Katsuragi Misato (2008) by Kotobukiya

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  1. This base is nice too, and the figure great ^^ But like I said on Rei review, I prefer Asuka ^^ I’am waiting for yours pictures !!

  2. If you think Misato has a balance problem wait until you see how Asuka “sits” on her Eva…

    It’s like strolling through memory lane because I’m getting to enjoy these figures again. With each review you do with this series I find new reasons to like these figures. Case in point: gunless Misato, lol!

    I agree that this Shirahige’s most innovative sculpt of the three, but the one thing that bugs me about Misato now looking back on her is her face. It looks a little off. It’s still clearly Misato so on that level it succeeds, but it’s just shaped a little different than the designs I’m used to.

    Mini-skirt makes up for it though! :3

    PS. Sega figures are generally good but don’t expect intricate detailing or lavish painting for 17 bucks (sometimes they don’t even put a base coat over the raw plastic for skin tones). Their main selling point is that they’re cheap and fun, but at the same time Sega figures *can* be more imaginative then the more praised companies in the industry. Especially the Eva figures Sega makes because Sega makes a billion of them, lol.

    1. I actually find Asuka has never fallen over yet. Misato on the other hand would fall as I rotated her for pictures. But I can see what you mean.

      lol I’m glad you liked gunless Misato, re-reading your review you couldn’t find anything playful in the sculpt, how was that picture, playful enough? or too much innudendo in it?

      You’re right about her face, I felt the same way but overlooked that, I guess when hurrying to get the review to press.

      Again, re-reading your review, I kinda wish this figure was a bit more happy, more like the fridge-full-of-beer-Misato you (and I) know, perhaps displaying a bit of that cleavage you mention to get a rise out of Shinji. Between Rei and Asuka she seems to stand out, too serious. The other two have sexy poses which can never be serious, Misato has a gun and rubble around her… Wonder why the major difference?

      As for SEGA, I didn’t really expect much for their cost, I just wasn’t really sure if they were worth it or not. They must be though since 90% of their business model seems to be selling Asuka and Rei figures in different clothes. They should probably just make a poseable Rei and Asuka and get into the doll clothing business instead. Sounds like it’d be easier for them.

      1. Really? Maybe I haven’t been putting Asuka on right then, lol.

        Very playful, but also love the innuendo. :3

        I do have a theory that Shirahige is actually giving an external expression of the character’s inner persona for each figure in this line. To me that explains Misato’s attitude as she’s serene and conflicted. It’s a little less obvious with Rei and Asuka because they are expressive, but I think the theory still holds.

        But I still want a beer guzzling, cleavage showing Misato, dammit!

        Hmmm. Dollfie Rei and Asuka? 😀

      2. If Dollfies weren’t so expensive, I think I’d become a doll collector… which kind of creeps me out, but I’d still do it. Taki’s Horo creeped me out for a long time and I still kept buying…

        I hate to call you out on your theory but… I think I can understand Misato, but how does that theory apply to Rei and Asuka?

        There isn’t a beer guzzling cleavage showing Misato yet? I find that hard to believe, but it seems to be true… what kind of failure is this, that’s not right. I can find some garage kits that would fit that description, but nothing else. I demand one right now. I should add that to my Christmas List, but that post was a pain to write as it is.

      3. Regarding my pet theory, it has mostly to do with the way each of them are posed and the expressions on their faces. Rei looks afflicted. Her body is tense and closed and she looks uncertain. She also grips the base (her Eva) quite tightly.

        On the other hand Asuka looks melancholy. There is something bitter-sweet about her smile and general expression. Her pose is a little harder to apply this logic to, but I still think there is something there with how she holds herself.

        Anyway, it wouldn’t surprise me if a few GKs like that existed, but I have yet to see beer guzzling, cleavage showing Misato in PVC form. That would be a prime candidate for a Sega figure, now that I think about it, lol!

      4. Alright, sounds good to me! I’ve never been very good at finding metaphor in things, I guess my mind just doesn’t work that way most of the time. Or finds silly metaphor.

        Lets propose the idea with SEGA, I’m sure they’ll take us up on the offer since they seem to have taken up everyone elses.

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