Review: Beagle’s CDB Chair (Range Murata)

This figure definitely has the worst name of any figure I’ve ever purchased. Either it’s PSE Product*01 or CDB Chair, neither of which mean much of anything to me. The only thing that really matters here though is Range Murata the artist behind this figure (though likely not the sculptor).

CDB Chair doesn’t have much back-story or character, so I guess there’s not much I can be wrong about in this paragraph. The figure comes from an illustration by Range Murata in one of his art books titled “Form Code”, his 3rd art book. The art book it self is somewhat unique in design, just like most of Range’s works, it’s more a binder full of illustrations and pull out posters than it is a book. While I would love to grab a copy of this gorgeous looking art binder, the prices I’ve seen on eBay make it prohibitively expensive, so for once buying the figure was the cheaper route. I wont go any further into Range’s works than this, but he definitely has a unique style all his own. If you’d like more info Wikipedia is always helpful though limited in this case, more ‘help’ can be found at moe.imouto and danbooru, though beware, those sites are not safe for work.

The details on this little figure are few, but here they are. CDB Chair is a 1/10th scale figure which like most scales always slips my mind as I seem to assume 1/8th with everything. When she arrived I was surprised to find she was the size of a figma, perhaps slightly smaller even. Her original MSRP was ¥6,800 / $65 CAD though I picked her up for $63 CAD for an open box. I thought I’d ordered an unopened box, but after receiving it was obvious she’d been opened before as there was cut tape everywhere with new tape applied over top. I re-checked the listing and no where did it mention it was unopened, so it was a poor assumption on my part. CDB Chair was released back in June of 2008, and she has an alternate paint scheme limited edition as well. Both are about 10 cm tall and about 13cm in length.

My reason for purchasing CDB Chair… ok from here on out she will be referred to as Becky for no other reason than CDB Chair is a terrible name. Moving on, my reason for purchasing Becky can be wholy attributed to one ‘super rats’ from Happy Soda. Before seeing the pictures of Becky on his site I’m not even sure I knew this little figure existed let alone any thoughts of purchase. So I send my thanks to ‘super rats’ because Becky really is quite fun to photograph. Had I more time I think I would have tried to do something more interesting than I did.

Overall Becky’s a fairly well done figure. Her paintwork is above average with quite few flaws in it’s workmanship. A little over-paint here and maybe a speck there, it’s quite acceptably done given the various small places one’s required to paint. Becky’s skin tones give a nice lively feel to her, though from some angles it’s fairly obvious that her tummy differs from the rest of her. Lets just say she hasn’t tanned in a bikini.

Becky’s sculpt is pretty well done but I do have some issues. All down her side there’s a visible seam, while not apparent in the photos nor at a casual glance, it was visible during the photo-shoot and kind of disappointed me as I’d thought she was very good up to that point. The other issues I have has to do with some design choices made for the sculpt. The first of which is Beagle’s choice to re-design Becky’s head and re-angle it vs the original artwork, perhaps she would have looked strange in 3 dimensions with Range Murata’s original work, I’m not sure but it is an annoyance. The second has to do with Becky’s head, Beagle has decided to flatten the back of it and add a ridge so that her head fits the corner in the chair. This caused issue during the photo-shoot as when I moved her, she would rise up on to it, and you’d have this terrible look as if the back of her head was cut clean off, it was disturbing.

The chair on which Becky is situated is actually quite a neat little base. You can throw this chair into a number of different situations and it fits in just fine. I think it’s the only base I have that works well with other figures and figmas, yet it’s so simple in appearance. Taking a closer look you can see there are a few details that really add to the realism of it, such as the legs, the tiny screws, and it’s metallic finish. Pretty superb little base I really like it.

Before concluding the review I’d like to point out a few flaws on the figure that I feel can be attributed to the previous persons wear rather than production of the figure originally. If you look in this picture of the front side of the chair, you can see some scuff marking in the bottom left on the orange. Additionally in that picture you can see some marking or scratches on the silver metallic area near Becky’s arm. There are also some very very minor lines through Becky’s face that maybe could be due to production, though I’m unsure. They’re totally invisible though unless using the macro lens.

