Wishlist: Wonder Festival 2010 (Winter)

Wonder Festival has come and gone, and left a hole in my wallet. Rather, it’s left many holes in my future wallet. I decided to compile a list of the ones that caught my attention this year. It’s a long one, very long, and took far longer than I thought it would. Enjoy!


The pictures in this post came from so many different sources it was such a pain to keep them in order, and hopefully I managed to do so. So here’s the list:


Alter had a bunch of K-On! figures which don’t really interest me, but they did look well done. They also even had a male character with an interesting base, which seemed entirely unlike Alter, actually a nice change. I don’t particularly want this male figure they produced, but the base on which he is situated is a good start for Alter. I hope they do more interesting bases like it in the future. But the figure I’m interested in is Amae Koromo from Saki.

Amae Koromo

I can’t say much about Amae Koromo as a character, I don’t know anything about the series she’s from, Saki. But I can tell you that she’s adorable and I want her. She’s got this “White Rabbit” from Alice in Wonderland feel to her with her rabbit ears and over-sized pocket watch that really does it for me. I suspect without these 2 things she’d not be on my list of figures to buy.

Cafe Reo

I have no idea who this company is and I wont pretend to. It’s somewhat confusing to me because I’ve seen figures listed as being manufactured by Questioners or Studio Saru Bunshitsu, then seeing them elsewhere as being manufactured by Cafe Reo. If someone could offer up some clarification that would be splendid. Cafe Reo has a wide assortment of styles with their figures, all of whom appear to be original works. It’s hard to be sure what their quality is like or how much it can vary but they do have some interesting stuff you wont see elsewhere.


I’m not sure when I first saw this figure, or one like it, but I know that it was quite some time ago. Since that time, every time I’ve seen her I’ve been captivated by her. She’s not cute in the same way any of my other figures are, she’s not sexy or pretty in the same way as many figures are. She seems entirely different from the sort of figure I go for, yet I’m captivated by her. I don’t quite understand it, because she seems perhaps too thin, and perhaps too tall, and her skin seems an odd colour, too pale at times, almost sickly. Yet I’m attracted to the figure still.

Good Smile Company

I think I wanted everything Good Smile Company showed this year. It seemed like everything they displayed I was drooling over and wishing I had it right here and now, regardless of paint or not. Many of the figure they had for showcase were from the Black Rock Shooter series, and some were figures already seen at other events. But some of them, some of them were simply huge, I’m not even sure that’s a big enough word to describe the “Love is War” Hatsune Miku they had on display. I can’t imagine shipping that thing.

Black ★ Rock Shooter “Anime Ver.”

Everyone already knows about this figure, at least in it’s unpainted form. If one had a keen eye they may have noticed the finished figure in some of the pictures from Good Smile Company’s blog, but I admit I didn’t have such keen eyes myself. She looks pretty good all painted up, I would have liked to have seen her in person, but I suppose I’ll just have to wait until some promo shots are released. Until then, some pictures from the event.

Dead Master “Anime Ver.”

Another Black ★ Rock Shooter figure, but at least this time she’s a different character. Dead Master “Anime Ver.” looks like she’s going to be quite a tall figure with that skull base of hers. But I think it will help her stand out amongst the other figures in my collection, or will be in my collection. The skull, scythe and horns make her seem much more evil than anything I’ve purchased so far. Though I’m not sure her clothes really fit with the ‘evil’ feel.

Dead Master

Good Smile Company is doing the same thing with Dead Master as they did with Black Rock Shooter, multiple versions. I’m speaking of the anime version and original Black ★ Rock Shooter figure, not the 2 variations of the original itself. I kind of get annoyed with multiple versions that don’t differ greatly, it feels as if they’re just trying to rip people off that way, and they probably are. At least the differences between the anime versions and normal versions are enough to make it worth the effort. If GSC were to offer another Dead Master figure that only had some minor changes like they did with the original BRS I’d be pretty disappointed. But they seem to be going that way with things, just look at their release of Saber Lily Golden Caliburn, just a stripped down version of Saber Lily Distant Avalon.

