Happy 1st Birthday OMGWebsite!

As of February 24th, 2010 @ 8:34 Eastern Standard Time OMGWebsite is exactly a year old! Somewhat surprising for myself considering the reason I started the site was really just to rag on a single figure producer.

Originally OMGWebsite had no plan whatsoever, and well, it still doesn’t but it does have a general direction I suppose. Originally I’d just got angry and decided to voice my opinion to the world, in what I think was a pretty level headed post about TAKI Corp’s Horo figure and how they pretty much ruined my beloved character. Oddly though since that post I’ve started to hate Cospa’s Horo more than TAKI’s just due to Cospa’s Horo’s face sucking so terribly where I feel TAKI Corps somewhat resembles Horo still. I personally find it amazing that I continued to even collect figures after purchasing TAKI Corp’s Horo as my first ever figure.

Since the begining there’s been 133 posts on OMGWebsite, 44 of which are figure reviews. Which I find pretty amazing considering the fact that when OMGWebsite started, I only owned 7! I now have in my possession 55 figures displayed in 4 IKEA Billy Bookcase cabinets with an additional 16 figures on the way over the coming months. And that’s just the pre-orders, it doesn’t include any impulse purchasing that’s yet to come. My collection has exploded over the past year, receiving 5 figures in all of 2008, 39 in 2009, and already 10 in 2010! Just how many will I buy this year?!

But that’s not all OMGWebsite has been about this past year, from time to time I’ve posted about various other things, in fact, in the very beginning before I saw a real purpose to the site, I wrote very random posts about rather unrelated topics which spawned the subtitle for the site “Whatever I want to talk about”.

One such post is a very popular post about Edward Burtynsky. It seems the main appeal of this post is the pictures contained with in, likely due to the fact I searched long and hard for the best copies of each picture. I often wonder if I’ll be asked to remove them at times, as they’re not mine, nor do I claim them to be, but I never asked permission to use them. Re-reading it, it seems I might have been a better writer a year ago than I am today, maybe it was the content I was talking about, I was totally into it.

Other posts include one about the Barenaked Ladies breaking up, followed by another, a U2 Concert, blink-182 concert, annoyances with Yen Press and posts about my car and cars in general.

The BNL break up was pretty shocking to me since I’d been listening to them a very sizable portion of my life. From If I Had $1000000 in 1993 through One Week in 1998 when I even wrote a (bad) paper for school on, right up until Peterborough and the Kawarthas off their Barenaked Ladies are Me CD. It’s a shame I never got to see them in concert together, maybe the reunion tour when or if there ever is one.

Some other interesting tidbits about OMGWebsite…

  • 40,708 visitors since February 24th, 2009
  • 23,905 of those were unique
  • 378,293 pages were loaded
  • 1,809,811 hits
  • 39.8 GB of traffic
  • Currently averaging 276.4 visitors per day
  • Overall average 111.53 visitors per day.
  • 1,923 spam comments
  • 370 tags

Often times there are things I want to comment on but don’t seem to merit an entire post about them. I’ve found Twitter to actually be useful in this regard, not only posting small thoughts on things quickly but also seeing and reading what others think about it quickly. Since signing up there in November 2009 I’ve ‘tweeted’ 269 times and gained a modest following of 23 users who’ve not only helped promote OMGWebsite but also given me some interesting feedback. I’ve seen an obvious bump in traffic since joining Twitter as well, I suspect I can attributeย  a good portion of this to @animefigures as he works as a scripted aggregator of figure content and news of which I’m included in.

Some of you may have recognized the title picture for this post from other places such as MyFigureCollection.Net as well as Flickr, others may not have known I even had accounts in these places. I don’t post in these places often, but I tend to use them a little like how I use Twitter for items that don’t really deserve an entire post, or at least I don’t think they do. But keep an eye out in these places for additional content that may get uploaded from time to time.

All in all it’s been an interesting experience attempting to update a website weekly with new self produced content. Having never done that in the past, always just commented on others works and ideas, producing my own content was a new challenge that I think I’ve managed fairly decently, but there’s obvious room for improvement. I’m not where I want to be with my photography, and while I’ve definitely advanced since a year ago with the simple shots I take there’s still plenty of room for improvement with creativity, something I lack too often. Hopefully in the coming year I’ll be able to improve this aspect of the site, or at the very least introduce a new lens to my camera body that would allow me greater range than I currently possess.

To another year of collecting and posting!



PS: Wish Tier over at Tentacle Armada a Happy Birthday as well as they just turned 1 yesterday!


  1. Leonia says:

    Happy birthday OMGWebsite ^^ I wish a long continuation with many review !

  2. Ashlotte says:

    Funny the only two blogs I frequent regularly have their one year anniversary on the same day. O.o

    Well grats to ya Aka…I sure as hell could never do a blog and certainly not one as nice looking as this so good on ya eh!

