Review: Megahouse’s Aludra (Redux)

In my previous review of Aludra a certain bit of constructive criticism was offered and I agreed with their assessment. The white background is better than the black. So with that in mind I set out to redo my general review shots with a white background. Along the way though I thought adding some new content would only be fair.

(Contains Mature Content)

I’m not going to redo the review or anything just offer up the new pictures to be consumed. 10 pictures below, 11 in the second segment, and 19 in the Gallery not used in the body for a total of 40 new pictures! Enjoy!

Ouch pt2



  1. mikiwank says:

    Nice pics with this white backgroud. What kind of paper do you use ? After shooting did you use photoshop or these pics are RAW ?

    • Aka says:

      Thanks mikiwank. I’m not really sure what kind of paper I use, it’s just 2 of the largest pieces I could find at my local art store. I lay one over the top of a storage unit, and curve the other up the wall behind creating an infinite horizon effect. Though with how I situate my lights it’s over exposed and appears pure white. The reflection at the bottom is created by using a piece of plexiglass from an old picture frame.

      The photos are taken in RAW on my Nikon D100, but there is some processing involved. When I take the pictures I let the camera auto white balance because I have a preset I’ve made in Adobe Lightroom 2 that keeps the photos consistant so long as I keep using the same lights. This is set to 5600K +38. The other adjustment I make is to contrast, I adjust the “Blacks” option from the default of 5 up to 15. I do this because again when I take the picture on the camera I’ve set the contrast to the default setting to make it easier to review the image on the LCD on the back, as it’s not very good due to being a camera from 2003.

      There’s some more photoshopping to other pictures though, such as the black background shots and the macro shots. The black background shots require considerable photoshopping, but not for the reasons you may think. The black background shots need to have all the scratches from my plexiglass base removed, they’re very very apparent on the black and I very much dislike their appearance. So each photo is meticulously edited to remove them.

      The macro shots on the other hand just need more contrast. Due to the proximity of my camera from the object (figure) with the macro lens on, lighting changes dramatically and my shots come out fairly lacking on contrast. So I tend to adjust the “Blacks” setting from 5 to anything between 25 and 50.

      Here’s an example of the usual change, here’s the RAW shot, and here’s the processed shot.

      Hope that answers everything!

      • mikiwank says:

        To avoid using the plexi, you can use a bright white paper. Once the settings of lights is the figurine is reflected above. I already did the test that proves to be fairly conclusive. So there is less work with photoshop later.

        on the settings on a black background, it is very difficult to achieve when the item is very contrasting pictures (lots of white for example). It is imperative to use spread diffuser to your light bulbs.

        • Aka says:

          Thanks for the suggestions mikiwank.

          The plexiglas however works perfectly for white shots, it only lacks during black shots. The plexiglass also reflects the figure in the glass so you get a nice mirror effect. I don’t see how that would be possible with simple white paper.

          I DEFINITELY need to get some diffusers, as I’m just using 4 normal lamps with compact flourecent bulbs in them. Causes all kinds of problems. I also need a better area to take pictures from, my setup is pretty DIY.

          • mikiwank says:

            Waiting to buy a diffuser, you can made up of filters with layer paper.
            As for me, I definitely buying two extra lights because I have difficulty with only two.
            It is true that to install a photo studio takes a lot of space. Should be able to leave in place all the time.

          • Aka says:

            I’ve tried paper, but what tends to happen is they colour my lighting making finding the white balance difficult. Additionally the bulbs stick out from my lamps, and one doesn’t even have a cover, so I can’t put paper over these without creating a fire hazzard.

            I manage to leave my ‘studio’ up for the most part, but it restricts access into certain storage areas in my room.

  2. Ashlotte says:

    Geez Aka thats an involved Post-process…Mines like 2 steps long being the lazy bastard I am… *cough*

    But yea she looks really REALLY nice on the white…Shame I still squick at the metal dick, but I’m stealing all the shots without it showing for my collection. :p

    • Aka says:

      My post-processing is 2 steps for 95% of my pictures and nearly automated thanks to Lightroom 2. White balance preset and add 10 to “Blacks”. That’s it. White balance is added on import automatically, and the +10 on “Blacks” I use another preset for after checking that it’s still the right choice on the first picture. It’s just specifics like macro shots and black backgrounds that get messy.

      Steal away, all the content produced on my site is licensed on a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Canada license. Should even be included in the metadata on each picture!

  3. Lylibellule says:

    Your photos convinced me : she will join my other QB. Really superb!
    OMG!!!… on the contrary, Kagamin and Aludra are to be classified in the X folder! LooooL

    • Aka says:

      Haha good stuff, at least I convinced someone out of all this that she’s worth buying. I’m glad you can look past her weapon unlike these other schmucks 😛

      Kagamin’s a baaad girl 😀

  4. Jem says:

    Those were some very interesting and funny pictures that you took of Aludra and the figmas (Drossel and Kagami).

    I have, yet, to open a good portion of the figures that I own, but there was always something about her character design that caught my attention relative to the other loli looking character in that franchise.

    She looks good. It’s pictures like this that make me want to open up my figures, invest in a great camera and start taking pictures of the collection.

    • Aka says:

      It makes me happy people enjoy those pictures. Because I was so on the fence about them, and wondered if they were pushing it too far. Turns out, not so much 😀

      You consider Aludra loli? or you’re just comparing her against them?

      You really should unbox yours and invest in a good camera! I’d love to see more reviews out there. One of the reasons I started doing them was because I couldn’t find many out there.

      You don’t need anything like a DSLR like I have, but one of the prosumer point & shoot cameras would be great. Rico over at Polyvinyl Crush does all his pictures with a Canon PowerShot G10, it’s still not the cheapest camera or anything, but for the money I think it looks like a pretty great camera. It out performs my camera in many ways in fact, since mine’s from 2003.