Hatsune Miku “Love is War”

HUGE!! Absolutely massive, this figure is just enormous. But I still want her, even if she takes up my entire bedroom. She’s gotta have one of the biggest bases ever created for a figure that wasn’t an entire diorama. I’m not entirely sure I like the styling of her face, or the exact pose Miku seems to be in, as it doesn’t seem cute so much as angry and screaming. But it still looks like a great figure, I dread the price though.

Inaba Yui

Inaba Yui is from an eroge illustrated by Noizi Ito titled Flyable Heart. From the artwork, the characters all look quite cute, as often seems to be the case with Noizi Ito’s characters. This particular pose for Yui is based off some stick poster artwork. Yui was displayed at previous events and I keep wondering when, when will Good Smile Company finally release her. They released Nemu who I was also waiting for, in fact they released her while I was writing this. I love Yui’s raccoon tail, and that she’s eating a doughnut instead of toast, my kind of girl.

Kyrie Rason

While I was searching for pictures for the other figures I kept coming across this blue figure, I didn’t really pay attention to it because I was looking for other figures and scrolled on by each time. I don’t know how she kept passing me by each time, even though I just explained how, my brain must not have been working right. Even after noticing though I had no information about her, none what so ever. I had limited search terms to use, all of them far too generic such as “blue hair” I didn’t even know the manufacturer. Luckily as I was searching through Flickr posts from Wonfes I came across one picture of her that was tagged and titled! So thank you dansnosekai! (To anyone who points out Good Smile Company’s name in one of the pictures, hush you, I was blinded by the figure!)

Senjougahara Hitagi

Before seeing this figure I would have told you that you couldn’t do this, it’s not possible to recreate that picture. Good Smile Company happily proves me wrong and creates the best Senjougahara figure out there currently. Other manufacturers, many others actually, tried their own renditions, but Good Smile’s blows them out of the water, simple as that. I think the next best is likely Kotobukiya’s, but it’s just no where near as awesome. Many people are commenting saying they hope Alter does one too, but I suspect all Alter could bring to the table at this point is a more lewd Senjougahara, such as her getting dressed in front of Araragi in episode 1 (?). Which I certainly wouldn’t complain about, but it would still lack all these office supplies and her expression.


Kotobukiya was the first manufacturer I came across that was producing a Senjougahara Hitagi figure. I was ecstatic, but unfortunately for them that was short lived because as soon as I saw Good Smile Company’s version above there was no chance for them. Of course, that wasn’t the only figure they were going to produce so there was still hope for Kotobukiya yet. They have a cute looking figure of Yuzuhara Konomi from To Heart 2 in a bikini, but To Heart figures are as prolific as Evangelion figures at this point, more are not needed. Though the one of Kurusugawa Serika dressed in her school uniform with a cape and witch hat on was cute, but still uneeded. They showed off their Mari Illustrious Makinami figure, as well as Alfin, yet another Ayanami Rei figure, among some others. They also had indications that they’d be doing a Mina Tepes figure from Dance in the Vampire Bund, as well as K-On! Sore no Woto figures.

Feena Fam Earthlight

The only one of the Kotobukiya figures that caught my attention after Senjougahara really was just this Feena Fam Earthlight figure. I love the flowing dress and hair, though I do feel it doesn’t quite look like her. Perhaps some paint will help with that more, but it’s still a pretty figure.

Max Factory

Max Factory, FREEing and Good Smile Company all shared the same area at the convention called “Wonderful Hobby Life for You!! 11” which makes things a little confusing when trying to figure out who made what. It’s fairly obvious that Max Factory made the figmas, and Good Smile Company the Nendoroids, but when you hit scale figures, it’s hard to know if it was FREEing, GSC or Max Factory. Hopefully I’ve got them right. Max Factory had all kinds of figmas on display, from Neon Genesis Evangelion, to Suzumiya Haruhi, and even to Michael Jackson! Seriously! They also had figmas from their own ‘free’ eroge, free? Apparently.