    • Aka says:

      I totally didn’t think I could! I’m semi-proud of myself for having managed it. It feels like a dumb little thing to be proud of though, but I am.

  3. Panther says:

    Happy birthday to OMGWebsite. 1 year now, keep going. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. kumasanmk says:

    Happy first birthday, OMGW!

  5. Tier says:

    Congrats! I’ve also had to give some though as to what I wanted to put on my site … I wound up sticking with video games and figures. I was really tempted to put up posts providing National Football League analysis and charts of my fantasy football team’s success, but I had the feeling that interest in my figure reviews and interest in my fantasy football team probably did not intersect. Maybe in the next year I’ll try to branch out a bit more. (In fact, now that I think about it, I think the first time I ever visited your site was when I read about your new tool set; at the time I was trying to get my car stereo installed and I had to disassemble half my car’s interior to run wire. I really could’ve used a good wrench set to do it and I thought it was funny that you wrote about that just as I was putting my car back together.)

    I will say nothing of the sort to the guy who runs that tentacle site, that dude is a real hoser <.<

    • Aka says:

      Love how you used a Canadian term there eh! Ya Hoser!

      I have to admit, I don’t think I’d follow your National Football League analysis charts. However if it had to do with nearly any form of autoracing, I’d be down with that. I’m not much of a fan of sports, other than Autoracing. Always have to argue with friends that Autoracing even is a sport (it totally is!).

      Ah my toolset, how I’ve neglected you since winter came. It’s too cold outside! Reminds me, I should check my oil. Were you wiring up speakers? or just the dash unit? I suspect speakers. I really need to upgrade mine, but my drive to work is so short it doesn’t make much sense. I only put a new deck in because I went to the East Coast of Canada/US and wanted to plug my iPod in, and the stock one had no AUX connectors.

      Anyway, I say branch out a bit! But don’t forget your pornography! It’s your bread and butter!

  6. Chag says:

    Regularly producing well thought-out content is not only a test of discipline, but also a test of one’s bank account in the case of your figure reviews. As I am running out of bishoujo figures to review on my site despite the three-week rotation between figures, toys and models, I can’t help but to admire the fact that you cranked out no less than 44 this year.

    OMGWEBSITE has been a joy read and an inspiration to create my own site ever since I came across it through flickr, and I wish you another fruitful and rewarding year!

    • Aka says:

      You’re telling me… I think I’m an idiot for keeping an excel spreadsheet of all my figure purchases, totals, averages etc… everytime I enter into it now I’m almost ashamed how much money I’ve spent on the hobby in the past year or so. Definitely a test of my bank account! Thank god I got that raise back in December.

      Thanks for the praise Chag! I appreciate it, even if I don’t necessarily feel worthy of it.

      • Chag says:

        Maybe “inspiration” was too heavy of a word to use, but it is true, though. I think the first review I saw from you was the double review on the GSC and Alpha Omega’s Yami figures. After reading that along with several other review, I thought “Hey, I can probably do something like this every week as well!”

        A little more challenging than first imagined, I have to admit. I think the main reason that I stuck to it was my friend who did the layout and graphics for me. After that point I thought it would be terrible to let that friendly gesture go to waste.

        • Aka says:

          Haha I wish I had some help at times. I was thinking it’d be nice if my friend would review his Transformers on Fridays or something. But he’d never do it, he never takes half of ’em out of the box either.

          Sometimes finding the time to take the pictures and write up the reviews is difficult due to my rather strange work schedule.

  7. Aka says:

    @Leonia, Panther, kumasanmk, Thanks guys!

  8. mikiwank says:

    Happy birtday and congratulations for this year. I hope I can read again more reviews on OMGwebsite Now you start the second year.

  9. Iced says:

    Congratulations on OMGWebsite’s first birthday!! ^^ Hope the second year will be as great as the first (or even better!)

  10. Rico-sama says:

    Congratulations on your One Year Birthday, Aka! It’s hard to believe it’s gone by so fast. Feel like I’ve been following you since the begining and it’s impressive to see how OMGWebsite has grown and changed. I remember that all too simple (yet at the time signature) theme of your’s and the classic posts like “Aka’s a commie!”. Now I look forward to all the mischevief that Drossel gets into. Great stuff then and still great stuff now.

    Great reviews too, but others have already covered that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Twitter is something I’ve been experimenting with myself, but I’m not nearly disciplined enough to use it regularly. I always think of things to tweet about long after it’s relevant. Seeing how well it’s worked out for you though I might re-double my efforts.

    Here’s to a great second year! *cracks beer, guzzles it down Misato style*

    • Aka says:

      I have to say I kind of found Twitter addicting once I figured out what I was doing with it. Twitter as a website seems convoluted, but using an application to manage it like TweetDeck actually helped make a lot of sense of the whole thing. Do you have a Twitter account?

