Review: Max Factory’s Elwing

Today we have the final instalment of Max Factory’s Shining Wind Sexy Girls in Bikinis. What’s that you say? There’s four figures, not three? This is true, very true. I however do not own Ryuna as her price seems to be considerably higher than the other 3 in the set. I’m not entirely sure why though, perhaps she was a popular character in the game? Anyway, today I present you with Elwing, a sexy elf girl.



Like the other two figures, Elwing was produced by Max Factory and sculpted by Saito Heel. And just like the other two Elwing is also a 1/7th scale figure which retailed for ¥4,800 / $47 CAD back in November of 2006. Elwing is also from the same Shining Tears game series which has Tony Taka’s character designs. Elwing however differs from the others in a small way, she’s slightly cast-off and has two little leaf accessories for her bikini.


Elwing was the surprise of the group, as mentioned in my Mao review I expected to like her the most, however after receiving them all Elwing really stood out as being superior. Just like nearly all sexy girls in bikini figures her pose is simple, but it does it’s job and is quite cute. And I guess like all elves, she’s wearing only natural clothes made from leaves and… I’m not sure what that skirt is made out of though… Anyway, I can’t find any major flaws in the sculpting, it’s simple because the original artwork was.figure-max-factory-elwing-06

Paint wise Elwing’s decent, she lacks depth like all 3 but that’s again due to the simplicity of the original artwork. I think her pale skin works well though with the green leaf bikini and blonde hair, and overall her skin is fairly uniformly coloured. I guess the only downside to her skin is that it’s a bit shiny, but I suppose we could just assume she put sunscreen on or oil or something and ignore that.

Tony Taka did a good job designing her character, long flowing hair, good sized breasts, curves, some pointy ears, your usual elf coloured eyes and hair and Saito has done an good job realizing it all in 3-dimensions. Saito’s also given Elwing what appears to be the same tummy as the others, perfect.

Elwings skirt is easily removable and the seam not very noticable, though when the skirt is removable it reveals a small defect that I’m going to ignore. I’m going to ignore it because of what it seems to look like, it looks like sand is stuck to her bikini bottoms, which seems to fit the figure quite well. How’s that for a change, a positive defect?



So Elwing worked out to be my favourite, who knew? Well looking through posts on various sites I guess this was inevitable, she’s in far more than Mao, and has properly sized breasts unlike Blanc Neige. Additionally Elwing looks best in most of the artwork, so I’m glad that she worked out that way in this figure set as well. I’m quite pleased with Elwing, while like the others she’s not a spectacular figure, she’s cute and sexy and not defective! I wonder what girl in a sexy bikini I’ll buy next?

All their feet look the same and not very attractive 🙁



  • Simple and cute pose
  • Generally well sculpted
  • Decently painted


  • The sand-like stuff stuck to her bikini bottom, that or it’s attention to detail
  • Chunky ugly feet



  1. Leonia says:

    I like Elwing, but I don’t like this face expression and her clothes ^^’

  2. Rico-sama says:

    “Positive defect.” LOL.

    This is my favorite of the three you’ve showcased. I love the leaf bikini motif and she looks like she has the most consistent coloring of the bunch. I like her face too – the hint of blush is really a nice effect.

    It’s a shame that Ryuna can’t be had at a decent price though. She looks like she would’ve been the best of the bunch.

    • Aka says:

      I think Elwing would have remained my favourite but I do hate having an incomplete set. It’s annoying to have 75% of something! I would hate to have 75% of a car for example. Perhaps it works, and looks great, but it’s missing wheels, pretty useless that way.

      <3 Positive defects. I doubt I'll get many, or even any more beyond this one, but I think it worked well.

    • Aka says:

      Just received a notification from eBay about a new listing for Ryuna, $160. I don’t get it.

      • BakaMan says:

        Not sure if you’re still interested. But it looks like someone’s posted Ryuna up on ebay. It’s an auction though, and it may be over by the time you read this message. Hopefully not though. It’s much better than the 160 retail you mentioned. :/

        Good luck. I’m not going for it. Just thought I’d help you out. I know what it feels like to own 75% of something. It doesn’t feel good.

        • Aka says:

          Thanks for the heads up BakaMan, I’ll keep an eye on that auction.

          I think I’m mostly over owning all 4 of these figures now that there are more Shining Wind swimsuit figures being released, but it doesn’t hurt to try and finish up a set.

          • BakaMan says:

            Hmm. Yeah. After a while one usually loses interest, or at least, the interest isn’t as strong as it used to be.
            At any rate, I’m freaking obsessed over Clalaclan in her swimsuit.
            I don’t try to complete sets, but just go for the stuff I like.
            And well, I took one good look at Clalaclan, then I looked at my wallet, and started crying lol.
            At any rate, I love your site. I’ll be visiting it whenever I have time.

          • Aka says:

            Clalaclan is the only figure from the new set I refuse to buy. My dislike for breasts larger than heads outweighs my need for completion.

            Thanks for the compliments! Look forward to future comments!

            PS: My wallet is always crying.

          • BakaMan says:

            Haha. I just like pretty girls. There isn’t any better way to explain it. And of course, everyone has different tastes and different perception of their own pretty girl.
            I took one look at Clalaclan and I said “Hot damn. I… MUST… HAVE HER!”
            Large breasts aside, I think she has a cute pose and a cute face. Not quite so interested in the others. Though, maybe Xecty.

  3. Panther says:

    Easy to remove? Damn I suck, it took me nearly 8 months before I finally got around to figuring out how to remove the skirt. She is displayed with it off for me.

    Nice figure indeed, both Elwing and Blanc Neige stand out amongst the 4, though I never did get Mao or Ryuna (not interested in either, but I have Kotobukiya’s Mao from Shining Wind).

    • Aka says:

      lol I remember receiving a figure or two without knowing they were cast-off or if they were how to cast them off. But 8 months is a long time! I display mine with the skirt on, I think it makes her seem a bit more refined then the other 2.

      Kotobukiya’s Mao is quite nice, though her clothes look to be a size or two too small on her, which isn’t all together a bad thing…