Makinami Mari Illustrious

A number of Mari Illustrious figures have entered the scene since Evangelion 2.0, but most we can thrown under the table and ignore. I don’t believe Max Factory’s is one of them, she admittedly has one of the more simplistic poses but the quality seems to be there. Her face also seems to match better with what I remember from the movie than other figures, such as Kotobukiya’s. But Kotobukiya’s is a much more interesting pose, even if it looks terribly uncomfortable. I’d like for there to be a good figure produced in both her prototype suit and casual clothes, and I suspect there will be if i wait long enough. The popularity of this franchise is never ending, so we’ll likely see more Mari figures out there in the future for sure.

Suzumiya Haruhi (Young)

Young Suzumiya Haruhi and in figma form-factor too! Cute! I find it somewhat curious actually that no one has made a figure of young Haruhi yet, you’d think it would sell like hotcakes, 2 things Japan loves combined into one. Max Factory has stepped up to the plate with a figma of Haruhi in her casual clothes from the night she and Kyon first met, except it wasn’t the first time for Kyon, yay time travel. I do wonder if she’s smaller than normal figmas to keep some sense of scale, or if she’s still ‘full’ sized.

Suzumiya Haruhi (Young School Uniform)

Max Factory couldn’t be satisfied with just one Suzumiya figma announcement, so they produced yet another Haruhi figure. This time they thought a young school uniform clad Haruhi would be a best match with her casual counterpart. And I’m inclined to agree, I would much like to purchase both of them, because long haired Haruhi is win, even with her angry expression. Interestingly I find I’m liking some of the prototype shots possibly due to their hard edges, it makes the figures, or figmas in this case have a distinct feel to them. Once painted I may lose interest, but hopefully it sticks because I do need more figmas.

Orchid Seed

Orchid Seed seems to have a lot of work planned ahead of them, but the majority of it doesn’t seem to appeal to me in any way what so ever. It all appears to be based off artwork, and sure some of it is cute, but a lot of it is not, a lot of it has ginormous breasts or strange design that just doesn’t appeal to me. They of course had Kawai Ameri for sure with hearts covering up her see through shirt. They also had their Al Azif figure, in which Al Azif seems to have let herself go with age, poor girl. Nearly all the upcoming work that seems to be indicated via artwork posted in their booth doesn’t look like anything I’ll be purchasing, so perhaps this is the end for Orchid Seed so far as I’m concerned.


Ignis is from a series I’m not familiar with so I can’t really compare figure to artwork very well. The artwork Orchid Seed provided however makes this figure look as though she doesn’t resemble it very well. Which I think is great, because the artwork doesn’t really do much for me but the figure looks well done indeed. My Only complaint seems to be one I often voice, her breasts look like they’re going to be much too large for me. In that respect I wish they’d held to the artwork more closely, since she doesnt’ appear to have massive breasts in it.

Other / Unknown

As is the problem with Japanese events and not knowing any Japanese, I often find myself getting pretty stumped as to who is producing what. Is this a garage kit? is it official? unofficial? who sculpted it? is there a circle name as well? Finding all this information out is a huge pain and consumes so much time it’s often not a viable option. So I’ve chosen to just lump it all together here. There were a lot of great garage kits at Wonfes, painted, unpainted, some with a great pose but lacking in the finish department, some with great finish and lacking quality elsewhere. It’s always fun to browse through pictures of this area, and see what creative minds come up with, even if the quality is lacking sometimes I still wish the figure would be produced so that I could buy it.

