Miku also ended up in my site banners as well. lol

    I was waiting ALL winter for some big fluffy snow to take pics of my CM Miku – unfortunately we rarely had any snow this year – and whenever it snowed, I was away at work. Ugh! The pics I managed to take with some snow turned out like crap. =(

    I liked GSC Miku’s pose the most, compared to the Sega and Max Factory versions.

    • Aka says:

      Don’t humidifiers exhale warm/hot vapour? That’s not something I want to blow onto my figures. Ultrasonic humidifiers wouldn’t work well for me either unless I used distilled water, since my water is full of impurities that would cause a wonderful dust in my room.

      The CM version does have a certain attraction to it, as if Miku’s enjoying a good song on her headphones. Maybe I’ll eventually purchase that one as well but I don’t have any plans to do so at the moment.

      I wish it snowed here too, I was very disappointed with winter. Hopefully summer’s a better season.

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  11. Binarymein says:

    Hey Aka nice review! I just opened this Miku as a sealed box off Mandarake and had been searching for awhile. I’ve got two questions about this figure and can’t find any information on English review sites:
    1. I had to remove the top half to get a piece of shipping plastic out and can’t seem to get the skirt to “seat” properly, is there a trick to push it down a bit? Right now Miku’s belt is lightly contacting her skirt which I can jiggle around so I’m thinking it’s not down all the way.
    2. Does her head move a bit? Your Miku and others seem to be looking straight ahead and her left headphone fits well into her cupped hand. Mine is looking at the ground about a foot away, and the headphone is a bit too far ahead to match her hand. Basically, it looks like her head should be able to pivot back about 15 degrees, which I’d like so I can see her cute face at desk height.

    Kinda old article but I’m hoping you’ve got some tips to share. I’m not about to force anything, she was very expensive and is really really nice.

    • Aka says:

      Thanks Binarymein,

      1) The skirt on my Miku is loose as well. I guess I never show a photo of her with her torso removed or her skirt. So here are some photos to illustrate where her skirt is on my copy. You’ll notice on the inside back of her skirt there’s a ‘key’ that will fit into Miku’s bum/lower back. This will make sure you’ve oriented the skirt correctly. The 3rd image shows you how it should sit without Mikus Torso.

      2) Miku’s head does not move, at least not on my figure. I’m not sure why yours would be looking so far down, you say sealed box, which is strange, if her head was looking so far down her twintails surely wouldn’t have fit in the molded plastic that holds her in place, unless they two were adjusted. It could have been a manufacturing error or modified and thus not a sealed box. However I can’t say for sure unfortunately. Would you be able to post some images? Additionally, you might ask on as more people are likely to see there.

      Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

      • Binarymein says:

        How do I reply with an attached pic? My first post said “awaiting moderation” and was fine but I tried replying with a picture twice and nothing happens.

        • Aka says:

          Your first post was held in moderation as you were a new commenter on the site. I approved it. All subsequent comments should be allowed, presuming you continue to use the same email address.

          To display an image inline in your comment you must type out the HTML for it. Which means you need to find a host on which to upload the images to. Something like imgur or photobucket should be sufficient. If you don’t know the HTML to link inline, just pasting the URL to the image would be sufficient.

          • Binarymein says:

            Gah I tried both. Just tried the same post with a purposely broken link and still nothing. Sorry about wasting your time!

          • Binarymein says:

            *Post from earlier minus pic*

            Wow! Fantastic reply, I appreciate it! I removed Miku’s top half again and got her skirt to fit better. It’s not locked in but doesn’t feel loose any more. As for her head, after seeing your reply I’m thinking that she was glued a bit off…

            I don’t suspect a bootleg, her painting/details/colors are spot on. I’m very glad I asked you about this instead of trying to push a bit harder!! You may have saved Miku from accidental decapitation!!!

            • Aka says:

              Sorry the site seems to be ignoring your posts with links. I’ll have to look into why that may be, and sorry to have wasted your time trying to figure it out.

