Review: Bandai’s Drossel von Flügel (Chogokin Ver.)

The 19th Lord of Uranos’ Kingdom’s Tempest Domain, Drossel Juno Vierzehntes Heizregister Fürstin von Flügel has always been my favourite little robot. Purchasing the figma on a whim I instantly fell in love and managed to fit her into many of my figure reviews. Eventually I bought 2 more as I had some projects in mind but never followed through with. Now I’m onto my 4th Drossel, bigger and badder than the rest!

Bandai has chosen to produce Drossel in the nearly standard scale format of 1/8th and measures in at 19 cm tall making her exactly 5 feet tall if she was life-sized. Her MSRP was ¥8,000 / $90 CAD however AmiAmi had her for sale at ¥5,850 / $65 CAD plus shipping, which was half off at the time. Drossel is part of a very long line of Chogokin toys produced by Bandai and previously Popy Toy, going back 38 years. The word Chogokin means “Super Alloy” in Japanese.

Fireball is a short 13 episode series produced by Disney and Toei Animation. 13 episodes sounds like an average run for an anime, but it’s really not because they only total the length of a single normal anime episode. They’re very short, the longest episode runs only 2 minutes long. The series has only 3 characters, the lovely Drossel von Flügel, Gedächtnis, and Schadenfreude who I only just learned isn’t a real name, but in fact a word. The word means “pleasure derived from the misfortune of others” and is entirely deserved if I remember the series correctly. The series is pretty much nonsensical and I think I missed out on many of the jokes due to a language/knowledge barrier. This didn’t stop me from enjoying the tiny series, but I’m sure it would have been better if I’d got all the jokes. The thing that confused me most about the series though was all the German, why?

Getting back to Drossel, she’s quite possibly the cutest robot I’ve ever seen with the qualifier that she still appears to be a robot (unlike others). I felt the figma representation of Drossel was spot on and really couldn’t get any better and I still think that to be the truth. That however is not to say Bandai has done a poor job molding their Drossel, on the contrary, she too is spot on, just larger than the figma. Looking at pictures of Bandai Drossel when she’s alone, she looks like the figma, it’s hard to tell them apart without a sense of scale. This is likely due to the fact that Drossel’s a robot and the joints are supposed to be there and are designed a specific way, so she should look identical at any scale.

While both are spot on, there are differences between the two. The most noticeable for me is the face, Bandai Drossel has a more rounded face than figma Drossel. If I had to pick between the faces, I think I prefer figma Drossel’s, however I’ve been told that Bandai Drossel’s face better replicates CG Drossel. I’m not sure I agree though, maybe it’s somewhere in between but both are close enough for me to say spot on. Other differences are in the details, being a larger figure Bandai Drossel has much of the text that CG Drossel has written all over her. Though quickly looking at some episodes it appears to be arranged slightly incorrectly on the Bandai Drossel. I’m also not sure we ever get to read it in the anime, so I wonder how they decided what they’d say.

We can however read it on the figure and running the text through Google Translate offers some interesting results…

Location German English
Chest & Left Twintail Firmengruppe Heizregister Group Heizregister
Right Twintail Auch bei Langeweile nicht ohne ihre Erlaubnis öffnen! Not open even when boredom without their permission!
Legs Vorsicht! Nicht ohne ihre Erlaubnis berühren! Caution! Do not touch it without her permission!
Right Foot Gefahr! Hochspannung Danger! High-Voltage
Flight Head (Left) Stoß Der hering schwimmt in der Marinade Shock The herring swim in the marinade
Flight Head (Right) Vorsicht! Spitze Gegenstände machen die knie weich! Caution! Sharp objects make the knees weak!

Bandai Drossel has one obvious fault which does annoy me as it’s right on her forehead. It appears to be paint from the black line just above it, perhaps the person painting messed up or it was wet when set down. Regardless I don’t think it should have passed quality with this, but it’s not enough to ruin the figure for me.

Like figma Drossel Bandai Drossel has many accessories, 3 heads, 6 sets of hands, wing accessories for her flight head as well as removable rockets and collapsible side bits and lastly her signature twintails. In addition to these accessories Drossel’s eyes also light up. Which is great but also reminded me of how Kirisame Marisa’s star light barely lit up. Drossel’s eyes light up perfectly considering she has a tiny battery in her head. Contrast to Kirisame Marisa, she has two AA batteries and you can still barely see the damn thing. So cudos to Bandai for doing it right and providing noticeable light!

Having never reviewed an action figure in any real detail, or followed that scene I’m not sure if there’s a strict definition of a ‘point of articulation’ or if it’s a loose term that can vary person to person. I’m going to define it as a joint in the human sense of the term. So while figma Drossel has 2 joints in her knees to give her that flexibility of rotation and bending, I would define that as one ‘point of articulation’. With that in mind when counting I come up with 16 ‘points of articulation’ for figma Drossel, and 19 for Bandai Drossel. Bandai Drossel’s extra movement comes from toe joints and an extra stomach joint. These give Bandai Drossel some good extra motion for some interesting poses. The toes manage to be mostly strong enough to support Drossel at some angles and the extra stomach joint should have been in the figma, it adds much needed motion.