Andou Mahoro (figma)

I imagine the figma name can only really apply to products produced by Max Factory, but you can’t deny that this appears very much like a figma given the arm behind her. I haven’t managed to find many pictures let alone any information about this figma, but with some proper finish this looks like something I’d buy. I guess she seems more like an action figure than a figma, and I know they’re pretty much the same thing. But figmas tend to feel different from an action figure, I can’t really explain why.

Catgirl w/o Legs

Seems odd to call a figure this, but I didn’t see any other distinguishing characteristics. I couldn’t call her a bust since she has half her legs, but she’s not quite a full figure either now is she. Whoever this catgirl is, she seems to have a more mature feel to her than other figures, mostly in her face I find. She doesn’t seem old, but she does seem like someone you’d describe as beautiful or mature rather than cute or pretty. I’m not sure what happened to her pants, perhaps the same thing that happened to the bottom of her legs, but what she does have on seems to work quite well as both a sweater and dress. Would be nice if I could find more angles to this figure and see what’s happening with her hair back there, it looks confusing frrom the front.

Girl Modeler by M-Field

It seems like every single figure event I’ve ever seen has had this figure in attendance. I often wondered what she was holding in her hands, it varied between vacuum, airbrush or air compressor, but in the end after seeing better pictures I settled with airbrush. Since finding that out I’d always called her ‘Airbrush Girl’, but after finally figuring out who produces the garage kit, M-Field, it seems her tentative name is “Girl Modeler”. Her pose is cute though I’m not sure why she’s making it, other than to reveal an up skirt shot of her white panties. Since this is a garage kit and doesn’t come pre-painted, I don’t think I’ll ever purchase her unless I’m able to download figure producing skills into my head via some Matrix like head gear.

Hakurei Reimu by Sakura Zensen

Hakurei Reimu was originally released back in October 2009 along with a Kirisame Marisa figure to support her. I imagine it’s back then that I first saw these figures, originally wanting both of them. However after seeing Marisa’s face I decided she wasn’t for me. Reimu however looks wonderful with her happy face and dynamic pose. I have the impression that these come pre-painted due to their cost being ¥10,000 but I have no basis for that assumption other than surely it couldn’t cost that much unpainted. There are some studio shots over at MyFigureCollection.Net but I’ll just include some shots from the event here.

Mari Makinami Illustrious

Another sexy Mari figure in her prototype plugsuit. She has a similar feel to the Wave figure already released but I think a better pose with one of her tails over her shoulder and one leg forward, holding her helmet behind her. A believable pose for sure, one can imagine she just got out of her Evangelion and is about to throw back and relax. I’m not sure who the producer of this figure is but there appears to be 2 nearly identical versions of it in different locations at Wonder Festival. One has plugs coming out of her arm, the other does not. One has a cleaner plugsuit than the other, but both have the same pose. It’s very confusing, but I’ll only include one of them.


My first mecha figure to grace the pages of my wishlists. And like many things, I haven’t a clue what it’s from, who’s making it or anything. Alls I know is that it looks badass and quite intricate in detail. I wish I knew how tall it was and what it’s from but whatever, it doesn’t stop me from wanting it, just makes it damn hard to find out where to get it.

Plug Cryostat

Plug-chan! I already have a figure of you but you’re fully clothed, and that’s not right! This figure is far from perfect, far, but it’s cute anyway, and if she was cheap enough I’d buy her for shits and giggles. As you can see her price is ¥7,000 though, and that’s no where near cheap enough. But cute!

Saber (Yukata)

Why does Saber look displeased in this figure? What did the sculptor think Shiro had done to her to make that face. Ignoring dimwitted Shiro and what he’s done to Saber… Saber’s looking mighty good in that Yukata of hers. I’m wondering why she’s lifting her leg like that, but thanks to that you get to see a little hint of white. Sabers legs look quite nice as well, as do her sandals and feet. Decently sculpted, but wow ¥13,000.

