Cancelled: Kotobukiya Alfin

Alfin has suffered my first order cancellation. She’s a pleasant enough looking figure but it turns out that my wallet isn’t willing to part with the money required for her purchase.

Originally I was on the fence with Alfin, wondering if I should order her or not, eventually Rico over at PolyVinyl Crush convinced me that I did indeed want to purchase her and so I put in the pre-order, December 11th, 2009. However, in the months between I’ve reconsidered my position on Alfin, and while I feel she’s decent, I don’t feel I can justify her place in my collection.

For more info on Alfin you can visit, or check out Azure Toy box’s review.

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Impulse purchase. I think I’ll blame Rico at PolyVinyl Crush for this as I do many of my purchases. She seems cute enough in the promo shots, though I don’t like her shoes (?) and she’s produced by Kotobukiya so… potential for fail.

Alfin is apparently an android of sorts from the Shining Force: Feather series. I can’t say she looks too much like an android but what do I know. Alfin’s 1/8th scale, 19 cm tall, has an MSRP of ¥7,800 / $89 CAD and will be released in March 2010.

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  1. Ashlotte says:

    Ah I nearly caved on this one, but I invoked the old “Don’t know the character, no order” rule on myself and managed to pull through…I wants lots of pictures when you get her though. :p

    • Aka says:

      Once I broke my rule which involved not buying characters I don’t know, I haven’t been able to hold back anymore.

  2. Ami says:

    She’s actually sold out at most Japanese stores so that means she’s a success. I didn’t pre-order but I would definitely like to get her if I could afford her right now. Hopefully some US retailers will sell her for a reasonable price. I know the Shining Wind figures usually sell for a bit less when they hit the US market.

    You could probably look out for the one Orchid Seed is doing if you don’t like this one anymore.

    • Aka says:

      Maybe I should have went through with the order and thrown her up for sale somewhere and just had it directly shipped to them.

      Oh well, too late now, she’s already cancelled.

      I’ll likely skip on the Orchid Seed version no matter how good she may end up looking due to my recent issue with their Corti.

      • Ami says:

        That’s terrible what happened with your Corti. I was sure leaning wouldn’t be an issue with newer figures now. :0

        • Aka says:

          I thought the same thing to be honest. It’s really turned me off Orchid Seed. Most people it seems haven’t had that issue with their Cortis though, but I’m not alone either.

          The only figures I’ll buy from Orchid now are ones that are sure never to lean.

  3. Ashlotte says:

    Exercising some restraint can be nice sometimes. ~_^

  4. I went through the same thing with this figure! When I first saw it, my finger was so itching to click on the pre-order button. But I decided to hold off and haven’t looked back since. This looks like a good figure, but for some reason I just couldn’t see it in my collection either.

    • Aka says:

      She looks to have turned out well in the pictures I’ve seen on sites like Azure toybox. So I do have some small regrets in cancelling her. But overall I’m happy to have done so.

  5. lovelyduckie says:

    I looked at this one and could only think about how GSC/Max Factory/Alter would make this figure look even better for that price. It has a lot of awesome details going for it, but at the end of the day I need to be more selective in which figures I choose to buy, and Kotobukiya doesn’t make the cut as frequently as those other manufacturer’s do for me.

    BUT if she were a Kotobukiya USA figure being sold for $35, well that’s an entirely different game. I’d have purchased her for sure at taht price point.

    • Aka says:

      Yeah that’s more or less the ‘calculation’ that when through my head. Did she live up to her price point? and the answer was a straight out no. It’s not that the figure was poorly done, I enjoy the figure, it’s just the price I didn’t agree with in the end.

      If I ever see her on sale somewhere I’ll possibly consider purchasing her again.