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  1. Wow! I’m going in April when they come to San Francisco. I’m actually a really big fan! Sounds like you had a good time despite your injuries. I’m glad to see they’re performing some of their older tracks. Can’t wait to hear Stockholm Syndrome. 😀

    1. Just added some more videos at the bottom. Nothing you couldn’t lookup on YouTube, but they seemed like great videos.

      I’d love to go see Muse again, maybe with a better camera and some distance from the stage. Seeing some of these videos from further away they got an amazing light show and much better shots than me.

      They definitely had a good mix of tracks, new and old.

  2. The best concert I ever went to was Ok Go, the visited my college. They were awesome performers, I actually tend to get bored during concerts (I wanted to shoot myself during the American Idol concert). But OK Go made it interesting and lively.

    1. How can you get bored during concerts?

      Ok Go might be fun to see, but I don’t think they’d be up there on my top list. But really, neither was U2 or Muse, and they both turned out to be awesome. I think I’m just going to agree to go to every concert anyone asks me to.

      Well… with a few exceptions.

  3. Great to see you liked Muse. I saw them several years ago – they were supporting act to Depeche Mode, who were great – but Muse were fantastic. A far more exciting act to see.

    1. Interesting, because some of their recent stuff has been compared or influenced by Depeche Mode. Interesting to know they opened for them!

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