Shikinami Asuka Langley by Polygonia

Asuka in her test plugsuit, minus legs. Do people just not know what to do with legs so they don’t make them? She would be making an awkward stance with her legs spread like that but that’s ok, since her legs are chopped off. The doll kind of makes this creepy though. I’d like to see a figure produced by a good company where Asuka is wearing her test suit, it seems overly sexy for such a thing, due to it’s extreme low cut and transparency. Despite that it still covers up what needs to be covered, but it surely must be the most embarrassing plugsuit yet. Seriously, check out how low it is around Asuka’s bum!


As pictures are still being posted I keep finding better examples. So I’ll just list off the sources here with the figures contained within, it’s easier that updating the posts above.

  • Hobby Stock – Some additional excellent shots of Black Rock Shooter “Anime ver.”, Inaba Yui, Kyrie Rason, Makinami Mari Illustrious
  • Changed “Cage Girl” to “Sayame” as that’s apparently the figures name.


  1. redox says:

    Wow, this Reimu is… sugoi!

    I also want Haruhi figmas 😛

    • Aka says:

      Yeah I think this Reimu figure is quite well done. I wish a PVC manufacturer would pick her up so that I’d have a better chance of purchasing her. Or at least produce a good version of Reimu, Griffons are lacking I think.

      The Haruhi figmas are just cute, angry Haruhi is cute. Not a huge Haruhi fan anymore though to be honest.

  2. Panther says:

    Amae Koromo is a broke 16-year-old loli in mahjong and has, due to her loss of both parents and her own character, very few friends. She is a demon in mahjong, and acts like the kid she looks like.

    I was genuinely surprised that Alter did Yuuki from Saki as well, and now this. DFCs only, where are the Nodoka’s and Nanpo’s!?

    • Aka says:

      She’s 16? Anime is weird… I feel bad for Amae Koromo now, and it kind of makes me want to watch Saki to see how that all works out. The idea of an anime about Mahjong though reminds me of Hikaru no Go, which I found to be excellent when I watched it years ago now.

  3. GGT says:

    She is also one of those loli who wear no pantus and play mahjong with Super natural power! XD

    • Aka says:

      No pantsu? That sounds a bit slutty. Little bit of respect for her is lost after what Panther said.

      Wonder if Alter followed through with that?

      • Ashlotte says:

        Don’t listen to him Aka he’s being sarcastic haha…The Anime had a weird form of censorship. Basically they decided that they wouldn’t allow panty shots. The problem is instead of creating a black area under the skirts they just simple removed the cloth and preserving the low angle thus giving the illusion none of the girls where wearing any underwear…And…yea… >_>

        Like Panther says she’s something of a genius character who tries hard to act like a normal little girl outside of Mahjong…Inside the game though she’s a true Demon. Very fun character really and I highly recommend the anime!

        • Aka says:

          I’ll give it a shot then! I didn’t realize there was a censorship joke there.

          Kind of an odd way to censor something, by making it seem more ero?

          • Ashlotte says:

            After watching Qwaser you know I really won’t even attempt to understand the logic that the censors operate on…It’s just utterly beyond me. >_<

  4. Ashlotte says:

    Nice choices Aka…I actually didn’t even notice the cage girl one so thanks for making me take note…Has to have one of the most exquisite faces I’ve ever seen replete with eyelashes! Lovely…

    As far as the unknowns/unobtainable go I’d love to have that Asuka and Mahora for sure…*sigh*

    • Aka says:

      Her face is quite different than most anime figures. It seems much more doll like I guess. Would be interesting to see how much she sells for, and where. I suspect it’s probably extremely limited run, assuming I’m not mistaken entirely and it’s just a garage kit of sorts.

      There’s another unknown/unobtainable I saw on MFC, but no where else of a Horo figure. But no information at all.

