Review: Alter’s Ayanami Rei (2008)

It feels like it’s been a year since I wrote a post, as if it must be 2010 already, but surely I jest, right? Is it really the end of another decade? Well damn, so it is. Happy New Year to everyone then! Another year another batch of figures to collect! (Or should I have made my new years resolution “stop ‘wasting’ money on anime figures”?)

Today we’ll be discussing an older figure, a figure from the year two thousand and eight, ah, I remember it like it was yesterday. Actually that’s a lie, I have no idea what happened in two thousand and eight. Anyway, Ayanami Rei here is a slightly older figure that has been previously reviewed by many other people already, but that’s ok, I’m going to do one anyway!

Ayanami Rei is of course from the über popular anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion. If you don’t know of this series, I suspect you’ve arrived at this post by accident, and were probably looking for something by Edward Burtynsky or perhaps a U2 Concert.

This version of Rei is produced by Alter and is actually their second Rei figure, their first was produced in 2005. Unlike their first rendition of Rei, this figure is only 1/8th scale, and actually seems quite small due to Rei’s curled up pose. Rei retailed for ¥5,800 / $68 CAD though I paid $61 CAD shipped (via EMS) one year after her original release date of October 2008 via Play-Asia as she was on sale at the time.

Rei’s pose has me swaying back and forth, is it a sexy pose, or is it a cute pose? She looks cute and vulnerable curled up as she is, but she also looks sexy, because she’s showing off her figure, bum and long legs. But I guess it doesn’t matter, neither are mutually-exclusive from each other, and the pose is very attractive.

I think the pose also hits on the traits people (otaku?) are attracted to in her character and those like her. She looks fragile and helpless, vulnerable as I said above, as if she needs you to protect her. One thing I’m quite happy about though is that she doesn’t have any injuries, casts or bandages, while they would fit in well with her character, I personally don’t find them very attractive. Though of course, that’s not to say she’s immediately unattractive with them, just not my preference for her. I don’t like to see people hurt (well, unless they’re morons).

Some fun with Rei’s pose, if we turn her over, it looks as though she’s cowering in fear. Very interesting how the dynamic changes so quickly, cute and vulnerable to ‘you gonna get raped’.

As seems to be one of Alters virtues, they continue to live up to (modern) expectations with regards to paintwork. Like all Eva figures, the paintwork required could have been be rather simple, Rei’s plugsuit could be a simple white colour but Alter has added darker tones to give the suit some depth. They’ve also shaded her hair creating nice pale blues which match her character art very well indeed.

Numakura Toshiaki’s sculpt has been transferred quite well in the molding process. There are very few defects, in fact I think the defects I see are just paint bubbles. Being the person I am, I’d like to find one defect I could point out to everyone but I honestly can’t find one, even on the side we don’t see. Good job Alter!

I really like this version of Rei, much much more than the Kotobukiya version I reviewed last year. Rei’s pose is so much more natural in this figure and so much more attractive because of it. Rei’s base in this version however is increadibly plain, essentially just a sheet of shiny black plastic she lays on. Though it does have a nice mirror finish which you can see illustrated quite well in some of the pictures where you see my ugly ugly UGLY yellow blinds. Ew.

I really need to buy new blinds…



  • Great price
  • Unusual pose, vulnerable yet sexy and cute
  • Good enough to be ‘the definitive’ Ayanami Rei figure


  • Takes up a lot of space due to the lying pose



  1. Leonia says:

    This is a really nice figure. Alter made a beautiful work with this Rei. She is faithfull at the character thank to the pose and the expression. Thank for this share !

  2. Ashlotte says:

    Everytime I see this figure makes me more anxious to know if their ever gonna make an Asuka to go along with her. T_T

    • Aka says:

      That would be nice, but it’s been so long since Rei’s release, do you really think they would?

      Here’s hoping, perhaps throw in a Misato and Mari Makinami as well, because hey I like to rebuy Eva figures I guess.

  3. Rico-sama says:

    Wait, so there are no defects you want to highlight; no errors that can only be seen using your incredible hawk-like vision?

    …are you really Aka?

    LOL, j/k. 😉 Rei is truly a remarkable figure and is one of my all time second favorite sculpts. The pose is phenomenal and, as you say, gives off multiple fantastic vibes in the sexy and cute (and cowering in fear, lol) departments.

