Review: Alter’s Shihoudou Narika

After a bit of a disconnect between Toyslogic’s inventory system and their actual stock, I wondered if I’d ever be able to find this figure for a reasonable price. A while passes without much result and I start to lose hope. Then, out of no where I receive a message “… still trying to get a Narika? If so I’ll sell ya mine.”

Not only did this person sell me their Narika figure, they sold her to me well below cost. So a big thanks to Ashlotte from MyFigureCollection for being awesome!

Thanks!<– Big Thanks.
I hope that was big enough.

Narika is from Beat Blades Haruka and is my 6th Alter figure. Beat Blades Haruka is as you may have guessed, an h-game. I’ve not played it, as happens to be the case with nearly all h-games, but it has been made into a series of OVAs, which are pretty terrible. I’m guessing the game is far superior, it has to be, the artwork is at the very least. Like most hentai the reason for sexual encounters in Beat Blades Haruka is pretty shallow, give me power by having sex with me. By having sex with the protagonist they increase their powers and upgrade their abilities. Sounds like a win-win situation to me. For those whose interests are piqued when tentacles are mentioned, there are also some tentacle scenes in the game, as well as a (poorly) made figure that I wish would get some proper attention. It should be obvious, but that link is very much not safe for work.

Alter had Aketegawa Noboru sculpt Narika for them, and he looks to have based it off this image from the game. Noboru also sculpted Alter’s Haruka figure from the same series. I wonder if Alter will do a 3rd Beat Blades Haruka figure given how well these two seemed to have sold. Narika’s sculpted in 1/8th form factor around 20cm tall and is constructed with both PVC and I assume ABS plastics, ABS for her supporting leg of course. She was originally released back in August of 2009 with an MSRP ¥7,800 / $88 CAD.

Narika has a very cute character design thanks to “Onigirikun”, though she does have a strange costume here. I mean, do we really need to see her tiny pantsu so easily? Maybe we do, maybe, but I think we could have done with a more reserved costume. Then again, it’s from a porn game, what do I really expect?

Alter’s done a great job bringing her to the 3rd dimension, every aspect of her is well sculpted and matches up quite well with the official artwork. Lots of detail work in this sculpt, little things all over the place. From cameltoe to ribbon to her weapon whatever it may be. While I wish her hair had more detail in some aspects of it around the rear and twintails, it matches up too well with the art to really complain. Even in my macro shots of Narika she’s high quality, normally you’d notice bumps and imperfections but really there’s not much of that at all. My one concern with the sculpt is how she’s supported, after my little issue with Corti leaning, I do have some fear but really, she’s an Alter figure she wont lean for years! *fingers crossed*

Alter’s managed to get their usual depth of colour on Narika despite the original artwork being quite limited. Most of the depth comes from her costume, the deep reds blending nicely into lighter reds. There’s depth to the white but it’s harder to notice than the attention stealing red. Narika’s skin tone is also quite pleasant, uniform colour across all the exposed bits. The detail work with the paint is excellent with all those little lines and strange costume bits. Much of it looks as though you should be able to read it if you could just focus your eyes close enough but of course it’s just an illusion. There’s but one fault with regards to the paint work on Narika, there’s a tiny brown mark on the left side of her head next to the seam in her hair. That’s it really, excellent job as usual for Alter.

I don’t think there’s much else I can say about Narika, she’s well done and I can see why she sold out everywhere. I can also see why some people might think they can charge nearly $500 for her, ok no, that’s a lie, that person is crazy. But I can see why she demands a higher price than she sold for for sure. It seems the more I collect Alter figures, the more I appreciate their work and price point. They’re not that much more expensive than other manufacturers but always deliver. I’ve only ever been mildly disappointed by them once, and that’s with a figure from 2005. So if you’re interested in this figure and manage to find her somewhere, you can buy without hesitation.

I’m vaguely reminded of parachute pants and M.C. Hammer…



  • Action pose
  • Well produced
  • Oversized weapon


  • Too easily visible panties
  • Boring square base
  • Posibility that she’ll lean
  • Minor paint mark in her hair



  1. soulstaker says:

    omg. i’m searching for this one since january and can’t find it anywhere (reasonably priced and not a obvious bootleg).

    Congrats, this figure is tooooooo cute and awesome.

    • Aka says:

      She’s a hard one to find that’s for sure. The only people who tend to be willing to sell her want way too much, generally.

      I’m not sure if you know the site but you may want to try out Mandarake, they may not have her now, but check there from time to time in the future and who knows. They often have all kinds of hard to get items for pretty reasonable prices.

