On Order: Good Smile Company Saber -Triumphant Excalibur-

Good Smile Company has a lot to live up to after their Saber Lily -Distant Avalon- figure. Triumphant Excalibur looks like she’s doing a good job at it, but the proof is in the pudding and I want me some pudding.Assuming all goes to plan Good Smile should be releasing this figure in July (holy cow!) 2010. That’s a good 7 months wait until she arrives at my door step! She’ll be 1/7th scale just like -Distant Avalon- and has a much more dynamic pose. The MSRP for her is ¥9,800 / $114 CAD but AmiAmi has her for 18% off so I’ll be paying around ¥7,480 / $87 CAD give or take a few dollars due to fluxuating exchange rates between now and then. Might just be my next most highly anticipated figure.

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  1. Leonia says:

    This is an amazing figure like the other GSC recent adaptation (Saber Lily). I think that the set will be amazing and great. But I am not a Saber addict and I don’t think that I will pre-order this one ^^

    • Aka says:

      Personally, I’m a Tohsaka Rin addict, though I did start as a Saber addict before having seen Fate/Stay Night. But unfortunately they don’t make as many figures of Rin 🙁

      Or if they do they make poor ones like the recent one Wave released.

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