Kokuto Azaka by Kotobukiya

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  1. Mmm I quite liked Azaka in the movies too and wished she had a larger role, but as soon as I saw Movic’s name on this one I immediately steered clear. >_>

    Kudos to you Aka for being a true fan. ~_^

    1. I didn’t know anything about Movic, but I do know about Kotobukiya, and I knew they were making it. So I new what I was getting into, I’m just a bit of an Azaka fanboi I guess.

      I wish there was a better figure out there of her though, I really wanted a figure of her and I guess I paid the price.

  2. “who seems to have sculpted way too many mediocre Ayanami Rei figures”

    How can you not like Extra Wedding Rei? That’s a classic!

    I think your assessment about her price is spot on – from the pics it doesn’t look like there is anything that warrants the price tag. A couple years ago, Azaka would’ve retailed for about 40 at most and you might find some dealer at some convention trying to charge a “premium” of 65 for her.

    How good/bad is the shading on her skin? From the pics it looks like they left it completely unpainted.

    1. Classic doesn’t necessarily denote worth or good. Nishimura has also done another character I liked, Kaminagi Ryoko from Zegapain. It too isn’t a particularly well done figure it’s very mediocre, and that seems to be his style.

      Her skin has no shading at all, there is no shading on the figure anywhere, aside from the flame on her right hand. The rest of her is solid colours so far as I can tell. And rather I should say there’s no shading anywhere, but blending on the flame, they’ve of course blended the yellows oranges and reds together.

  3. Despite having no clue who this character is, I was interested in this figure when I saw it since I like the one-glove look; it gives the impression that she’s ready to beat someone up. But yeah, as you say, she’s a bit nondescript here. Sometimes simple figures can look really good but maybe a bit more liveliness would’ve made this figure stand out more.

    1. I think she could have looked better even if you maintained the same pose if she had been painted by GSC/Alter/Max Factory. But since it’s a Kotobukiya job she’s just too plain.

      You should watch Kara no Kyoukai though, it’s a good series of movies. She’s totally ready to kick ass.

  4. “I really only like this figure because of who she is”

    It’s hard for me to review a figure and stay unbiased because of that. Sometimes I think half of me is just TOO excited to have a character I love in front of me to properly analyze the flaws of the figure. Although there have been figures of characters I love that have had SUCH TERRIBLE flaws that even I couldn’t overlook them.

    I actually collected all of the recent Kara no Kyoukai figures except this one. I couldn’t agree with the price.

    1. Her price definitely was high for the product, but Azaka was great in the series and buying things online is just too easy. I’d love to tell myself 10 years ago that I would be able to buy stuff on the Internet in Japan and ship it for less than it costs to ship it in my own country.

      I think a lot of people get carried away with hype and the excitement of a character being in their possession. I to get this way and I’m sure it’s skewed the results of my reviews. But I only think that’s a problem when someone keeps rating things 9s or 10s like a lot of reviews seem to end up. I recall reading a few reviews on MFC where people had given such stellar ratings to rather poor figures But then a lot of it is also perspective. Perhaps they’re getting more out of it than I would so the rating for them is also higher.

      Whatever the case, I always take reviews with a grain of salt, and take some reviews with a lot. The issue is always calibrating the amount of salt to use…

      1. I agree about taking reviews with a grain of salt, the pictures will speak louder than the written part of thec reviews in the end anyway. Although I do particularly like your grading system.

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