Spice & Wolf Vol.1 via Amazon

Spice and Wolf Volume 1 arrived yesterday in the mail from Amazon, unfortunately no slip cover was provided as per Yen Press’ “Solution”. Should have cancelled my pre-order with Amazon and found somewhere else such as RightStuf to order from, as they’ll be including the proper cover with their orders.

The novel seem to be on par with just about any other decent novel which I hope is to be expected of such merchandise.  Still a disappointment thought about the cover, I can’t take it anywhere with me now.



  1. NanoZero says:

    I ordered it from Rightstuf. Hopefully I’ll get the slip cover. I didn’t buy the Yen Plus issue, so I have nothing to cover that ugly thing of a book cover.

  2. Rico-sama says:

    Yeah, that’s nothing I’d want to display either.

    I would, however, love to display what’s behind the book. 😀

  3. Miette-chan says:

    Aw man, that sucks, now I probably wont get it. Unless of course there is a reprinting with a decent cover.

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  6. That1Gai says:

    I mentioned in your recent blog about Yen Press with a possibly better solution for book #2, that I came up with a solution to cover this cover… by making my own!