  5. Tier says:

    I liked Alter’s Vivio and Momohime and Native’s Chie figures the best. I also liked almost everything Orchid Seed showed off, I’m especially enthusiastic about their dark elf figure (which they didn’t show, but they did have a card indicating that they plan to make one). MegaHouse’s Klan Klang looks pretty good but I’ll reserve judgment until I see a closeup of her face. I didn’t dig much of GSC’s stuff other than the valkyrie figure. I’m thinking that they ain’t ever gonna make me my Itsuki figure. I don’t recall whether Yamato showed anything new, and I think the only new thing I noticed from Daiki Kougyou was a Mio figure; it looked okay but I’ve already got a Mio figure.

    • Aka says:

      I can see how you’d prefer those figures over the ones I’ve listed. You tend to have a very different taste in figures than me with some minor overlap.

      You prefer larger breasted and ‘sexy’ figures, where my tastes tend to fall in the small breasted and ‘cute’ segment.

      It’s interesting though to read what you have to say when our interests do overlap, you often have a completely different take on the same figure.

      Chie was quite sexy in ways, but her breasts really were too much for me. Speaking of Chie, was she in that green slime some company was selling that wouldn’t harm figures, or is that part of the figure?

      Looking back through, I realized I took absolutely no notice of Vivio. Guess she didn’t even cross my radar. Momohime however is a much more interesting figure I think. I quite like that one, I’ll throw her on my MFC wishlist, but I don’t have any plans of buying her except for onsale.

      Itsuki figure? The only Itsuki that comes to mind is that of Haruhi fame.

      • Tier says:

        Yeah, although I suppose sexiness is subjective; I call my figures “slutty,” that’s much easier to interpret XD

        I’m wondering about that bathtub myself; it does look a lot like Daiki gel, doesn’t it? I have no idea if it is or not, though. Speaking of Daiki gel, I really want to get some of that but I’m not willing to pay overseas shipping costs for it and I don’t think any American retailers are carrying it.

        I am marginally familiar with the Itsuki in Haruhi but the one I speak of is Itsuki Kannagi, the socially inept policegirl in Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo. GSC and Cospa were prominent sponsors of the show; Cospa held up their end of the bargain by making dakimakura with each of the main heroines but GSC chucked out one figure and a nendoroid and called it quits. Quite annoying that is.

        • Ashlotte says:

          Their too busy with their new baby BRS Tier. :p

          But yea seems like a huge waste of all the advertising they did in the show…silly even…

        • Aka says:

          Slutty works better, I didn’t want to be mean.

          Maybe the figure will come with some sort of Daiki gel? heh .. .nah stuff would dry out if left in the tub and end up all strange. I wonder what the stuff is made out of, I’m sure it’s something already out there just being rebranded.

          Ah that Itsuki, that makes a lot more sense than Haruhi’s.

          I think Ash’s right, so much BRS and it looks to be selling a lot better than Sora wo Kakeru stuff. Can’t blame ’em for backing something that sells a lot of figures.

          Just realized, I know that character, Wave did a figure or two from that show. Too bad they did ’em, but they looked decent.

  6. Quazacolt says:

    natsume yuujincho is a really good and rather unique anime, probably why alter picked it up for the fangirls :3

    • Quazacolt says:

      as for WF-


      only aiming for 2 figures from it (himari isnt showcased on WF, afaik) which is stapler chan and ikaros puchi lol.

      • Aka says:

        Himari was at Wonfes.

        Ikaros? I’m lost on stapler chan though.

        • Quazacolt says:

          3 then. heh.

          and nah, i want the puchi. not risking myself with grands as they are said to be former atelier sai folks. that and that ikaros didnt seem that… how should i put it, angelic enough compared to the series.

          and stapler chan = crab = senjougahara hitagi 🙂

          • Aka says:

            Oh! Stapler-chan, I get it now. Yes, want so hard.

            I don’t see Puchi anywhere, I’ll have to take a look around later I guess.

  7. Rico-sama says:

    “I do need more figmas.”

