Review: Kotobukiya’s Shikinami Asuka Langley (Eva 2.0)

The final installment of my 3 part series I like to call Kotobukiya’s Rebuild of Evangelion series. Today we have Shikinami Asuka Langley up for review, a re-imagined version of Soryu Asuka Langley with less bitch and more dere. By no means the perfect mix of tsun and dere like Horo, but a very good attempt, I enjoyed her in Evangelion 2.0.

I previously reviewed both Ayanami Rei and Katsuragi Misato as well.


Shikinami Asuka Langley is a renamed Soryu Asuka Langley from the series Neon Genesis Evangelion, and more specifically, the Rebuild of Evangelion series of movies. Asuka was renamed I believe for consistency purposes due to character lastnames and their relations to World War I and II ships in the Japanese Navy. Soryu being an Aircraft Carrier, and Shikinami being a Destroyer class, which matches up better with Ayanami being a Destroyer class as well as the newly introduced character Mari Illustrious Makinami, who’s lastname also matches up with a Destroyer. I’m not sure why this mattered, but it does bring them all in line with regards to their classes. Asuka is of German-Japanese descent and a child prodigy having graduated university while still a teenager and under 14 years old. I wonder if they ever said what field she studied?

The figure itself is 1/6th scale just like the rest in this series, cost ¥6,800 / $80 CAD, measures in at approximately 20 cm tall, and was sculpted by Shirahige Tsukuru. Asuka is the newest of the series having been released October 2009, which happened to nearly coincide with the Canadian Premiere of Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance which I watched not too long ago.

The Bijin Herself

My biased opinion of my favourite character from the Evangelion series says that Asuka is the best of the bunch and wants to leave it at that. But the slightly more rational side of me feels I should back up my statements with facts and reason, so lets go with that idea.

Lets start with Asuka’s pose, doesn’t she look comfortable? I think she looks comfortable, much more so than Misato and Rei for sure with her awkward pose. However after actually trying that pose out myself, it doesn’t feel nearly as comfortable as it looks, and in fact Rei’s pose actually feels more comfortable to me. I think Asuka and Rei are much more flexible than I. Regardless though of how the pose feels to me, it definitely appeals to me more than Rei’s pose, though it does bring out something I’m not usually fond of. Asuka has a big bum in this sculpt, unfortunately or fortunately for me, your choice, I do not like big butts (and I can lie), so her seemingly larger bottom has me at odds. I understand that Shirahige’s seems to be paying homage to Sadamoto Yoshiyuki’s art style, a style that seems to exaggerate the female form, but couldn’t he have have narrowed her hips just a smidgen? I suspect had he done so her proportions would have seemed off just like Sadamoto’s artwork which seems to annoy me more than Asuka’s larger bottom. And because her proportions seem to work out so well I’m going to overlook her bum.

Sculpt wise, Asuka is fairly simple but well constructed. I haven’t noticed any injection points or molding defects, she seems about as perfect as one could expect, and as I keep saying in this series, well beyond what I expected Kotobukiya to deliver. Asuka has the translucent hair like Rei, but of course much longer and flowing so the effect shows much better. There’s a good amount of detail in Asuka’s hair as well, the top of her head is somewhat simple but the long flowing back has much sculpt work into it. Like Misato it appears as those there’s a breeze blowing Asuka’s hair for us like a model’s hair in a photoshoot. I appreciate that this breeze is constant, I’d hate to walk in one day and see her hair flat against her back.

I’m a fan of pale skin such as Asuka has on this figure, however a fellow figure reviewer over at Polyvinyl Crush has pointed out in his review that Asuka’s skin is actually more pale than Rei’s which doesn’t seem right. I presented a (poor) argument about how it could be in relation to Asuka’s nationality vs Rei’s but, that doesn’t really fly I don’t think. So I’ll have to agree with Rico and say that despite it’s pleasant appearance, I think it was the wrong choice of colour on Kotobukiya’s part. The rest of the figure however, I think the colours are well chosen, deep blue eyes, feiry orange hair, and a vibrant red for her plugsuit. And just like on Rei Kotobukiya managed to stay within the lines on everything, good hard edges and makes for a very well done paint job. Though I admit that a plugsuit is easier to paint than other types of clothing.


Asuka’s base is a miniature of her four-eyed Evangelion carved in stone (not real stone!). It doesn’t have any means of holding Asuka in place and relies almost entirely on gravity to do the work. There’s a bit of sculpting in Asuka’s hand that forms well around the Evas head, but that’s really about all there is holding her in place. Given her currently location where she resides high above my desk, I do fear she’ll slide off, I’m hoping not before Christmas as I wished to my family if they could get me another cabinet or perhaps some money towards one. Hopefully that works out and then I can stop worrying about Asuka’s base lacking support. Overall though, she seems better supported than my Misato who likes to lean to her right if jarred a bit too much.

