On Order: Kotobukiya Mari Illustrious Makinami

Mari Illustrious Makinami became available for pre-order today amongst the various vendors. I don’t think I’d seen the figure prior today, though I suspected Kotobukiya would make a Mari figure. I have to say though I’m not overly impressed with her. Again I feel the need to mention my dislike for Kotobukiya’s figures, but I guess I don’t hate them that much, I’ve got 11 of them… But they so often disappoint, and this one already doesn’t look so hot. Frankly, I’m only buying this figure to complete my already complete set of Koto Eva figures. I imagine she’ll be decently done for Koto due to her 1/6th scale form-factor but the design doesn’t feel right to me in the pictures provided, and Koto tends not to live up to those so I’m expecting worse.

The stats, she’ll be 24 cm tall, cost ¥7,800 / $93 CAD, though she can be had for ¥6,250 / $74 over at AmiAmi. She’s likely to be released in May 2010 and is sculpted by Shirahige Tsukuru, the same sculptor as the other figures in this set.

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  1. Chag says:

    Ha, they’ve got you in their trap.

    But I do agree — there’s something wrong about her face… I think her features are placed a little too low, thus making the forehead look abnormally large by comparison.

    The pose is also looks a bit awkward — she’s not quite sitting on the base, nor is she standing, but rather she seems to be putting the entirety of her weight on her front toes and left knee. Not the most comfortable-looking pose, to be sure.

    Also, am I the only one who prefers her prototype plug suit? Sure, the pink suit has more tits and ass, but the green suit has an industrial feel to it that I really enjoy. It’s probably too much to ask for from this series, though — Kotobukiya seems to be really going for the skin-tight plug suits, what with all the gloss finishing and whatnot.

    • Aka says:

      All of the Koto Eva figures have awkward poses, so I don’t fault this pose anymore then the others.

      I too thought there was something wrong with her face, or perhaps head. I’m undecided if it’s the whole head or just the face.

      The industrial feel of her prototype suit is fine, but I think the pink plugsuit does fit in better with the rest. Red + white = pink.

  2. Tier says:

    I don’t know jack about the new Evangelion movies and I don’t particularly care for the character design for the new girl, but oddly enough, I really like this figure. Maybe it’s because the girl seems to inviting you to admire her ass. I don’t know if I’ll pick up the Rei and Asuka figures in this line, but I’m thinking I’ll get this one.

    • Aka says:

      I kind of liked Mari’s character, though she has very poor English. The new movies are pretty good btw.

      I think Shirahige likes him some fine ass, because both Rei and Asuka have them stuck out one way or another. Mari fits in fine with that motif.

      Personally I think Asuka is the best of the line.

  3. Ami says:

    I actually don’t see anything wrong with her except for her butt being too outward. I’m happy she has the pink plugsuit on. The green plugsuit would’ve stood out too much. I have to see more pics. before I decide if I really like her or not. But you have to admit she looks a LOT better than the other Mari figures out there. I’m sure Koto will do a good job on her. I’m going to get her after she’s been released though. I know I’ll find her for a reasonable price. 🙂