    Everyone does. 😀

    Fantastic list, Aka. I like how you place some emphasis on the lesser known makers and garage kit figures. The sites I followed didn’t do that so much so it’s a treat to see. Pretty amazing what some kitbashers can make. Plus I like how some don’t follow current trends (I really liked that Mahoro figure even if the show is like 10-years done ha).

    Kyrie Rason is one I kept passing without much attention as well. It wasn’t until I read your post just now that I really stopped to pay any attention to her. Fantastic figure, really. Kicking myself a little for not noticing her before but my wallet is really going to let me have it. If that coloring holds true for the final release then it will be a real treat.

    Max Factory Mari is “OMG!” levels of want. She is everything I wanted from Kotobukiya and so much more. She so nice that at the moment I can’t see myself caring if Alter doesn’t continue their Eva line. In fact, I think Alter just got one-upped.

    Orchid Seed’s Ignis is one I think I’ll pass on. I’ll wait to see what the final colors are like but I don’t think I’ll end up liking the dress color.

    Inaba Yui and Amae Koromo are the only two on your list that I just can’t get into. They are nice figures but really not my cup of tea. Other than that I think you’ll find we have a lot in common this time around. 😉

    • Aka says:

      I wish I could have made it more exaustive but it was hard finding all the pics of decent quality.

      Mahoro’s got a bit of a come back, I believe there’s either a new season or an OVA or something coming out, or already out heh.

      Kyrie is really something, I like her, danbooru only has ONE picture of her, so it’s no wonder I have no idea who she is.

      MF’s Mari isn’t so much OMG levels of want for me. It’s well done, but a combination of Kotobukiya’s pose and MF’s quality would have been nice.

      I think I’ll pass on Orchid Seeds Ignis, but I really couldn’t find much else I’d even consider from them aside from the figures I’ve already ordered.

      Surprised somewhat that Inaba Yui and Amae Koromo aren’t your thing. What about them don’t you like?

  8. […] blame this one on Aka.  Why?  Because he called my attention to her.  So for the record: thanks, Aka!  Kyrie was elusive to me.  I saw her once (and for some reason […]

  9. VF says:

    Haven’t gone through the WF list yet – but that Miku is a must get for me. LOL I don’t know how my wallet is going to handle it… =(

    I’ve also put in an order for the Sheryl Nome Universal Bunnies figures, and like Tier, I’m keeping a close eye on that Klan Klang figure with the Valkyrie gear.

    • Aka says:

      I think the shipping alone for that Miku is going be hard for my wallet to handle, let alone the cost of the figure itself.

      I’m not a fan of Klan Klang, especially in her enormously breasted adult form. She needs a middle ground between the two extremes.

  10. mikiwank says:

    This is the first time I saw this photo on Andou Mahoro. I hope this figma will release soon. I love the character of Mahoro Andou

  11. lovelyduckie says:

    Momohime (Alter)
    Aegis (Cospa)
    Senjōgahara (GSC)
    Cla (Alter)
    Dark Saber (Figma)
    Rider (Figma)
    The Eva Trio (Figma)
    Natsume (Altair)
    Yukata Rei (Kotobukiya)
    Bakemonogatari Puchi Sets (GSC)

    • Aka says:

      I’m not a fan of Cospa after receiving a pretty poor Horo figure from them (rated way too highly in that review). But I have to admit their Aegis figure does look quite good in pre-production. I’d love to see some painted up shots.

      Who’s Cla? the two that come up when I search, Claus Valca, and Clalaclan Philias, is it one of these?

      The figmas all look pretty decent.

      Natsume (Altair), is that the guy on a tree by Alter? That looks like a pretty good figure indeed.

      Rei always looks good, but too many figures of her.

      Bakemonogatari anything is great.

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  13. […] WF2010S. But it’s not all love for Good Smile Company, they’ve wronged me. Where did Kyrie Rason go GSC? I hope for your sake she’s going up for pre-order soon, because I’d rather her […]