Christmas Figure Wishlist (2009)

gk-unknown-catgirl-01Unknown Cat Girl

Series: n/a
Sculptor: Amin Garekino Bar
Scale: n/a
Release: n/a
Price: n/a
Notes: Garage kit, I believe it was either very very limited run or only one or two were ever made.

This figure needs some work but I’ve always liked it because of her pose. Her pose seems so cat-like to me, as if she’s about to attack. As well I don’t think I’ve seen a figure in a pose such as this, how many figures do you see on all fours? Though I have to admit, my attraction to this figure isn’t entirely as innocent as her cat-like pose, I like her because of her nice legs and bum. There are many downsides to this figure though, such as her extreme limited nature, even if she were available she’d still be a garage kit and require work, as well as her face isn’t very attractive I find, which always sounds mean to say, even if it is directed at an anime figure. An additional downside for me is that when cast-off she appears far too young for me to be comfortable with, she would have to stay dressed as I feel she doesn’t look nearly as young that way, or is that just me?

Pictures come from a variety of sources, Sculptor’s home page, moeyo, link 2), アキバHOBBY, 天羅Blog, Gil’s Tavern, WFS, and the remaining pictures I have cannot be sourced unfortunately, I believe I grabbed them off an image board at one point in the past. Additionally, the pictures are all from similar angles due to only being displayed at events such as Wonderfest so that considerably limits what’s visible.

gk-unknown-catgirl-02 gk-unknown-catgirl-03 gk-unknown-catgirl-04 gk-unknown-catgirl-05 gk-unknown-catgirl-06 gk-unknown-catgirl-07 gk-unknown-catgirl-08 gk-unknown-catgirl-09 gk-unknown-catgirl-10 gk-unknown-catgirl-11 gk-unknown-catgirl-12 gk-unknown-catgirl-13 gk-unknown-catgirl-14 gk-unknown-catgirl-15 gk-unknown-catgirl-16 gk-unknown-catgirl-17 gk-unknown-catgirl-18

gk-ryu-ns-ayanami-rei-01Ayanami Rei

Series: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Company: n/a
Sculptor: Ryu-NS
Scale: 1/6
Release: n/a
Price: $46 USD / $49 CAD
Notes: Has various modifications that can be seen all over the internets

This figure by Ryu-NS has been around for ages, long long before I even had any real interest in collecting figures. I can recall seeing pictures of this figure before I even got out of high school oh so many years ago. So this figure has been around, and has had time to mature, har har. I most certainly could not own this figure, it’s entirely beyond my perv scale, I just could not display it anywhere, especially at 1/6th scale! But none the less, over the many years I’ve seen this figure I’ve always had a part of me that secretly wanted her, but shhh it’s a secret, don’t tell anyone! So far as I can tell there’s no pre-painted versions available of this here Rei, so I couldn’t even try to buy her finished if I want to. One neat thing about this figure though is some of the modifications that have been made to her, one of which can be seen in the pictures below (last 2). Sure it’s a bit pornographic, ok a lot, but I found it quite humorous who’s name was written on that dummy plug she has being loaded into her… ahem.

Pictures are from 瓦礫な部屋, GarageKit Finish Works, momonga’s Home as well as image boards without source.

gk-ryu-ns-ayanami-rei-02 gk-ryu-ns-ayanami-rei-03 gk-ryu-ns-ayanami-rei-04 gk-ryu-ns-ayanami-rei-05 gk-ryu-ns-ayanami-rei-06 gk-ryu-ns-ayanami-rei-07 gk-ryu-ns-ayanami-rei-08 gk-ryu-ns-ayanami-rei-09 gk-ryu-ns-ayanami-rei-10 gk-ryu-ns-ayanami-rei-11 gk-ryu-ns-ayanami-rei-12 gk-ryu-ns-ayanami-rei-13 gk-ryu-ns-ayanami-rei-14 gk-ryu-ns-ayanami-rei-15 gk-ryu-ns-ayanami-rei-16 gk-ryu-ns-ayanami-rei-17


There were many figures I wanted to include, and maybe even some I should have included instead of others, who knows, but I feel this list represents a pretty decent wishlist. Almost all of the figures (and Dollfies) on it are quite hard to come by which is really what I think a wishlist is. If I could get everything on it, it’d be a shopping list and nothing so special. I also feel a wishlist should have some crazy items on it, like the 1:1 scale full out android Drossel, never gonna happen, but wouldn’t it be so cool if it did? You know it would be. Or if I were able to purchase a Dollfie of Saber or Rin, I think that would be so cute. Would I have to start talking as if she were my daughter like other Dollfie owners? Maybe I should have wished for a Dollfie Horo? That could happen I think a lot easier than some of my other wishes. However I hope Dollfie doesn’t come out with one, because I don’t want to be forced into spending so much money.

