On Order: Native Shoujo S

Ok, so I did it. I’ve ordered my first ero figure. I’m not sure how I feel about this, Aludra (aka “Razor Cock”) was already pushing it in many ways, but now a nude figure? Where am I going to display that!

Shoujo S is part of the Creator’s Collection, a series of figures that Native is producing after works of art by various artists. So far the collection is just 3 figures, 1 by Tony Taka and 2 by Naruko Hanaharu. This is one of the Naruko Hanaharu figures and is created from this piece of art.

I’m unsure as to whether or not I’ll actually receive this figure as she’s a limited run figure and I’m not sure how supply will be dispersed about. I’ve chosen to order through Hobby Fan for the first time as they seemed to have the cheapest price I’ve seen at $119 USD, pretty expensive still, but cheaper than other sources that went as high as $140 USD.

Shoujo S I believe will be a 1/7th scale figure though only Hobby Fan seems to claim that at the moment. Her original MSRP is ¥8,000 / $94 CAD, so I’m definitely paying a premium due to the limited nature of the release and living outside of Japan. She’ll be released in May of 2010, though Hobby Fan says I should have her by the end of July! That’s worse than Toyslogic’s turn around time. Hopefully though they’re like Toyslogic in that I’ve ALWAYS received what I ordered, no matter how long  it took.

More Info.

Update: Lots of great pictures of a sample unit over at アキバHOBBY.


  1. Rico-sama says:

    Nice! I’ll be ordering mine in mere moments as well! Great price find on her is well. I’m paying a few more bucks for mine. T.T

    I think Hobby Fan is right that Shoujo S will be 1/7th scale as all the other figures in the line were that scale. How big something like 1/7th scale is actually is always up for debate, lol.

  2. Tier says:

    You should feel great! I think there’s actually a couple more figures in the Creator’s Collection line, one more by Tony Taka (Kotone Ousaka and Collet) and an awe-inspiring tentacle-y figure by Akiman (who’s probably much better known for his Street Fighter art). Native does indeed list her as 1/7 scale and looking at a picture with both her and Shoujo M, she looks maybe around 23 cm tall.

    • Aka says:

      I was basing my information off MyFigureCollections database, only 3 figures were listed on the Creator’s Collection line. I assumed the others weren’t part of it.

      *pulls out the ruler* 23 cm seems decently tall.

  3. Panther says:

    Native’s ero-figures, especially the limited ones, always have problems. I have Taka Tony’s Kotone Ousaka, you cannot fit her into the desk exactly, I have no idea how the Japanese do it (I have seen reviews).

    The finishing is usually not exactly strong either but at least it is well done, it is just how they make the damn pegs and the spacing and etc. that is the problem.

  4. VF says:

    Haha, I pre-ordered this from HobbyFan too. I don’t know why though, I doubt I’ll ever be able to display her. Maybe I pre-ordered it cuz the price was still reasonable (just in case). I guess it can always be sold later on for some profit… 😛

    I actually prefer Kotone (though I missed out on her already), since you could actually cover her up. But both her and Shoujo just doesn’t make much sense to me design wise, Kotone’s wearing a bikini eating a banana on a school desk. Shoujo is eating a strawberry by a school chair with her clothes off… these two would make a great set though. LOL

    The only one that kinda make sense is probably Collet.

    But they’re still all great figures though!

    • Aka says:

      I think Shoujo S makes more sense than Kotone, for some reason. Probably the lack of bikini. I do wish I could cover up Shoujo S in some way as well. I’ve been trying to think of ways to do this, but so far nothing has really seemed a great idea.

  5. chloe says:

    if you loo kat how much she turned out to be 114 usd seems cheap to me … I usualle pay for a native figure the usd pricei n euros there XD 100-130 euro D: with shipping 😉 hopefully I will find shoujo S soon for 70-110 euro

    • Aka says:

      This post is over two years old, she’s rarer now so of course prices would be higher.

      Good luck.

      • chloe says:

        I did found her for 100 euro ex shipping 😉 think she will be worth it! and yeah I am not from this forum so didnt really check … and native always rises up in price sadly …

        • Aka says:

          All figures are growing in cost. I remember when $50 was an expensive figure. Now I regularly spend $60-80 per figure, before shipping.

          • chloe says:

            yeah same here though I pay in euros and ( if you read the news ) the euro sucks atm so im paying more than avergae .. like what I calculated as 125 euro is now 135 D:

            but that are for native girls theyre quite expensive… not even mentioning shoujo M -.- who is even worse 🙁

            I got nana to kaoru (tied up) myself and the other nana is also expensive cheapest is 15,000 yen …

            also sonico and morudina also quite expensive .. and so on D: but I started collecting too late so yeah ..

  6. chloe says:

    sorry for my typos XD