While I wish Becky was in the usual 1/8th scale form factor, it’s pretty neat that she’s nearly the exact size of a figma thus making her chair a useful prop for potential future ideas. Overall I’m quite happy with the figure, though mildly disappointed in some ways as well. Becky seems to fit in nicely (despite her size) with the rest of my unique base figures, and I look forward to more figures that make use of props or diorama like bases. Disks are getting old real fast these days.

That’s not really a chair is it… bench? couch? Whatever…



  • Reasonable paintwork
  • Becky’s couch base is quite nice and works well for figmas
  • Creative to have a lying figure that’s not lying on the ground or a plastic disc


  • Quite small at 1/10th scale
  • Needs a better name
  • The back of her head



  1. Rico-sama says:

    Beagle? You think you’ve heard of them all but another one comes along proving you don’t know as much about this hobby as you like to think you do. 😉 I’ve actually seen these Range Murata sculpts before but never took the plunge because I was unsure of the quality. After seeing your pics I might just have to pick one or two up.

    A charming little sculpt to be sure. Like you I’m quite taken with Becky’s skin tones and coloring in general, but what I really find amazing is the way in which her body is sculpted. She’s got great form with all sorts of fantastic curves that are presented in an enticing way. I quite like her bum, which you have plenty of shots of. :3

    It’s a shame about how her head is cut in half to make it work with the base though; now that it’s obvious like that it breaks the illusion (some shots are OK but in others I can’t not see half a head). It’s a really weird choice to make as well – if you were going to mold the couch for her foot and legs anyway why not make a larger indent for her head and not flatten it?

    Another great review, Aka!

    PS. Becky’s alternate color one is all kinds of nasty. Eww.

    • Aka says:

      Ah I’m glad you’ve accepted Becky as her name, it really does make it easier. Though potentially confusing for Google and searches, but whatever!

      I figured you’d have been aware of Beagle! Though I think the only stuff I’ve ever really seen from them revolves around Range Murata. I’m sure they’ve done something else though, surely. I’ll look it up later.

      I would have never taken the plunge had it not been for Super Rats, she looked great in his pictures so there was very little risk I thought. There are a few other Range Murata figures I’d like to get though, like this other from Beagle called “Chris”, specifically the Miyazawa Limited Version. Though there are 2 other varients as well, normal and 2009 Santa Ver. I’d settle for 2009 Santa Ver, but not the normal version.

      She does have a nicely laid out body doesn’t she. I love her arching back. Her bum is also quite nice, though not so visible normally.

      As for her half head, there is a molding into the chair there like the other spots. But also like the other spots, it’s very minor, so they did a mix. You can see in picture #21, she also does seem to have her whole head, it’s the hair that’s missing. But the effect it creates is that a good chunk of her head is lobbed off.

      PS: I agree, Becky’s alternate isn’t nearly as nice in appearance as the normal version. Halloween colours FTW!

      • Rico-sama says:

        I might’ve heard of Beagle before but it just didn’t register. It was really this post that made me curios about the Range Murata figures and before it I kind of ignored them. And if they mostly do Range Murata figures that would explain why.

        Actually after looking through their work a little I take that back: I have heard of Beagle, but just not for good reasons. Eww.

        Chris is actually the one I was eye-balling myself, lol. The Santa ver. looks nice and I’d take that in a hear beat but I actually kind of like the normal ver. as well. Striped panties aside, the colors really work for me. Pink hair and all that. :3

        Ah, I see the back of her head now. Guess I was over-reacting a bit. Still, they could’ve at least attempted to mold the backside of her hair. :/

        • Aka says:

          That Beagle figure really isn’t very great. I admit to not going through their past/present works other than the Range Murata stuff.

          I would have preferred if they molded the backside of her head better. But given that figure you linked, I’m pretty happy they did as good a job as they did.

  2. Tier says:

    Very very nice. I liked the source illustration so much that I bought this one book that featured it on the cover (it was titled Character Design Bible, which I guess is what “CDB” refers to). Pretty much the only reason I passed on her was the small size, but now that I see that she wears a thong, I kinda wish I didn’t.