So, if you’ve made it this far in my wishlist, I applaud your dedication and ask to you good sir and/or madam, what would be on your wishlist this year and how feasible would purchasing or receiving it be?

Best wishes this Holiday Season…



  1. Leonia says:

    Beautiful whislist ^^ Dark Saber is really beautiful ! Shad had Soryu Asuka Langley Bike Ver.1. I believe that E2046 proposes the Gathering in pre-order(expensive price). Horo Miku version is an adorable Fanart, I would like an figure adaptation !!

    • Aka says:

      I really like Dark Saber, her clothes are just adorable. A Horo cosplaying as Hatsune Miku figure would be so bought my yours truely. But then so is anything Horo.

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  3. Rico-sama says:

    Some interesting choices there, Aka. Looks like you’ve created a true wishlist like you set out to do as a lot of those aren’t easily had (some don’t even exist, lol).

    A friend bought a Dollfie. I teased him about it until he showed her off to me. I still tease him, but now I’m secretly jealous. Rin would be my top choice as well (wasn’t she a lottery item?), but I also like the Yoko Dollfie that’s floating around. :3

    I’m with you when it comes to GKs – see a lot of models I want, but with no real skills to it create it myself I’m left with a choice between paying exorbitant amounts of money to have someone else do it or not…then always falling on the “not” side. For me though the Bike Ver. Asuka is a (close) second for the most desirable GK – Bubba Space Yuki comes first. 😀

    I’d buy a Horo Bike Ver and I don’t know why. I guess it’s mostly because you’re the biggest Horo fan I know and you say it would work so it must, lol.

    I wouldn’t want Honda messing around with Drossel. Just because it would be Drossel still doesn’t mean the engineers would make her work right. Last thing I want to see is that video replayed with Drossel instead of Asmo. >,< No, let Sony build the robot! 😀

    I didn't even know that Rei existed, but now I want her. Atomic-Bom one I mean. I knew the naked one existed. 😛

    The only one you really lost me on was the cat girl.

    PS. I didn't believe you about original GSC Miku until I checked eBay myself. 0.0

    • Aka says:

      Not sure why you got marked spam again, how annoying!

      I’d tease your friend on the amount he spent on the Dollfie and less likely the Dollfie itself. They’re mad expensive, I can’t believe it. But I’m now jealous of your friend. I’m not sure if Rin was a lottery item, perhaps that explains some aspect of the high prices on eBay.

      I think I’d go for the Bubba witch yuki where she’s sitting cutely. But Space Yuki is nice too, very nice bum if I recall correctly as well.

      I’m not really sure why I think a Horo Bike Ver would work… I’m just into motorsports and getting Horo on something modern, powerful and just as sexy as her seemed like a win win situation for me. I just couldn’t think of a car that would work well.

      Hmm Honda or Sony… Honda makes really reliable cars and machinery though, I used to have a 5.5 hp Honda motor on my go-kart, that thing probably still runs, and I got that thing originally 15 years ago, and it was used then! But Sony seems to have to neat dancing robots and such. Perhaps they should combine efforts? But I can definitely see your point, I don’t want to see Drossel looking as stupid as Asimo, poor little guy.

      I saw the Atomic-Bom Rei a while back, I’m not really sure where, but finding her again was fairly simple when searching something like “綾波 レガレージキット” (Ayanami Rei Garage Kit) with Safe Search turned off of course.

      The catgirl one I’m almost positive I originally saw on danbooru with absolutely no info at all given about it. Eventually saw it again like a year later on some Japanese website, so I started to just grab Japanese text surrounding the picture and start searching and searching. Eventually came across the creators site. So far as I know the figure is just named “Cat” or “Neko” or something.

      • Rico-sama says:

        No biggie, it happens.

        My friend got a standard release one so it wasn’t so bad comparatively. Still high yes, but not Rin or Saber crazy.

        I don’t do a lot of searching in Japanese, but with results like you find I’m gonna start doing it more. :3 And someone needs to make Atomic-Bom Rei into a figure. Preferable Alter, but Kotobukiya would also be acceptable.

        And my choice of Sony was a not so obvious reference to MegaTokyo. The writer had an android character that was built by “Sony” as a next-gen PlayStation. Like Chi but you could also play games on her. Way cuter than Asmo (but as cute as not Drossel).

        • Aka says:

          Oh you were referring to Ping. It’s funny because I’ve been reading Megatokyo for years now, but so little has happened in the past… 2 years? I’ve sorta glanced at it weekly without paying much attention to it. Fred’s updates have also gotten pretty sparse as of late, for someone who I though quit his job to produce the comic, he’s slackin’ pretty hardcore.