    On the base though, while I agree that it’s simple I think it’s that simpleness combined with a such a wonderful figure that makes the combination striking. I feel anything more in the base would be too busy and we’d lose focus on the awesome figure.

    I actually own the first Rei that Alter did that you linked to and she’s less than stellar in the paint detailing departments. :/ You definitely got the better one!

    Oh, and I echo Ashlotte’s thoughts: make an Asuka now, Alter!

    • Aka says:

      Honestly, I was looking in low lighting conditions as I wrote the review, but I don’t think even had I done so under my 400 watts of lighting for the photoshoots could I have found anything. Well technically I did find one thing, I think I mentioned paint bubbles, but they’re quite small and not really noticable.

      Also, I’m suddenly reminded that I forgot to mention her hair was swappable, with the hairclips and without. Oh well.

      You could be right about the base, it’s reflectivity is nice as well since you can see some angles of Rei you wouldn’t otherwise see without turning her over or changing your vantage point.

      The original Rei is from a similar time as my Eri Sawachika isn’t it? and she too has a poor paint job. Before the golden days for Alter I guess, among other producers as well.

      Regarding the Asuka figure Alter should make, do you feel she should be in a similar pose?

      • Rico-sama says:

        Yeah, there has definitely been an increase in production standards for PVCs over the years. Especially from the crap from the mid 90s, lol.

        Similar? Yes. Same? No. I envision Asuka sitting more upright on her bum, with one leg straight out and the other raised bent at the knee, and leaning back a bit one arm resting atop her knee and the other going back to give her support. That or she could take on a feel more like Rei in this sculpt. Then, if Alter were really clever, they’d give us some docking action to boot. :3

        Then, of course, Alter would have to do Misato and Mari. Not sure how they would fit in, lol.

        • Aka says:

          I like the way you think. Your description of her pose seems like, depending on facial expression, also be cute/sexy like Rei’s pose. I like that Asuka/Rei figure you linked, though given the fact Rei already exists, it could be hard to make a docking position with the poses you describe.

          If she were to be docked with Rei, I would imagine her more on all fours or slouched over Rei in some way.

          As for Misato and Mari, I don’t much care if they’re related directly to Rei in pose and design, I just want a good company to make them and produce the best Misato and Mari out there. Alter seems like a good choice.

  4. Tier says:

    This version of Rei does a really nice job of conveying her personality. It’s kinda odd though how there are very few decent figures where she is standing while wearing a plugsuit. That probably says something about how people view her.

    I’ve got Alter’s other Rei as well and in addition to its somewhat poor painting, I can’t look at her without thinking that she’s making a really crude and impolite gesture with her right hand. That might all be in my dirty mind, though.

    • Aka says:

      You bring up a good point, I’m not sure that I can remember a good Rei figure where she’s standing. Even in her plugsuit, though feel free to prove me wrong 😉

      In the anime she is portrayed as being fragile and lonely, so it’s understandable that the best poses for her should leave her looking vulnerable and in need of someone’s care and protection.

      Thinking back a bit though, you have an almost standing Rei in her plugsuit that I thought was quite nice. Volks’ version, would you consider that amongst ‘standing’ figures?

      As for Rei’s gesture in Alter’s original Rei… looks like she’s about to grab her left breast to me. Though I only have one angle to view her at on MyFigureCollection.

      Edit: Didn’t realize you had a review of that Rei up as well. Now I see her making a male masturbation/handjob gesture…

      • Tier says:

        I can think of a couple of really old ones, including one by Kaiyodo (although I’m not sure if it qualifies as “good” by today’s standards). I guess one recent one might be Wave’s, although it’s 1/10 scale and I tend to ignore anything that small unless it’s articulated.

        Yeah, I guess the Volks one would count as standing. Pity that they don’t convert their garage kits to prebuilt PVC figures more often, they’d be one of my favorite manufacturers if they did.

        • Aka says:

          I’ve been ignoring Wave for the same reason, 1/10th scale. Wonder why they chose that ‘form-factor’? Additionally I still feel they’re an unknown for me, and aren’t willing to spend the money on them.

          Volks has some amazing stuff, I’m glad they did a PVC of Horo, because I just can’t do GKs. I’d love to get a bunch of their GKs as PVCs.

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