Review: Kotobukiya’s Katsuragi Misato (Eva 1.0)

Today we have Katsuragi Misato from Kotobukiya’s Rebuild of Evangelion series of figures. Previously I reviewed their Ayanami Rei and Friday I will review their Shikinami Asuka Langley. Misato stands out from Asuka and Rei because she has far far less figures made in her image. In the past 14 years since the series’ debut Rei and Asuka have accumulated over 287 figures between them (not including garage kits!), Misato only 16, and of course not all of those 16 are well produced. Kotobukiya’s thankfully is, but how well?


Katsuragi Misato is from the series Neon Genesis Evangelion and is the operations director at NERV, a special agency tasked with defending the Earth against “Angel” attacks. Originally having rank of captain and later promoted to Major, however in the Rebuild of Evangelion series she has rank of Lieutenant-Colonel as well as greater involvement with NERV overall than in the original series. Misato was born December 8th, 1986 before “2nd Impact”, a catestrophic event that destroyed a great majority of mankind, making her 29 years old in the series. Misato commands the Evangelions during most combat operations, constructs battle plans and instructs the pilots (Shinji, Rei, Asuka). She’s a fairly major character in the series and not one I was originally overly fond of when I first saw the series. But as I’ve aged, my opinion of her has changed, vastly, she’s become one of my favourite characters. (Though over the same period, my hate for Shinji has only grown)

figure-kotobukiya-katsuragi-misato-12Misato’s a 1/6th scale figure, just like Rei and Asuka in this figure series, was originally retailed for ¥6,800 / $64 CAD, was released in March of 2008 and re-released in July of the same year. Misato was sculpted by Shirahige Tsukuru who also did Rei and Asuka, as well as around 40 other figures though none as good as this series. Misato is no longer available in retail but can easily be found on eBay for $80 CAD to $130 CAD.

The Figure

Misato’s sculpted in a kneeling pose with her jacket half off and her gun in hand which is apparently a “USP” whatever that is. It’s a nice pose, she looks maybe a bit too serene just before going into battle but it does work for her. Misato’s hair and jacket are both flowing in the wind, though I think a wind strong enough to pickup a leather jacket like that is probably quite strong, no wonder she’s kneeling. The detail work in Misato’s is greater in some ways than Rei and Asuka just due to the type of clothing she’s wearing vs theirs. This means Shirahige had to work a little harder on Misato I think, and he did a pretty good job. There are many wrinkles and folds in her dress in a very believable fashion, as well as her leather coat which appears thicker, as it should. Additionally, and surely planned, this pose also exposes Misato’s pantsu, thank you miniskirt.


Shirahige has also produced a wonderful base for Misato, it wouldn’t have been appropriate for her to stand atop an Eva, and this ‘scene’ reminds me of a certain part of the series which I will not spoil, but the point is, it works well. I think this base fits better with Misato than Asuka and Rei’s bases do with them, even if they are sitting atop their respective Evas. It works better because this creates more of a ‘scene’ where as the others don’t.

figure-kotobukiya-katsuragi-misato-16Kotobukiya has done a fantastic job on Misato’s paintwork exceeding the quality I generally expect from their products. Misato’s skin tones are pleasant though like many figures lacking some depth to them, and her clothes are generally well done though some parts better than others. I feel her jacket is better painted than the rest of her, and that’s not a bad thing. One could just imagine that she’s wearing new or washed clothes (I would hope washed at least) where as her jacket being leather might not get washed that often and since worn more often as well would show signs of wear. So personally I can find an ‘excuse’ for the lack of colour depth in some places going by that logic, perhaps I’m becoming a forgiving collector afterall.

On second thought, maybe not. Misato has a fairly large problem, or at least mine does as I’ve heard otherwise from the internets. But my Misato has a balance problem, she likes to lean on that wall too easily. Like my benchmark of failure, Taki Corp’s Horo, Misato’s center of gravity seems to be misaligned to her right causing her to fall over on occasion. Now since I don’t live in an earthquake prone area, or have crazy wild sex that shakes the house, this is mostly a non-issue, except… I’m out of shelf space. This means I have her on my desk, which, while playing racing games with my Logitech G25 shakes quite a lot at times when the Force Feedback is going and I’m racing hard around the Nordschleife. But in that case it’s all my issue as I should just swap her with another figure and stop complaining. There’s also an issue with a black speck on her left arm, which can’t be seen in any pictures for some reason, perhaps I photoshopped it out subconsciously because it annoyed me, but I don’t remember doing so.


Overall I’m very happy with my Misato figure, there aren’t many out there an far fewer that I actually like. And if we stick to just PVC figures, I think there are 3 total that I would purchase, and I have one of them already. The other two would be New Line’s cold cast version from 2005, and a cheap SEGA figure from this year. Unfortunately New Line’s is both old and expensive, and SEGA’s is cheap and of unknown quality to me at this time. I’m rather happy Rico ‘talked’ me into buying Misato, he’s a bad influence but sometimes it pays off (lol).

