Review: Megahouse’s Aludra

I have to admit to feeling a bit weird with the figure I’ve chosen to review today. I mean, she has a razor cock fer christsake. But what weirds me out the most is that I’m totally cool with that and think it’s hilariously awesome. But where does one display a figure like this anyway?

Aludra (aka “Razor Cock”) is I believe the Queen in the series Queen’s Blade. I’m not really sure what the premise of the show is to be honest, but it seems to have to do with a battle tournament to become Queen. Each character in the series also appears to have been designed by a different artist, in Razor Cock’s case she was designed by Kantaka. Wikipedia claims him to be a popular artist but I can’t say I’ve heard of him before, and I do lurk on many image boards. Either way the series looked dreadfully bad, I’ve watched some bad anime in the past but this seemed pretty high on the list. But of course I can only base my opinion on some random scenes from the series and my general dislike of anime with enormous breasts, which Queen’s Blade has an abundance of.

The anime industry confuses me quite often with decisions they make, for example, why would this series get a second season? Why are well known voice actresses voicing this series? and why can’t they choose one spelling of a name? Aludra, Aldora, Aldra, Arudora? I suppose some answers could be, money and humor.

Moving right along, Megahouse has done 38 figures for this series most with multiple versions but still, thirty-eight! Between September 2006 and as of writing, January 2010. Razor Cock herself has 2 variations that came out just a month apart, the version I have in May 2009 and the “2P Color Ver.” that came out in June 2009. Both were sculpted by Kibayashi Norio in the usual 1/8th form-factor and could be had reasonably cheap by 2009 standards, ¥6,300 / $75 CAD. Fitting with the series quite well Razor Cock’s clothes are cast off, 2nd arm w/ weapon and has a second face with an angled neck that lets her look at her amazing razor cock. Seriously.

I prefer this release over the alternative that Megahouse produced, while I like the greys better on the “2P color ver.” I prefer normal Razor Cocks paler skin on this version. Probably too pale for any other figure but on Razor Cock seems to work well and not look like she’s a zombie. Overall the colours are well matched, there is a lack of shading to most of the figure but there’s lots of detail and shadows that form in most lighting situations that do make up for it.

Norio’s done a pretty fantastic job sculpting Razor Cock, she matches her character designs quite well in 3D. One issue I have though is with her alternate face, balance. When I put her alternate face on and keep her on her knees, she’s very prone to falling over. I realize that you’re probably supposed to lean her back as most reviews seem to. But I like the look of her kneeling and looking down at her … weapon.

The cast-off clothes that Razor Cock has worry me somewhat. Her half skirt for example is quite hard to remove and I feel if one where to do it too often would easily wear on the figure and cause damage to her hips. The only interchangable piece that I found easy to do is her face. I found the rest to require a good amount of care in their removal so as to not damage her. One thing I didn’t know before receiving Razor Cock was that her razor cock was poseable, it seemed like most of the reviews tended to keep it a certain way but upon closer inspection of them they all differed in their angles.

I’m still not sure what exactly convinced me to purchase her, I didn’t get her for any serious discount, I never watched the series, I don’t know who she is, and when I actually made the purchase I clicked the “Confirm Order” button with my eyes closed as if that would make it all ok. But whatever the reason, I’m surprisingly happy with Razor Cock, she’s sexy even with that weapon of hers. Though personally, I’d never want that thing anywhere near me, it looks terribly sharp, yet it’s awesomeness cannot be ignored.

Hope everyone didn’t mind me calling her Razor Cock through the entire review…




  • Attractively pale skin
  • Excellent sculpt and craftsmanship
  • She has a poseable razor cock fer chrissakes!
  • Cast-off that actually has nipples


  • With her alternate face she becomes unstable
  • Cast off clothes are difficult to remove and quite stiff and cause damage
  • Perhaps a little difficult to put on display



  1. Chag says:

    Oh WOW, I don’t think I’ve ever laughed at a figure photo as much as I did with your “Ouch!” set. Thanks for making my day.

  2. Ashlotte says:

    Oh good lord did you have to call her that the entire time haha…*facepalm*

    But yea thats the reason I never got this figure its a shame too because I like her personality and the figure itself looks gorgeous I just really can’t get past the metal phallic attachment their… *shudder*

    If I can offer one criticism Aka I wish you did more of the shots with the white background…I think it makes the red of her outfit “Pop” alot more and really blends well with the color of her skin and hair…I saw that incredible header shot and then got disappointed all the actual in-article shots where with the black. >_>

    • Aka says:

      Yeah I hear ya, I just didn’t want to go back and redo them all. I thought the black would turn out better, then was angry with myself when I put in all the effort and the white looked great. Tried to mix it up and bleh failed!