      Ah ha! I forgot about Aka’s a commie, should have included that in the post. I think you’ve been here pretty much the whole time as well! Good on ya! haha

      I think I’ll just picture Misato drinking a beer than trying to picture you. Much sexier I think, no offense I hope ๐Ÿ˜›

      *cracks beer, guzzles it down Horo style*
      Cheers buddy!

  11. lovelyduckie says:

    GRATS on one year! Most of my first figures were cheap knock offs, it took me a while to get a footing in the figure world and understand what I was looking for myself.

    • Aka says:

      So far as I know, all of my are legimate releases. I wouldn’t be surprised if one wasn’t though. My Max Factory Mao figure does seem a bit off compared to the rest of the set.

      Took me years to even consider the purchase of a figure. I think the first figure I ever wanted was some Asuka christmas ornament/figure. Of course it was hand painted and $250 in the day so I was never going to buy it. I think the reason I chose that figure in particular was because I could pass it off as a Christmas decoration or something. Who knows.

      How many cheap knock offs did you end up getting over the first while? were you buying off eBay?

  12. OneandonlyJem says:

    I am almost fairly certain that there are no counterfeit versions of that Max Factory Mao, so rest assured. I glanced over your comment while trying to form my own and couldn’t help but notice that you mentioned that.

    Congratulations on your anniversary! I came here in passing during my run through of blog links that I visit and happened to find yours amidst all the web browsing. PVC collecting is all too exciting, but here’s hoping you don’t go bonkers like I did. Yep, I totally went into a downward spiral.

    As time goes on, I think (at least this rings true for me) that it’s harder to contain how many figures you buy because there tends to be something that breaks you out of your conventional taste and criteria that you become flexible to accommodate a particular piece only to have it get repeated several times over during the course of your collecting timespan.

    Ah, don’t feel ashamed about having an excel spreadsheet to keep track of your purchases. I have one, too. I almost made a blog about my excel spreadsheet and other things that I use as a reminder to help keep me on top of the figure hobby. Yeah. I am such a total lamer… XD The things we do for the things that we love…

    • Aka says:

      So far as I know there’s no counterfeit version of MF’s Mao either, but mine is a bit funky, so it’s the only one I’d suspect was at the moment.

      Wow! 478 in one year? Additional wow! That post is huge! I’ll have to read that later when I have a bit more spare time. I could never afford that many in a single year, I make far too little money. The amount I’ve purchased so far has already pushed it in many ways. What do you do for a living? can I join you? Checked your profile on MFC (thanks for the FR!) and you have 750 total now?! And more on order than I have total! Where do you store all of these? Sorry… I’m just astonished at the sheer numbers of it all.

      I’ve noticed myself giving in on more and more figures as time goes by. Originally I had rules, I had to of seen the series for one, and I had to feel comfortable displaying them. Seemed like good rules at the start, and I held onto them for a good while. Then I broke one of them, and the onslaught of figures since has been continually growing and growing, with many figures from series I’ve never seen, and even figures I don’t feel comfortable displaying with more to come that are even worse (better?). Now I’m lawless and purchase what ever looks good.

      I would be interested to see what others include in their spreadsheet, if there’s details I should have, or if mine’s overkill as it is. I used to use it as a reminder of what was going to arrive soon, but I’m always surprised when things arrive now a days, I never know what’s in each box, I’ve long forgotten half the stuff I’ve ordered due to the amount of time that passes between pre-order and shipping.

      I recently purchased a new corner cabinet system for all the figures I’ve got coming. The price of it could easily have paid for an additional 14 figures assuming the average price I’ve paid so far. Maybe I should stop buying places to put ’em haha

      • OneandonlyJem says:

        I completely threw away my rules. The figures are in my apartment, though I should really just get storage for all of them.

        “Now, I’m lawless and purchase whatever looks good.”

        I couldn’t agree with that statement any more. I’m all for background and all, but I find myself far too busy to be able to consistently manage and stay on top of everything that I have a growing backlog of things to do. Rather than take my sweet time going through that list and ultimately missing a figure purchase as a result of it, I will buy the figure and add her background to my backlog for later viewing.

        • Aka says:

          I don’t feel obligated to watch or play the anime or games the figures are from. I try to at least see an episode if it’s ok, but sometimes I almost feel like it might ruin my vision of the character. Getting a figure with no personality attached can be somewhat liberating, you’re free to imagine them how you wish. Then when you watch the series or play the game and they’re entirely different it’s somewhat of a blow.

          Or maybe that’s just me.

  13. Blowfish says:

    Your Blog Is already one year old?
    Weird that I never stumbled across it before!

    I cant say much as of now except happy blog birthday!

    The reason why you started blogging is rather unique though ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Aka says:

      Yup! Already! I can’t believe it either.

      Think I’ve been to your site once or twice before, couldn’t tell you when I first found it. But recently commented after kuma from MFC linked to your post about “What Tsukiboard tells about you”.

      Anyway, thanks!

  14. Quazacolt says:

    belated happy birthday to omgwebsite ^^