On Order: Good Smile Company Librorum Prohibitorum Index

I was on the fence with this figure quite a bit, I’m not a fan of Index but the figure looked so well done. Eventually I caved after many others had decided I should purchase her haha.

Update (11/06/10): Full Review.

Like all the figure Good Smile Company has been producing recently, this figure seems to be top notch quality, the shading and colours seem to be spot on. Of course they’re promo shots so they have to be taken with a grain of salt. But I still expect a great product when I finally receive her.

The stats on this figure don’t differ too greatly from others, 1/8th scale, 19cm tall, March 2010 release date. The only difference I found with this figure is GSC’s price is lower on her than some of their others, the MSRP is ‘only’ ¥7,800 / $91 CAD.

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