On Order: Good Smile Company Misaka Mikoto

I admit this figure has a somewhat boring pose and the character doesn’t stand out well amongst other Good Smile Company products as of recent, but she’s still cute and even better totally affordable.

Misaka Mikoto might be the cheapest new figure I’ve bought, that wasn’t produced by SEGA. Misaka’s MSRP is an everymans ¥5,800 / $65 CAD, but even better AmiAmi has her on sale for 19% off, ¥4,410 / $50 CAD. Three years ago I likely would have considered this far too expensive for what I was receiving, but times have changed I suppose. Comparing her price to everything else out there she’s quite the low cost addition to ones collection. In addition to her relitively low cost, she’ll also be the first figure I own that has shorts, I think. I’ve got panties, granny panties, pants, skirts, plugsuits, swimsuits, kimonos, but no shorts so far as I can see. That will make her unique in some way.

Misaka will be only 18 cm tall making her 4’8″ or 144 cm tall if she were real and not 1/8th scale. Seems quite short to me, though I suppose her pose doesn’t help her. She’s of course from the spin off anime “A Certain Scientific Railgun”, sculpted by Yokota Ken and will be released in July of this year.

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(Note: I’m comparing the prices in Japanese Yen, not Canadian Dollars, as the dollar fluctuates frequently.)


  1. Miette-chan says:

    I do agree about the pose, I would have prefer Biri Biri shooting her rail gun but I suppose Koto has that pose covered.

    I was surprised as well with the price I gotten used to 6000+ yen nowdays.

    I do wonder, will her shorts be cast off?

    • Aka says:

      We can only hope they will be. But I doubt they will be.

      I’m not really sure what would have been a better pose for her, but made a figure of her in that white dress she dons in one of the more recent episodes. Along with her violin, maybe that’s be too simple too, but as far as figures go I think a violin is unique.

  2. Leonia says:

    I know this character only in the Index anime, for the moment, I haven’t watch Railgun (I am waiting for the end in a fansub french). But the figure is nice ^^

    • Aka says:

      I have Index on order as well. I hope they’ll be fitting together.

      Personally I’d like a Saten Ruiko figure.

  3. Tier says:

    I looked over at my shelves and I was surprised at how many figures I have of girls wearing shorts. I’ve got Nadie, Black Rock Shooter, and a bunch of Yoko figures.

    I didn’t really get into the anime for some reason, so I think I’m going to pass on this figure, but I like the price. If shipping wouldn’t tack on another 50% to the cost of the figure, I think I’d be tempted more.

    • Aka says:

      My Black Rock Shooter has yet to even ship still, thank you Toyslogic for being ever so slow. 373 days since I pre-ordered her from Toyslogic.

      Don’t have any Yoko figures, I prefer Nia, preferably teenager? and adult Nia. Not child Nia. So no shorts figures for me 🙁

      She’s shipping with Momohime as of current, so the shipping will be spread between two items, shouldn’t end up 50%. Additionally I ship SAL, so it’s usually only ¥1,050 or something there abouts.

      • Oneandonlyjem says:

        Yeah, it’s a rather boring pose with a boring expression. I like both the pose and expression that Kotobukiya took with their regular released Mikoto. I guess I like feisty girls. Seeing her price makes me lightly regret not opting for the cheaper Kotobukiya version.

        Hmmm, I’ve got quite a few girls wearing shorts as well [BRS, Nadie, Poison, Yoko+, Revy, Rin Kagamine, Naru, Ciel, and Sheryl]

        That is weird. How come you haven’t received your BRS? She’s practically in-stock with almost every retailer that I know. I was always under the impression that Toyslogic mainly did direct and parallel importing for those items, hence receiving them closer to Japanese release dates. I’ve already gotten mine and my place tends to stick to distributors such as AAAanime with releases well after the Japanese ones. I can’t buy things from Toyslogic for a number of reasons outlined here unless I have no other options.

        I’ve never ordered from AmiAmi, but I’m giving it a shot to see how much shipping is.

        • Aka says:

          I almost buy exclusively at AmiAmi now using SAL Registered shipping. They work out to the cheapest for me. Cheaper to ship from Japan than it is from the US, most of the time.

          I only liked the exclusive swimsuit Misaka figure by Kotobukiya. The other doesn’t appeal to me.

          I want the Naru figure with her in shorts, but she goes for a lot of money these days. I also want Rin Kagamine, and may buy her eventually.

        • Aka says:

          Reading your review of Toyslogic, I agree with all of it. Long read thought, wow haha.

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