On Order: Max Factory Black★Rock Shooter (figma)

I think I need some self control, I cave way too easily these days, ordering figures left right and center it seems. Ordered Max Factory’s Black★Rock Shooter figma, couldn’t resist the price tag.

If figure manufacturers keep up these low prices I’m gonna have a lot of trouble resisting. They’ve managed to do the same thing the petrol companies have. Raised their prices, up, up and then up some more, then lowered them, and suddenly they all seem so cheap. Ok maybe I’m pushing the analogy, but it does seem a bit like that.

Figma Black★Rock Shooter’s MSRP is ¥2,800 / $31 however she’s cheaper than that just about everywhere as usually is the case. She’ll be around 14 cm tall and is sculpted by Masaki Apsy who seems to be a very busy person, sculpting ever figma ever. She’s expected to be released in July, but everyone has such aggressive seeming schedules, I really wonder.

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  1. Ashlotte says:

    Was tempted myself as I haven’t been impressed by her static figure renditions to order any of them, but had to remind myself how much I detest poseables. >_>

    Looking forward to some Roboarmy VS. BRS shots. :p

    • Aka says:

      I hated poseables at first because of the joints, but after Drossel, I gave in and bought Kagamiku and well now I have little holding me back.

  2. I like how the paint on the cannon has some weathering effect to it. Wonder if it’ll be like that on the production model. I don’t usually get Figmas as I’m too lazy to re-position them. LOL

    • Aka says:

      I find they add to my otherwise boring white background shots. Though I’m trying to be creative again recently.

      • Now that the weather’s getting better, I want to do some outdoor shoots – but I just know people will look at me weirdly. 😛

        • Aka says:

          Don’t mind them. What are they going to do?

          Just try not to take pantsu shots in front of children and you’ll be ok?

  3. Rico-sama says:

    “They’ve managed to do the same thing the petrol companies have.”

    I know you were being tongue-in-cheek there, but I’ve honestly thought that myself as well. The parallels are amusing.

    I think this is an easy order for myself. I like how her cannon comes with it’s own stand – makes the figure that much more poseable.

    • Aka says:

      She’s cheap enough that I feel I can just throw her in with any old order and forget about until she arrives.

      I keep wondering if she really does come with an extra stand or not, I would hope so.

      Damn petrol companies giving other industries ideas. Interestingly enough both industries require a non-renewable resource for their products. I usually try and be fairly eco-friendly where I can, but my hobbies seem to negate any positive effects I might otherwise have had.

  4. Fabrice says:

    Decided to continue reading.

    anyway i managed to get the figma as well ^^
    did yo get the nendo?

    • Aka says:

      I’m not a fan of Nendoroids. In fact, I’m quite the hater. I don’t like how they’re everywhere and taking the attention for better figures.

      Not a fan of chibi-izations.

  5. lovelyduckie says:

    I’ve been kind of holding back on the Figmas a bit lately. I’m trying to convince myself I don’t need the Figma AND Figure of every character that catches my eye. And in the end I usually end up favoring (the more expensive) figure. Currently I’m considering the 3rd version of BRS for my collection.

    • Aka says:

      I definitely don’t need the figma of every character that catches my eye. But I seem to have fallen victim to the BRS bandwagon. I currently plan to buy the Anime Ver of BRS, along with Dead Master both normal and Anime Ver. Assuming prices aren’t too extreme and I have the funds. But really, I’d rather more other characters than them, but they do tend to look well done.

  6. […] nice object with which I can rest other figmas upon if I ever get any more (I will, remember I have Black Rock Shooter on order as well). Anyway, figmas feel so cheaply priced that I really can’t resist when one […]