Finally, Asuka’s box is much nicer than Rei and Misatos… er perhaps that was worded poorly. What I really mean to say is, Asuka’s box was easier to open… I still feel like I’m digging a hole here. One last time… The container Asuka’s figure was presented in while appearing the same as Misato and Reis, is in actuality far better constructed. Sturdy where it needed to be sturdy and flexible where it need to be flexible. This made the flaps much easier to manipulate and opened far easier allowing me to slide her out with such incredible ease you’d think there was some sort of lubrication involved. I enjoyed the process much better than the other two and didn’t feel nearly as frustrated afterwards.


The Finish

And that concludes my 3 part series! I enjoyed all of these figures a lot and am quite happy Rico brainwashed me pointed out these babes on his site. There’s one thing I forgot to mention though about 2 of these girls… Theyr’e 14 aren’t they? I’m pretty sure they are, but why do they all look the same age, Misato included and Misato’s 29! Either she looks very young for her age (and she does), or they look quite a lot older for theirs (and they do). I’m going to meet in the middle and say they’re all actually 21 years old. Not only does this make me feel better about ogling them, but it seems to fit better with their figures, breast sizes, and overall appearance. Everyone agree? Good.

In closing I’d like to say that, Asuka is still my favourite. Even if I pretend to be unbiased I think she’s the best of the 3, followed by Misato and then Rei. However if they make a Mari Illustrious Makinami figure, that could bump Rei to 4th.

I can see between Asuka’s legs too…


PS: I hope I used bijin right… pretty sure it means beautiful woman… pretty sure…


  • Appealing pose, comfortable or not
  • Great base design
  • Solid construction, no defects stand out so far as mold is concerned.
  • Price paid matches the quality received quite well


  • Strangely Asuka’s skin is more pale than Reis.
  • Asuka doesn’t attach to her base as well as Rei does hers



  1. Rico-sama says:

    “I enjoyed all of these figures a lot and am quite happy Rico brainwashed me pointed out these babes on his site.”

    What goes around comes around, my friend. I’m eying the Max Factory Shinning Wind swimsuit series on eBay now. I “blame” you for that. 😀

    “However if they make a Mari Illustrious Makinami figure, that could bump Rei to 4th.”

    That’s a bold statement.

    Yeah, looking at her skin tones in your shots pretty much assures me that I wasn’t seeing things in my review. You’re right though that she’s still a phenomenal figure regardless.

    I LOL’ed at the pose bit. You’re right that it looks the most comfortable but is quite hard to hold (just tried it myself, lol).

    Your point about the relative ages got me thinking: how tall are they if they stood up? From that last pic in your post it looks like they all would be the same height, but they should only be coming up to Misato’s shoulders.

    PS. I <3 big bums! 😀

    • Aka says:

      If you’re seriously buying the Shining Wind figures, make sure you don’t pay too much. They’re very average I thought in build quality, but nice to look at for sure, except Mao’s ugly leg.

      I make the statement about Mari more with regards to Rei’s pose and my dislike for it. So I feel that if Kotobukiya doesn’t put Mari in the most distasteful or unnatural pose possible, she’d be superior to Rei assuming the quality of the figure was the same. Plus Mari is sorta fresh for the franchise, maybe not as a character in general, but still something new. So if done well would easily topple the tried and true Rei.

      I can’t figure out why the mind seems to think Asuka looks comfortable, perhaps it’s her expression and the casual manner in which she seems to project herself. But I seriously think that has to be the most uncomfortable seating position I’ve ever tried.

      I’m pretty sure they all look about the same height, perhaps even Asuka looking taller than the other two. I think it just goes back to the whole scales are meaningless thing… though I wish they weren’t so meaningless within sets.

      • Rico-sama says:

        Hmmm. Good point, thanks. Still, I’m a sucker for swimsuits, so we’ll see how I fare, lol.

        I didn’t say I disagreed with it, but it’s bold nonetheless. 😀 No, you make good points; especially about Mari’s freshness.

        Same here; it really bugs me when there isn’t consistency within a set (especially in this case where it’s the same sculptor).

  2. Aka says:

    So it would seem I’d forgotten to include the Gallery in this post. It’s here now…

  3. Leonia says:

    The better of the set ^^ Asuka have a sensual expression, and a really nice pose ! I love too her base ^^ Thanks a lot for this presentation, maybe I will buy her one days (your review will cost my money >_<)

  4. kitty says:

    she’s gorgeous! i saw her at the weeaboo store but didn’t want to rashly spend money… but your review has certainly tipped the scales into purchasing’s favour :3 i hope all of these figures are so beautiful

    • Aka says:

      lol the weeaboo store? I believe she’s getting a release like the rest of them, should be easy to find and at a decent price.

      Glad I could tip the scales for the better!

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