Review: Alter’s Al Azif

This adorable little figure of Al Azif by Alter was purchased to fulfil one fetish and one fetish of mine only. I wonder who will guess the right fetish, it’s obviously not zettai ryouiki or a tail. What could it be?

Al Azif comes from an eroge for the PC known as Demonbane and is apparently the incarnation of the Necronomicon. In fact, Al Azif’s name comes from the Arabic name for the Necronomicon, “Kitab al-Azif.” Demonbane has also received an anime adaptation, however I have not watched it, though I do have some urge to do so since Demonbane contains elements of the Cthulhu Mythos from HP Lovecraft, not that I’ve read any Lovecraft either. So many things on my list of things to do, I need more time.

Alter has had Numakura Toshiaki sculpt them this figure, Toshiaki has also sculpted Akiyama Mio, Ayanami Rei, Aozaki Touko, and Yomako Sensei, all for Alter. Al Azif has been scaled to the usual 1/8th, which in her posture makes her in around the 10 cm tall mark, however the base is nearly 15 cm in diameter, and Al Azif extends beyond her base by a small handful of centimeters. Her original release date was July 2007, and her MSRP was ¥4,800 / $42 CAD. However since I wasn’t collecting figures back then, I ordered her via Mandarake for around $23 CAD due to her being an open box item.

Being an older figure, and open box, I was worried what condition she would arrive in. I’d heard good things from the crowd at MyFigureCollection.Net about Mandarake so I figured they could be trusted with the claimed condition of Al Azif. Al Azif arrived in her original packing, minus the plastic wrap or twisties (if any) that would have originally been used, and in good condition. For the $23 spent on her, she’s quite possibly the best value per dollar than any other figure in my collection.

Alter’s been pretty solid over the years in the figure industry and having some Alter figures already from various ‘eras’ I was pretty confident with what Al’s paint quality would be. I didn’t expect todays quality, but I did suspect she’d be of similar quality to my Eri Sawachika figure, also from 2007. Not bad, well sculpted, but perhaps some issues with colour. Fortunately Al Azif has a superior shade to her skin than Eri, something wonderful must have happened in the 5 months between these figures’ release dates. Gone is the yellow skin that plagued Eri, replaced with a much more pleasant pink tone with some shading here and there as well. The rest of her paintjob however lacks in the shading and depth department, but is of uniform quality.

Comparing Al Azif to Eri’s sculpt, again Al comes out on top, but only by a small margin. There are still many visible seam lines in Al, just like Eri has, but Al doesn’t have any of the molding scars like Eri. Overall her sculpting detail is lacking, comparing her to figures from the same year and price point, she could have used some extra details in her stomach and face. But overall she still has a pleasant appearance and would have been worth her price in it’s day, which I assume would have been discounted like the current figures are by say 10-20% off their MSRP.

Al’s pose is quite a playful and cute pose, I’m somewhat curious if it’s based of any artwork, perhaps a picture from the eroge. Regardless Toshiaki’s done a decent job at bringing it to life. You can easily imagine Al kicking up some sand in someones face, ok not that pleasant a thought. How about water? yeah, water’s much more playful, kicking water up at someone playfully. I particularly like how her legs extend outwards displaying her cute little feet and her left arm extending backwards. It seems like a realistic pose one could actually invision a person doing, I always like poses like that.

Some other aspects of this figure that should be mentioned, Al’s left sandal is free to move around, one can place it anywhere they like, even dangling it off her foot if they so choose. Her skirt is also removable revealing some rather plain white bottoms. There’s also her base, somewhat bland for sure, but no where near that of a plain disc like many figures tend to have. Her base has a sand like texture and colour which does add to the figure’s presentation quite nicely.

I’m pretty fond of this little figure, I bought her more based on her price than anything, but of course the fetish mentioned at the top as well (Anyone guess?). I felt that at $23 I really didn’t have anything to lose, she would never be my worst figure, that title’s already taken, so she could at worst only be just cute. Which I have to say, doesn’t sound all that bad to me!



Fun @ the beach


  • Excellent value at the price paid
  • Footses and a cute playful pose to match
  • Flotation device with an eye and a smile


  • Some visible seams
  • Somewhat flat paint on her swimsuit and hair



  1. Ashlotte says:

    Ooo defiantly like the shoe dangling better then just laying around for no good reason, but then I have a shoe fetish… *cough*

    Very cute looking though…I want to say this is based off of a piece of art I saw of Al once but then Alter rarely makes figures copied straight off illustrations so maybe not…

    • Aka says:

      Ah, shoe fetish, similar location there yours is. I prefer the sandal lying on the sand myself.

      I wanted to say it was from a piece of art as well, but when I typed it I thought to myself, where’s the picture then? Since I seem to always get nailed for making false assumptions on small details like that, I chose not to this time around.

  2. Leonia says:

    Ooh, she is really adorable and cute ^^ And original ^^ Nice base and great sculture ^^

  3. Tier says:

    Hmm … is your fetish the Princess Leia hairstyle? Ooh, I know, it’s jelly inner tubes with eyeballs on them, isn’t it??

    Al Azif is pretty cute, and that’s definitely a pretty good price for an Alter figure. The broken heart logo cracks me up, too; I guess I can guess what sort of personality she has.

  4. Rico-sama says:

    Al fulfills your deliciously flat chest fetish.

    I have this figure as well but never knew what she was supposed to be. The Necronomicon, huh? Evil Dead just got a whole lot cuter.

    It’s interesting that Al and Eri came from the same “era” yet had such different outcomes in terms of coloring. I don’t own Eri so I can’t compare myself but I felt Al’s skin tones were very nice and are actually up to snuff with Alter’s recent stuff.

    I kind of feel the Al had just the right about of detailing for the type of figure she is; there isn’t a whole lot you can do with a swimsuit after all. For me the real power in the sculpt comes from her pose and how energetic it is. However I do agree that she needed more detailing in the face.

    Consider me über jealous that you managed to get Al at such a fantastic price. I’ll have to keep an eye on Mandarake in the future.

    • Aka says:

      I’m forgetting that I have so many fetishes…

      I keep wondering if they were trying to give Eri a different skin colour because she wasn’t Japanese or something. But yellow?

      I think her stomach needed more detailing, it seems to abruptly change directions. There’s a fold, but it just isn’t right. Looking through the pictures though I didn’t really take a picture of it, since it’s really only visible when her skirt is off, and I really hated her look without it.

      Mandarake is a great place to get stuff. You may find them emailing you that the item is no longer in stock sometimes though. They don’t have a very good inventory system, they update it once daily.

      • Rico-sama says:

        It DFC wasn’t the fetish you were referring too? Damn, I thought I nailed that one.

        …you don’t have a slime fetish, do you?

        More likely just poor QC. You might have gotten one that had been exposed to the sun too long as well, but that usually turns things brownish.

        I took another look at Al and now I can see what you’re saying about the stomach. You’re right it seems a little off.

        I was on the site for 3 minutes and I found two things I thought I’d never get at fantastic prices (this is starting to sound like a plug but it’s true). Hope they come through as nicely as Al did for you.

        • Aka says:

          Yeah, I keep checking their site all the time for stuff. They’re really good, I think they’re located right in Akihabara.

          I try to avoid their site now though, because I have so many orders on the go at the moment, I don’t want to add to it.

          No, no slime fetish… I much prefer tentacle armadas over slime.

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