I could resist taking a picture of Misato’s empty gun hand…



  • Misato’s well sculpted
  • Paintwork on Misato is also well done
  • Miniskirts are wonderful
  • Base reminds me of a scene from the series
  • A great Misato figure, for once


  • Misato has a balance issue, poor center of gravity



  1. Leonia says:

    This base is nice too, and the figure great ^^ But like I said on Rei review, I prefer Asuka ^^ I’am waiting for yours pictures !!

  2. Rico-sama says:

    If you think Misato has a balance problem wait until you see how Asuka “sits” on her Eva…

    It’s like strolling through memory lane because I’m getting to enjoy these figures again. With each review you do with this series I find new reasons to like these figures. Case in point: gunless Misato, lol!

    I agree that this Shirahige’s most innovative sculpt of the three, but the one thing that bugs me about Misato now looking back on her is her face. It looks a little off. It’s still clearly Misato so on that level it succeeds, but it’s just shaped a little different than the designs I’m used to.

    Mini-skirt makes up for it though! :3

    PS. Sega figures are generally good but don’t expect intricate detailing or lavish painting for 17 bucks (sometimes they don’t even put a base coat over the raw plastic for skin tones). Their main selling point is that they’re cheap and fun, but at the same time Sega figures *can* be more imaginative then the more praised companies in the industry. Especially the Eva figures Sega makes because Sega makes a billion of them, lol.

    • Aka says:

      I actually find Asuka has never fallen over yet. Misato on the other hand would fall as I rotated her for pictures. But I can see what you mean.

      lol I’m glad you liked gunless Misato, re-reading your review you couldn’t find anything playful in the sculpt, how was that picture, playful enough? or too much innudendo in it?

      You’re right about her face, I felt the same way but overlooked that, I guess when hurrying to get the review to press.

      Again, re-reading your review, I kinda wish this figure was a bit more happy, more like the fridge-full-of-beer-Misato you (and I) know, perhaps displaying a bit of that cleavage you mention to get a rise out of Shinji. Between Rei and Asuka she seems to stand out, too serious. The other two have sexy poses which can never be serious, Misato has a gun and rubble around her… Wonder why the major difference?

      As for SEGA, I didn’t really expect much for their cost, I just wasn’t really sure if they were worth it or not. They must be though since 90% of their business model seems to be selling Asuka and Rei figures in different clothes. They should probably just make a poseable Rei and Asuka and get into the doll clothing business instead. Sounds like it’d be easier for them.

      • Rico-sama says:

        Really? Maybe I haven’t been putting Asuka on right then, lol.

        Very playful, but also love the innuendo. :3

        I do have a theory that Shirahige is actually giving an external expression of the character’s inner persona for each figure in this line. To me that explains Misato’s attitude as she’s serene and conflicted. It’s a little less obvious with Rei and Asuka because they are expressive, but I think the theory still holds.

        But I still want a beer guzzling, cleavage showing Misato, dammit!

        Hmmm. Dollfie Rei and Asuka? 😀

        • Aka says:

          If Dollfies weren’t so expensive, I think I’d become a doll collector… which kind of creeps me out, but I’d still do it. Taki’s Horo creeped me out for a long time and I still kept buying…

          I hate to call you out on your theory but… I think I can understand Misato, but how does that theory apply to Rei and Asuka?

          There isn’t a beer guzzling cleavage showing Misato yet? I find that hard to believe, but it seems to be true… what kind of failure is this, that’s not right. I can find some garage kits that would fit that description, but nothing else. I demand one right now. I should add that to my Christmas List, but that post was a pain to write as it is.

          • Rico-sama says:

            Regarding my pet theory, it has mostly to do with the way each of them are posed and the expressions on their faces. Rei looks afflicted. Her body is tense and closed and she looks uncertain. She also grips the base (her Eva) quite tightly.

            On the other hand Asuka looks melancholy. There is something bitter-sweet about her smile and general expression. Her pose is a little harder to apply this logic to, but I still think there is something there with how she holds herself.

            Anyway, it wouldn’t surprise me if a few GKs like that existed, but I have yet to see beer guzzling, cleavage showing Misato in PVC form. That would be a prime candidate for a Sega figure, now that I think about it, lol!

          • Aka says:

            Alright, sounds good to me! I’ve never been very good at finding metaphor in things, I guess my mind just doesn’t work that way most of the time. Or finds silly metaphor.

            Lets propose the idea with SEGA, I’m sure they’ll take us up on the offer since they seem to have taken up everyone elses.

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