Review: Max Factory’s Blanc Neige

Sometimes you just fall for a girl (or 3) in a bikini, a simple reason for sure, but I think a perfectly reasonable excuse. I’ve personally tried (and failed) to avoid buying sexy girls in bikinis because they’re generally quite plain figures, sexy, but lacking depth. Though I must say, they’re a lot simpler to explain than having a tail fetish.

This week I’m going to do something slightly different, a series of reviews for a series of figures. Let’s call it Max Factory’s Shining Tears Sexy Girls in Bikinis, today we’ll start off with Blanc Neige.


Max Factory’s Blanc Neige was produced way back in December 2006 in a 1/7th scale form-factor. She retailed for ¥4,800 / $47 CAD (Dec ’06 values) and was sculpted by Saito Heel. This particular Blanc Neige comes from the Shining Tears game whose characters were illustrated by Tony Taka and released in 2004. The figure was a standard run, has no ‘extras’ like cast-off or alternate faces, and can be easily found on eBay for a range of prices. Some of you may also recall a previous review Kotobukiya’s Blanc Neige, she however was from the Shining Wind series, same franchise, different game.


Being such a simple figure my impressions are also simple. Her pose is alluring and has many points of er interest. Hugging her breasts she displays her cleavage for all to see though it almost gives off an entirely different impression, one could almost think she was trying to hide them instead. Moving further down we have a nicely shaped tummy and further down some thighgap as well.


The detail work on this figure is fairly simple and sparse, there’s enough there to be attractive but not enough to really talk about. To give Mr Saito some credit, the original work was pretty simple as well. The paintwork is very flat and lacks pretty much all depth. But that isn’t to say it doesn’t work for the figure, the skin is a nice tone, and the colours on her bikini are simple, which I prefer over say, a leopard skin print. The key thing about the bikini figure-max-factory-blanc-neige-06for me though is that it actually covers her, this is important for her sex appeal. I find when a bikini is too revealing I actually lose interest, perhaps because there’s nothing left to explore, you’ve already seen it all.


Blanc Neige is sexy and so is this figure. While that was enough to get me to pull out my wallet and spend, it’s definitely not enough to make her a great figure. She’s just an average sexy girl in a bikini, ok seriously that line seems absurd to write but it’s true. In reality this would not be the case, as she would be a sexy girl in a bikini that I possess, but in the anime world and more specifically the figure world, they’re a dime a dozen and making one stand out is a difficult task indeed.

She is sexy though…



  • Who needs a pushup bra when you do it yourself?
  • Good overall sculpt, shows off her curves well
  • Nice tight thighgap


  • Breasts are a bit on the large side
  • Unfortunately Blanc Neige has some ugly feet



  1. Leonia says:

    This adaptation is really sensual, more than others I think (maybe because of the bikine). Yhe first Kotobukiya version is sensual too for her pose (Tony Taka style). I like the pose and the face of Max Factory adaptation. She is really cute and sexy ^^ Thank for this beautiful review Aka ^^ I’am impressive by your pictures (as always ? :P)

  2. Panther says:

    “same franchise, different game” – Blanc Neige was a year older in Wind and sported a different look, but it is still the same Blanc Neige.

    Max Factory did a good rendition of the four girls in swimwear, but unfortunately did not manage to get the license to produce the Wind versions of them, which is a pity since Koto did not really do a good job for the only Wind version of Blanc Neige out. Reviewed this figure more than a year ago myself, though I have yet to post up the revised version. Nice job.

    • Aka says:

      Thanks, and thanks again for the additional info on the series of games. Again I relied on Wikipedia, since I’ve never played the games. I hope I was more accurate this time ’round than last lol.

      I agree that Max Factory could have done a better job on the Wind characters than Koto did, but I have to disagree a bit with your opinion of the 4 girls in swim-wear from Tears. I feel they’re somewhat mediocre in their craftsmanship, not bad, but not great either.

      • Panther says:

        That is because this was before the golden age of MF and Alter and advances in figure production. See 2007-2008 releases by both.

        • Aka says:

          I have another figure from Alter from 2007, she definitely didn’t live up to expectations of Alter products given all the praise I’d heard. But thankfully she was on sale at a good price. Was also before I understood the figure industry in any way whatsoever.

          I didn’t realize the quality levels would have changed so much over the short period, but I guess the industry isn’t a very old oen either.

          I think I based my judgement off how well I thought my Tohsaka Rin turned out from Good Smile Company, produced in 2005.

          Oh well live and learn!

  3. Lylibellule says:

    I’m also not an adept of swimsuit. A bikini and a pose more a less the same for all figures of that styles. Makes them ordinary.
    Blanc-neige is pretty. I like the way that it’s bikini match the tone of her hairs. It gives a nice sight. It’s true that Max Factory could have done better with skin shadows.
    Very nice photo and a good idea to propose a series based on that theme.

    • Aka says:


      Yeah unfortunately bikini figures seem way too ordinary. When I think of bikini I don’t think of ordinary, but bikini + figure = Boring. So strange that way.

  4. Rico-sama says:

    You’re right about Blanc: sexy, but ordinary. I’ve seen this one floating around a lot at conventions have been tempted, but I find something better to spend my money on.

    Her hair looks kinda bland. Is the detailing on it as flat as it looks in the pics? If so that’s a shame. Max Factory is usually better than that.

    Pretty good job with Blanc’s face though.

    • Aka says:

      Yeah the detailing is about as flat as the pictures. I think maybe a bit more exaggerated but still pretty lacking. Hot, but lacking.

      There’s definitely better to spend ones money on than Blanc here, but she’s acceptable if one finds a decent price.

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