              You’re very welcome! I’m glad I was able to be of some help.

              At first I’d wondered if you’d just not clicked her torso into place due to the skirt being in the way. This might cause her to lean forward more and look downwards. But then that wouldn’t explain the headphones and her hand.

              Hopefully is able to help you out some more.

          • Binarymein says:

            Thanks for the feedback Aka. I’m happy with my Miku figure, she is really something else in person. Photos don’t quite do her justice, her hair for instance is just captivating to look at lol. She’s less defective more unique I’d say. I Put her up on my desktop speaker and the angle is great.

            don’t worry about the site, I don’t post much on the web so it’s probably me.

            Random topic: You have a WRX right? you should do an update post on it! I’m a big Scooby fan myself, imported myself one last year from the holy land ^^

          • Aka says:

            I have a Saabaru (pretty much a WRX). Had to get replacement brakes before Christmas, calipers and all, they’d seized for a second time. Still have the Subaru red calipers all ’round though. Current issue is 3 slow leak winter tyres. I’ll run out the season with these, but next year I’ll get new ones.

            I don’t post much about the car anymore because I don’t do much with it. It’s become utilitarian after buying the bike. In fact, I keep thinking about selling it and buying a tiny little Scion iQ or something of that variety. But then I remember that’s a 200 hp drop in power and I’d lose AWD and usually come to my senses.

            I did get new rims for summer, and I do want to do a proper video to showcase my exhaust. I hate people with cellphone cameras, their sound is so terrible. We’ll see what I have time for in the future.

            You get a RHD STI from Japan?

          • Binarymein says:

            Seizing brakes isn’t that common especially twice 😮 Weird!

            With slowly leaking tires, unless they are ancient and appear cracked all over, you are leaking from the tire bead. The solution is to deflate the tires, pop the beads and apply “bead sealer”. Labour would be maybe 1.5hrs? If you know someone with access to a tire machine it’s an easy process, wouldn’t even need to rebalance the wheel assembly.

            Don’t sell! your Saaburu is way more car than a Scion. It would be shiny at first but you would notice the quality difference and especially the lack of AWD. Just my opinion though!

            Yeah I imported a RHD, punch “sti 555” into Google if your interested. exactly that car without the decal package. In my neck of the woods everyone hates winter driving EXCEPT Subaru owners, we wait all summer for it hahaha.

          • Aka says:

            Yeah seizing of brakes isn’t really that frequent, though it happened twice in 6 months. Once on the front right caliper, and then on both fronts. The rears never seized so I only replaced the fronts. I’ve had the red calipers on two cars, my first car a ’99 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS and then had them transferred to the Saabaru. So perhaps their age, or perhaps the fact I rarely moved the Saabaru all summer.

            The winters are a couple seasons old and need to be replaced next year anyway. I only had a single set of RIMs and kept breaking the bead every season to swap tyres, it’s this reason they’re leaking. I don’t mind pumping them up a couple lbs every couple days.

            For the winters we’ve had here since I bought the Saabaru, I barely get to use it’s AWD capabilities. We seem to rarely get a real good snow fall these days, hell I’ve ridden my motorcycle in every month last year and rode it 220 km in January this year. Global warming?

            Part of the reason I want to get something like a Scion iQ is because it would make it easier to get the motorcycle out. The car would take up less space in the garage and the bike would wheel in and out very easily. The Saabaru has become an A to B car for me, and it’s an expensive one for that. I didn’t mind that it cost me $70 to fill up on 94 octane until I got the bike, which costs $12 for 91 octane.

            I think if we ever get a real winter up here again, I’ll be happy to own the Saabaru. But until then I keep wondering why I drive a 2.0L car that gets 24 mpg on a 7 minute commute to work.