    • Aka says:

      Ah! Character Design Bible! But still, Character Design Bible Chair? what about the girl on it? I’m still going to call her Becky.

      lol, I didn’t know she was wearing a thong when I bought her. Wouldn’t have changed my descision though. You could always find her on eBay like I did? Though perhaps actually read the description and ask the seller questions, unlike me.

  3. Ashlotte says:

    Bah…Bait and Switched again…See a dark header image and get white ones in the article…I hate you sometimes Aka. :p

    Seems like she’d be worth the price just for the piece of furniture…I imagine it could make for a fun prop in the future no?

    • Aka says:

      There’s no bait and switch this time, no need to hate. Check out Page 2.

      Last paragraph “…it’s pretty neat that she’s nearly the exact size of a figma thus making her chair a useful prop for potential future ideas.”


      • Tier says:

        I like where some of those pictures with Drossel are going. You might change my attitude regarding that massively-overexposed little robot girl yet.

        • Aka says:

          She’s the bestest robot girl there is! Glad I’m slowly changing your opinion of her. Maybe one day I’ll even manage to get you to purchase her!

      • Ashlotte says:

        Learn something new every day…Didn’t even notice the tiny little 2 at the bottom their…I petition for an increase in the size of such things for blind idiots such as myself… >_>

        • Aka says:

          I admit I rarely use a 2nd page, this might be the 3rd or 4th time in like 140 posts. I’m still trying to think of a way to make it more obvious. I knew it wasn’t going to be obvious, but couldn’t think of a better way, the post was just getting too long.

          The first time I did it I think I had to type in the link to the 2nd page myself so I went to do that this time and it was already there. I would have made my “Next >>” more obvious than the automated one.

          I considered adding it to the header image, saying something like “2 Pages” to try and hint at it. If you have any ideas PM me on MFC, or email me, can be found on the About page I think.

          • Ashlotte says:

            Ahah…Yea I wish I knew word one about website design… >_>

            I have faith you’ll think of something though Aka! For now I’ll just have to be more aware in the future!

  4. OneandonlyJem says:

    hahahaha, Becky? You know what, that is a very interesting and unique take on naming conventions for an otherwise unconventionally named figure. I’ve always known the figure by that name, but it really was weird because the focal point was the actual girl laying on the “chair” (see sofa), but it’s the actual chair that is being highlighted…so um, yeah…

    Range Murata’s art is unique and distinctive that I have subconsciously started to collect other figure translations made in the vein of his art style, namely those released by Beagle/Vice such as Skipper, Ribbon, and Pinup Girl.

    • Aka says:

      I just got tired of referring to the chair when really I was talking about the girl. So I had to name her, and for some reason Becky is the first name that came to mind. It’s not my favourite name, and sounds like a name you’d only use on a small girl. And well, I guess at 1/10th scale she is small.

      I’ve had some Range Murata artwork up in my room for a while, though it’s been taken down recently due to new cabinets and a lack of poster space. But I’m trying to get creative and find places to put stuff again.

      Those figures look interesting, definitely Range Murata. I should buy a bunch and have a Range Murata shelf in one of my cabinets.

  5. bluedrakon says:

    You are right as the name does not do it justice. Nice set of shots and all the angles really give you a good perspective of the figure. I love your lighting on this – especially the title picture. Range does have a great style and these figures really bring that out.

    • Aka says:

      Thanks! Did you check out page 2? it seems it’s not very obvious that it’s there. I should find a way to fix that.

  6. lu-k says:

    ohh never realized she was that small.
    Great shots! love those white background ones, it really looks like she is desperately lost in a bottomless room ^^

    • Aka says:


      I never really even thought of how the character might feel in such a situation, entirely white. That thought reminds me of THX-1138, I recall a big endless white room in that.

  7. Blowfish says:

    Ah its been some time since ive seen Becky.In fact the only time Ive seen her was the mentioned post by Superrats.
    I actually really like the looka and feel of this figure but the size is simply too small for my tastes.
    Your pictures are looking pretty neat aswell.

    What a Bummer I didnt stumble across your site earlier

    • Aka says:

      I agree! You should have found me sooner! 😛

      I was originaly disappointed that Becky was 1/10th, but she’s the perfect size to be Drossel’s playmate, along with Kagamiku.

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