Overall the poseability of Bandai Drossel is quite good and very similar to figma Drossel. Bandai Drossel being made out of metal and much heavier has much stiffer joints and annoyingly her knees only bend in certain increments due to notches clicking into place. The joints on Bandai Drossels shoulders look to be of much higher quality than figma Drossels, but that is to be expected given size differences. I still wish I could make Drossel sit curled up hugging her legs. But I suppose that would be impossible for even CG Drossel so I should stop wishing.

I’m quite happy with the additional Drossel in the family, increasing my murder of Drossels up to 4. After showing her dominance over the rest of the Drossels Bandai Drossel settled in nicely and seems to be enjoying the company. I think she was well worth the $65 CAD she cost me and hopefully I can think of some creative ways to fit her into future reviews and photoshoots. At the very least I’ll enjoy playing with her on my desk as I do with figma Drossel.

Celty von Flügel? Drossel von Celty?


Extra: A Video Review by BaronOfSolace

I found this review by @BaronOfSolace via Twitter user @Drossel_vF. The review is 7 or so minutes long but is full of details I didn’t cover like how flexible she is and how to turn her on… er turn her light on, her base and how her accessories work. It’s just too much work to take pictures of everything in every combination, and Baron manages to do a pretty good job displaying all that.

Video is no longer available


  • Proper 1/8th scale
  • Solid steel construction
  • Tons of accessories
  • 19 ‘points of articulation’ for great poseability
  • Good value


  • Paint smudge on her forehead
  • Leg joints are limited in movement



  1. Chag says:

    Having seen so much of Figma Drossel over the months, it has pretty much established itself as the image of what Drossel ought to look like, even more so than her actual portrayal in Fireball. As a result, every deviance in the Chougokin version from the Figma design bothered me like a buzzing mosquito. But after reading the your review and watching @BaronOfSolace’s video, most of my prejudice has been dissolved. She looks like a really cool toy and a strong competitor against the Figma in her own right. I still have a problem with the black lines on the Chougokin’s torso and legs, though — they look much thinner than the figma and doesn’t provide the same contrast.

    A point of criticism: your first few shots of her from the front/back/side look a little stiff. As a rule of thumb, point her toes outwards and avoid propping up her shoulders. Little things like that make her posture appear a lot more natural (which is kind of ironic, considering she’s a robot to begin with).

    Also, a Durarara! reference? Good man.

    • Aka says:

      First few shots are exactly how she came out of the box. I left her that way on purpose. I thought instead of throwing her right into poses I’d leave her in a ‘turned off’ state for the usual figure 360 degree set of pics I take.

      The original plan was to leave her in that state until she ‘went berserk’ in later in the post. But I ended up posting some other pics prior to that.

      I think you’re definitely right about figma Drossel’s over exposure establishing her image over CG Drossel. I only watched Fireball once, but I’ve seen figma Drossel do just about everything for the past, year? So that’s a very good point, and likely the reason I preferred figma Drossel over Chogokin.

      Glad you got the Durarara!! Reference. I was pretty proud of that picture I think it turned out quite well.

  2. Rico-sama says:

    I’m like Chag in that I too had become so used to figma Drossel as the definitive representation of the character that the little variances between the two bothered me. Most of that had to do with the differences between their faces and the proportions of the joints/limbs. Now I see that there really isn’t much difference in the joints but I’m still biased towards figma Drossel’s face, as inaccurate as it may be. Her eyes look a touch bigger and that makes for a more impressive figure.

    Thanks for the video too. It gave me a great impression on the durability of the figure, which is something I worry about when it comes to all metal like this.

    PS. Sucks about the paint smudge. >.<

    • Rico-sama says:

      I meant to say “expressive”, not “impressive”. 😛

      • Aka says:

        Yeah figma Drossel seems to come off as a little bit more alive than Bandai Drossel. Her movement is more fluid than Bandai Drossel as well, no ratchet like knee joints for one.

        I kept thinking her eyes were bigger on the figma, but I thought it was an optical illusion or something.

  3. Ashlotte says:

    Optical illusion I’d say is an apt word for it…Because of how Max made her eyes they certainly appear to have much more depth and convey emotion far better to me…This ones just look like what they are…Plastic.

    Light-up gimmick is cute, but not sure if it was worth the lose of that stellar aspect the figma had going for it. >_>

    • Aka says:

      I’m not sure why they had to lose that aspect of the figma in the transition to Chogokin. Because Kodomut for example, managed to lightup figma Drossel’s eyes without removing the depth they had.

      Figma Drossel’s eyes look like there’s a person or entity there, some form of alive. Chogokin looks like her eyes are empty, like nothing’s there. When the lights are on she looks more alive though.

  4. Blowfish says:

    Haha this post was quite entertaining to me ^^

    Neither Drossel nor Gedächtnis are names either.A drossel is some kind of bird and Gedächtnis is memory.
    Basically nobody of the cast has therefore a real name.

    I wonder what the Hering Line was supposed to mean ^^;

    You gotta love Japanese and their german

    • Aka says:

      I really wish I knew what it was supposed to say. It’s the only one that makes absolutely no sense.

      Drossel von Flügel kept working out to be something like “Thrush of Wings”.

      Glad you likes the post. I always have fun taking pictures of Drossel, I’m just not creative enough to do it all the time.

  5. Ener Hax says:

    fabulous review and i am getting her for Christmas! she is absolutely wonderful and i love your imaginative (and extremely well done) photos! =)