            Ah, you have Ver2 STI then in WRC blue. Nice. Glad you don’t have the decals, I hate decals. I like the simplicity of a solid colour paint job. I too love driving in the winter, being able to power slide out of any corner with relative ease is appealing. Though I think my old ’99 RS was more fun at that than the Saabaru. The Saabaru has better AWD and tyres, so it tends to just grip and go, which I admit is also fun off the line, leaving everyone behind while they spin their tyres.

            How do you find driving RHD? I suppose I can assume that most/all cars in your area are LHD, does it throw you off at all?

            Additionally if you have Google Plus or GTalk you can add me, name on G+ is Aka Tailgrab, Gtalk aka @ the website’s URL.

          • Binarymein says:

            Hah I know exactly which callipers you mean, wish I had them! Yeah I suppose I’d value a Subaru differently without consistently slippery winters. I’m in the Canadian prairies where even in warm winters (like last year) it’s still very slick around town. If I was in lower states with no snowfall, I’d have to get a Subaru BRZ!
            I can understand the gas prices running an old 2L turbo, not great ^_^’ US is lucky to have 94 Octane available, I can only get 91. The old STI’s were programmed for 95+ octane so it’s not ideal! As far as RHD goes, everyone gives me a hard time about it especially the old mechanics at work. No exaggeration to say you get totally used to it in 2 weeks. I drive LHD and RHD interchangeably everyday compared to say learning to drive stick, it’s easy!
            Neat fact: the 555 isn’t in WRC blue because it didn’t exist yet! I learned that the earlier dark blue paint was chosen by WRC legend Colin Mcrae to match his native flag of Scotland! After Colin moved on to other teams WRC switched to lighter blue now known as WRC blue. Colin Mcrae + 555 on youtube is always fun to watch lol.

          • Aka says:

            As much as I like the Subaru BRZ, I wouldn’t get one. Besides the ’99 RS being a money bit, the biggest reason I got rid of it was the fact it was useless. The Saabaru being a wagon is infinitely more useful than a coupe. And yes I know, the iQ would be worse than the BRZ, but it has other benefits. Another reason I wouldn’t get the current BRZ, I’m too used to a turbo, getting in linear naturally aspirated cars always feels weird to me, there’s never that kick.

            The United States actually only gets 93 octane from what I’ve seen, the 94 I get is from Petro Canada, formerly Sunoco stations in Ontario. It’s got up to 10% ethanol I think to achieve the higher octane ratings, which depending on who you talk to is a bad thing. Which is why I put Shell 91 in the bike, as there’s no ethanol there. I continue to put the 94 in the Saabaru though because I’ve flashed it with the Cobb AccessPort.

            I sort of learned to drive RHD in the US, a friend was talking on his cellphone while we were trying to find this paint ball place, he didn’t have enough hands to drive and shift, so I’d shift for him from the passenger seat. It worked surprisingly well. Normally I’d take the cellphone and do the conversing, but it was his wedding weekend and his wife needed to talk to him for wedding plans that were constantly changing etc etc… Anyway, I’m confident I could drive RHD.

            I know the darker blue you mean, I thought that was the WRC blue of that era, didn’t know what else to refer to it as.

            Oh yeah, the calipers I got, the reason I got them was because I did a track day and had crazy brake fade. And instead of upgrading power I thought brakes would be more important. So they were the biggest that would fit in the stock ’99 RS rims. Now I’ve got bigger rims and keep thinking I should get bigger brakes, I always like a caliper/rotor that fills the rim.

          • Binarymein says:

            I’m not a fan of ethanol fuel unless your car is specifically tuned for it, which yours sounds to be. We do actually have Husky 94 w/ ethanol available here but only one pump and wrong side of city. Shell 91 is my preferred dinosaur juice.

            You’ve got a great mindset for upgrades, everyone goes power and overlooks stopping. I’m all stock but I feel like my driving skill limits me far more than current power levels.

            I’ve certainly derailed your article with all this! Thanks again for the instructions for Miku.

            All Hail The Tail!