On Order: Good Smile Company Asakura Nemu

As I was writing up another post I was clicking around for information on various anime figures and noticed that Nemu here had official promo shots out. Check AmiAmi and sure enough she was for sale, so I purchased immediately.

Nemu’s from an eroge called Da Capo that’s had many adaptations and sequels in all sorts of media. I watched some of the first adaptation, and a whole season of another, but I wasn’t ever really impressed with the series. I think I was often distracted by the artwork in one of them, it made every character look anorexic, ew. But Nemu was cute and I have a real hard time resisting cute.

I’m a bit mixed up with who the manufacturer is on this, I believe Good Smile Company is just distributing this on behalf of Circus. I’m hoping that means she lives up to some sort of standard and isn’t a poor quality figure. She’s sculpted by “Choushinsei” & “Hikari” in 1/8th scale and should measure in around 20 cm tall. Her MSRP is quite high at ¥8,800 / $105 CAD, which she’s definitely not worth. I ordered her through AmiAmi where she was on sale for ¥7,050 / $84 CAD, still quite high admittedly. Nemu comes with four copies of the same ‘premium rare card’ for some trading card game called “Weiß Schwarz” which might be why she’s so expensive. Another reason could be that she’s cast-off, though this time around I don’t really care about this, I like her school uniform and zettai ryouiki. She looks a bit too small without her uniform on as well.

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  1. Ashlotte says:

    Bah Nemu…can’t stand her…Gimme Sakura or Moe-sempai anyday. >_>

    Still from a technical view she does look nice I have to admit.

    • Aka says:

      Trying to remember characters right now… Moe-sempai, was she the one who cooked on the roof top with her sister? If so I couldn’t stand her, she was so slow and seemed dumb.

      Sakura…she the loli? I suppose she’s alright, definitely better than Moe-sempai if I’m remembering who that is correctly.

      • Ashlotte says:

        Well the problem is the Anime never explained why Moe is the way she is and adds a lot more depth to her character…Did you ever play the game Aka? Its explains alot more and I found it a great deal more enjoyable.

        • Aka says:

          Nah I’ve only ever really played 2 ero games before. Shuffle! since it was translated into English, and Katawa Shoujo, which I have to say was surprisingly well done given it’s confused start.

          • Ashlotte says:

            Ah I see.

            <—- Visual Novel addict

            Atleast the two you did play are nice ones…Shuffle! was quite fun especially Primula's arc and KS is just a marvel to me being the first VN produced outside of Japan that I actually enjoyed!

            Well if you ever find the time My recommendation of playing Da Capo the game stands as the Anime defiantly suffered from Adaptation decay.

          • Aka says:

            Do you play the games via those hacks and real time translators and whatever? Just curious, never really tried.

            I liked Asa’s character (and mother) from the game and anime. I really only played her arc.

            I did play everyones arc in KS though. Just haven’t had time to mess about too much.

  2. Ashlotte says:

    Occasionally if I really really want to play the game I will use machine translations. But for DaCapo its released by Mangagamer (The same people that released Shuffle) so thats where I got that one from. ~_^

    And yes Asa is easily the most fun girl in the game same as it was in the Anime, but being the lolicon fiend I am primula was a close second. :p

  3. lovelyduckie says:

    Since I don’t know the character this one is a pass for me.