          Yeah I suppose standard release Dollfies are probably more affordable, I’ve never really looked though. Only at character Dollfies, which all seemed to be small fortunes in cost. What does a standard release Dollfie go for?

          Atomic-Bom Rei needs to be made by a good company, Alter for sure, but not Kotobukiya. I know Kotobukiya has done a fantastic job on their Rebuild of Evangelion Eva figures, but they’re too hit or miss on most of their products. I’d prefer, Alter, Max Factory or Good Smile Company to produce Atomic-Bom Rei.

          I don’t necessarily do a lot of searching in Japanese, but when I’ve seen an item on a Japanese site and want more information, I’m usually forced to do so. For garage kits it’s almost impossible to find info on them in English, and then translation via Google is always suspect as well. I wish I could download Japanese into my head like in the Matrix or something.

  4. Quazacolt says:

    interesting wishlist especially the dollfies 🙂

    volks does have the license for spice and wolf releases, and with the recent mashiro release (which imo, its just not up to par.) its almost certain that sooner or later that horo dollfie would be released too

    • Aka says:

      I have to agree, the Mashiro dollfie just didn’t do it for me, and Mashiro’s a damn cute character.

      I’d be happy (and hateful) if they did release a Horo Dollfie. But it’s nice to know they do hold a license to do so.

      • Quazacolt says:

        pretty much same feeling, since, dollfies dont come cheap LOL

        furthermore me living in a country thats ‘considered’ 3rd world (inb4flames) with pretty piss poor currency, it’ll be really difficult for me to acquire one should they release her.

        simply put, an avg dollfie is at least MYR2k, and thats pretty much 2/3 of my pay/month already lol.

        • Aka says:

          Yeah they’re about that price here as well. Which isn’t 2/3s of my income but still enormously expensive. In addition to the fact we’d have to win a lottery just to get the priviledge of being able to purchase her, or is that just for Volks USA? And if I didn’t win said lottery, I’d be forced onto the auction stage, where Saber goes for thousands of dollars, and I just can’t ever justify that kind of money on something that’s as useless as a 2 foot tall doll, even if it is a Horo doll.

          • Quazacolt says:

            well, in a nutshell, a dollfie is about 5-7 PVC worth of money, so yeah lol.

            the lottery thing is only for volks USA, and thats provided IF volks japan got excess dollfies from their launch/events (like dollpa22, for mashiro/mai)which usually they should have.

            The whole idea of using the lottery system is so it further enforces their idea of making every damn dollfie they release super limited, and somewhat (not really i guess lol!) thwart auction sharks.

            if you want a secure way to get a dollfie, get directly from japan via proxy/someone inside. auction stage = killer, and im sure you’ve already witnessed yourself.

          • Aka says:

            I could see spending 3x a figure for a Dollfie, because she’d be 3x as tall. Beyond that is asking too much!

            Lotteries are annoying because I never win. And it seems like this sort of lottery isn’t really a ‘win’ like a usual lottery. A usual lottery the winnings out weigh the cost of participating, such as $1 for the lottery ticket to win a car. But a free lottery that costs you $500+ to get your winnings seems backwards in some way, but whatever.

  5. Aya says:

    I bought that Horo-Garage Kit as prepainted Gathering Version, and an unpainted Version too. I think I will complete here in the next week and write a review about it.The Gathering-Version ist quite awesome.

    • Aka says:

      I too ordered the pre-painted Gathering Version (knock-off) from e2046. I have yet to open the package and don’t expect much, but will be happily surprised if she turns out well. I think however she wont turn out anywhere near the quality of the work featured in the post here by whom ever runs that “sakuraikumi” blog. So she’ll be a bit of a let down I think, but I still had to own her.

      • Quazacolt says:

        well, she’s good enough, of course if you compared to the original GK it is definitely not as good. I think the main “flaws” if you put it that way, is how the skin tones/blushes are painted/sprayed on the E2046 ver as opposed to the original GK.

        not sure how much difference you can tell from a random un-flashed phone camera pic, but heres it if you dont mind:

        • Aka says:

          She looks pretty much exactly like e2046 shows in their photos. The tip of her tail isn’t white enough (too yellow?) is the first thing that stands out for me. But then, neither is the version in the above photos in the post.

  6. Aya says:

    I built a few garage kits during the last year and yes, its hard work.I hope the gathering version will be quiet as good as the refference pictures, if not, maybe I will sell her and try to make the garage kit as good as i can. Maybe I will change the shape of one ear using a hair dryer or something.

    • Aka says:

      I was referring to the reference photos in this post. e2046 will never do that well, but they match quite well with their own reference photos. So if that’s what you expect then you’ll be happy.

      The ears definitely need work though, been one of my long standing complaints for this garage kit.

      How will the hair dryer work, seems like the material would be hard and too brittle.