  2. Chag says:

    >I’m vaguely reminded of parachute pants and M.C. Hammer…

    Gee, thanks Aka. Now I have the image of M.C. Hammer dancing in defective pants while his marbles dangle and sway all over the place… GAHHHH

    • Aka says:

      lol! That’s quite the imagery! You should have thought of a genderswapped M.C. Hammer instead.

      • Rajura says:

        Sadly, I remember wanting a pair of parachute pants.

        Fortunately, my parents protected me from myself and refused to by them for me!

  3. Lightoss says:

    Narika is a really nice figure, the pose is great.
    Also your photo skills are awesome!! love your pictures
    nice blog btw.

    • Aka says:

      Narika’s better than I thought she’d be to be honest. The pictures turned out quite well.


  4. Ashlotte says:

    Thanks not big enough…..Thats it taking her back!!!

    Funny I thought I had all the CGs from the game never saw that one…eh fail is I…

    Knew she’d look nice on that white background though. *steals the whole set* Yeees this will do nicely…

    • Aka says:

      Nooes! I wont give her back!

      It’s one of those pictures in the CG set that people generally ignore and throw away. It’s just a character image for overlaying onto a background when they’re talking to the protagonist.

      Thanks again Ash.

  5. Rico-sama says:

    Can’t touch this!

    Thanks to that reference I just had to go back and watch that music video. After doing so I find myself hard pressed to say which outfits were more ridiculous: Narika’s or MC Hammer’s. Oh, 80s, I do miss you so.

    *Sigh* Another horror story involving Toys Logic, huh? I remember there was once at time where they were rock solid. At least you had awesome friends who were looking out for you.

    I’m still impressed with the coloring every time I see the figure. The scheme is just so bold and it’s executed wonderfully; making the rather zany design look believable. Great to see the detailing hold up even under the macro shots.

    I like what you did with the top image and how the bolder shadows played with the figure. You should experiment more with lighting like that in the future.

    • Aka says:

      I hate when I make an 80s reference and no one gets it. Happens at work all the time, and it makes me feel old.

      I have an on-going horror story with Toyslogic and Black Rock Shooter. Notice how I don’t have mine yet? That’s 376 days since pre-order now.

      I like the top images as well. I’ve started experimenting with an old glass shelf I had before the new cabinets, as well as the old halogen IKEA lights I had in the first cabinet. But I’m not sure what all to do with them yet. I really only did those top pics to bait’n’switch on Ashlotte who wanted a white background for the review. Thought it’d be funny to do black at the top of the post tricking him a little bit. In doing so I ended up experimenting a little.

      • Rico-sama says:

        376 days? Oh wow, I feel so bad because I recommend those bozos to you once. They were good once, I swear!

        LOL, so Ashlotte sold you the figure then said how the review should go? Nice.

        The halogen lights might give you a nice spotlight effect if you play with them a bit. At the very least they’ll add warmth to your shoots. 😉 I also remember you once experimenting with a plastic bag in your Haruhi Gekisou review. That was a neat little trick that I’ve been meaning to steal from you.

        • Aka says:

          The thing is, so far I’ve always gotten what I pre-ordered. So I don’t have any doubt I’ll eventually get Black Rock Shooter. It’s just going to take a while. It’s my final remaining purchase from Toyslogic, and I think I’ll have to avoid them in the future.

          Yeah, Ash wanted a the white background treatment.

          The halogen lights don’t work so well as spotlights on their own. But adding something to direct the light projecting from them works well enough. They do get quite hot to hold though. I had to keep turning them off and letting ’em cool down cuz I didn’t want Narika to start leaning. The warmth you speak of…

          I’d like to figure out a way to get a smoke machine effect…

  6. Tier says:

    More reserved costume? Ha! One has to have the right style when one goes out into the city at night to battle demons and evildoers. Plus Narika can’t really highlight her cleavage like Haruka and Subaru can. Speaking of Subaru, I’m still hoping that Alter makes a figure of her … I’m not a religious person but if it’ll help I will happily pray or make animal sacrifices to whichever deity that is willing to make this happen. I’m not really expecting it though since Subaru seems to be the least popular member of the Jougenshuu … she barely has any screen time in the anime -_-

    • Aka says:

      I suppose Narika needs to highlight her other assets for those who otherwise only enjoy large breasts.

      Had to google Subaru to be reminded of what she looked like. Turns out you’re the top hit on Google for “Beat Blades Haruka Subaru” good job! Looks like her breasts are beyond my limits though. I’ll have to stop with Haruka if I purchase another figure from this series. Haruka’s seem large as well but managably so.