      I’ll stick to the white in the future, at least until I find an interseting background.

      Sorry to disappoint!

  3. Ami says:

    I found you through Rico’s site in case your wondering. 😀

    I really like this Aludra but I didn’t get her for the same reasons Ashlotte stated. I can’t get passed her “razor cock” as you call it. I just don’t know how I would be able to display her without noticing it every single time. ><

    lol those pics with her and Drossel sure are something. Just WOW. o_o

    • Aka says:


      I definitely notice everytime, but that’s the fun of it. I glance over and get a snicker every time, it’s so worth it.

      Though I admit a lot of the time I do have her facing away so that others don’t notice. At the moment though I’m feeling confident and have her facing forward. I’m sure I’ll be getting comments about it…

      Drossel pics.. yeah I… yeah.. I really wondered if I should include those. They’re kind of, well, over the top…

  4. Rico-sama says:

    Wait, so Razor Cock isn’t her real name?

    All things considered Aludra looks to be an amazing figure. I’ve wanted a couple of their Queens Blade figures but could never take the plunge because of the shear number of them. Alurda makes me feel more comfortable about the lines consistency and quality, but the quantity still scares me (38! wow!).

    The funny thing though? The number of Griffon Ikki Tousen absolutely crushes the number of MegaHouse Queens Blade figures. By a large margin.

    I had to look really closely at that alternate face to see why it was prone to falling over and not the other. I see now that it’s because the angle changed. Does the hair change too? You say she should be displayed laying on her back with that face but it looks really silly to see her supported by her hair.

    PS. You just rule 34’d figma Drossel. How do you feel?

    • Aka says:

      Nah, Razor Cock is just my pet name for her. She really doesn’t like it though.

      I honestly wasn’t expecting much when I received her, she’s much nicer than I really expected. Makes me more confident when Kasugano Sora finally arrives as she’s Megahouse as well.

      I hate Ikki Tousen….

      I too thought it strange that she’d be supported by her hair, but that’s what everyone seems to do? I never display her that way it just looks strange to me. I took pictures of it for angles but that’s it. The hair stays the same btw, all you change is her face and neck, the back of her head is the same piece for both faces.

      PS: I feel ashamed. But I had a good laugh anyway. I just know the guys at work are gonna be buggin’ me about this for days.

      • Rico-sama says:

        LOL, OK. But you know, with a series with exploding boobs, a name like Razor Cock didn’t seem to far fetched.

        MegaHouse is usually quality. They’ve had a few duds (those Strong World One Piece figures look painted weirdly) but mostly are a strong company.

        I figured you’d hate Ikki Tousen… 😉

        That’s what I figured. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me but people can display their figures the way they want them.

        PS. Wow. You show off your site to work buddies? Brave man.

        • Aka says:

          Well I only bother telling some of them anything specifically like about the site, but many of them know I collect.

          In fact, this one time I was showing a friend some pictures of upcoming figures on my iPod and my boss walked by and asked what was up. So of course they tell him, then say something like “it’s not something I’d ever do, I don’t get it, but he buys these dolls, whatever floats your boat you know?” and hands my boss the iPod with a picture of Volks’ Horo on it. He gives me this strange look then hands the iPod back having said nothing at all. It was so awkward.

          But w/e I am who I am.

  5. mikiwank says:

    Poor Drossel ! she must have sore bum? lol
    I love this witch. However, I waive the purchase because of the “penis”. I think it’s disgraceful. But it is the only thing that I blame him.

    • Aka says:

      Yeah I think Aludra’s penis really is her downfall as a figure. For most people anyway. But I kinda like her razor cock, it makes her unique in my collection, and also is definitely a conversation starter. People see it and they laugh and joke and they just have to ask why, why would anyone make a figure like that, and why would anyone buy one?

      I guess part of me has become really desensitized to a lot of things thanks to the Internets and all it brings.

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  7. Tier says:

    I bought Aldra for pretty much the same reasons, which is to say, to take dirty pictures with my other figures. At least, I think that’s the best use of this figure.

    You should watch Queen’s Blade, it’s a great show. The second season is, anyway; I didn’t watch much of the first season since Irma only showed up for like one episode.

    I need to figure out where I put all her parts; I took off her clothes to get all the protective plastic sheets out of her joints and I never put her back together, so I think I lost a lot of her parts.

    • Aka says:

      I should watch it? but it looks so terrible, though admittedly I’ve never given it a chance.

      You lost her parts?! That’s not acceptable! Aludra can’t be a gimp, that’s just not how I view her character.

      She does have a lot of parts though, 2 eye peieces, 2 faces, 2 arms, a weapon, 4 peices to the razor cock, shoulder thingy, skirt, hair, front bit of hair, her top… am I missing anything? That’s like 16 peices or something.

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