  7. Oh, great, now I have the MC Hammer song stuck in my head. LOL

    Nice review and sweet pics as usual! So you’ve found the crazy posting on eBay too! =P I’m really interested to see if someone actually buys it at that price.

    I’ve only opened mine to take a quick look – haven’t had time to take any pics yet. Also trying to find a suitable background for her…

    Sucks about BRS, wonder what’s taking TL so long? It’s for sale all over the place – can’t you cancel the order and just get it from somewhere else?

    • Aka says:

      I could cancel, but they took my money when it was ‘confirmed’ last month.

      I try and take my figures out of the box ASAP because I like them on display.

      MC Hammer is evil isn’t he… ever heard any of his other music? it’s sooo baaad.

      • Wait, MC Hammer has other music? LOL

        I like to take my figures out of the box ASAP too, but right now I have no where to put them, so in the box they stay. My detolf case is already full with my Macross stuff. =(

        • Aka says:

          Yeah I listened to his whole CD, it’s baad.

          Too bad you’re out of space. Buy more space? haha

          • I don’t think my wife would let me. Plus, having a 15 month kid running around doesn’t help either. I’ll probably wait till we renovate the basement so I can setup a “display room”. 😀 LOL

  8. Miette-chan says:

    Oh how I want to get Narika. Although I know nothing of her I do however like pink haired girls, find her design really appealing and is made by Alter.

    It’s quite a shame after the initial release I haven’t seen her in stock anywhere.

    Lovely pictures, I like how Narika stands out with that white background.

    • Aka says:

      She does look surprisingly good on the white background. I thought she’d blend in too well and clash a bit.

      Narika’s a great figure if you can find her, I really like her. But don’t be the one to buy that eBay sale, please heh.

  9. Xine says:

    Your pictures look great! She’s so pretty. I guess most sellers will charge a premium for her. Good thing you got a pretty good deal for your Narika. ^^

  10. lovelyduckie says:

    “disconnect between Toyslogic’s inventory system and their actual stock”

    I buy almost all of my figures from there, but ya there is definitely a disconnect there at times when it comes to inventory. I usually pre-order, but when I go to buy something that’s “in stock” I end up disappointed more frequently than I’d like.

    Also grats on the figure, she has a wonderful facial expression and some adorable pink hair.

    • Aka says:

      I only have one remaining order with Toyslogic. Black Rock Shooter, and she was a pre-order. I’ve had issues with them and pre-orders in the past, like with my GSC Horo figure. The thing is, I’ve always received my figure when ordered through Toyslogic, I’ve never had a problem with that, aside from Narika here. But it’s just how things get so drawn out with Toyslogic I can no longer deal with them.

  11. BakaMan says:

    I find it funny that I actually got mine from Toyslogic. Of course, I had to wait about 4 months after the actual release date (the bastards…).
    I still haven’t opened her box yet.
    I think the long wait time just to get her after her release killed the moment. I kind of went “meh” and just placed her somewhere in my closet. If I choose not to open it, I might just sell it off.

    • Aka says:

      I had the same problem with Black Rock Shooter, but it wasn’t permanent like it seems to be with you and Narika. As you know I received my BRS figure months and months after many others, and I felt no real desire to open the box. What got me to do it was just to complain about the weight and review her finally on my site.

      Narika on the other hand I was ecstatic to receive, I’d wanted her for a while, kept seeing sky high prices and then Ash came along and made an offer I couldn’t refuse. So when she arrived I was just super happy and immediately opened the box to check her condition and how she looked.

      I personally have no interest in selling any of the figures I own. So I eventually open them all and place them on display.

      • BakaMan says:

        After reading your comment I went ahead and opened Narika. I guess your comment re-sparked the whole “I have a totally awesome figure. why haven’t I opened it yet?” feeling.
        Of course, with every figure I bough so far (what little I have) I opened them immediately and put them on display and ogled at them for hours. Just Narika lol.
        But I’m glad I finally opened her. I as well don’t have any interest in selling my figures, but I guess my lack of interest in Narika kind of got me to contemplate the idea. Now that I think of it, I find that idea to be simply absurd, considering how hard she is to find now.

        • Aka says:

          Ah! Good man! I’m happy I encouraged you to finally open the box. Happy to finally get a good close look at her now, not through plastic?

          Well with how hard she is to find now, you could always have made a profit on the lack of availability that many have been doing. But I think it’s best you opened her, because I don’t really agree with people buying only to resell.

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