Ayanami Rei Plugsuit Ver. (2007) by Kotobukiya

5 thoughts on “Ayanami Rei Plugsuit Ver. (2007) by Kotobukiya”

  1. I like this Rei version for her base (original!) and her expression. It’s a nice figure ^^ But I prefer Asakua (more hard to find). Nice shooting, thank for this presentation 🙂

    1. Rei definitely has the best base of the 3 I think, if only for how her thighs hug it, yum. But yeah, Asuka is the best 🙂

  2. Congratulations on the complete set! :3

    I might starting calling Rei a stencil now, lol. I know you were using that to refer to her as an archetype type of sorts, but it’s a really funny (and fitting) term to call her by. Get the hardcore Ayanami fans (which I admit I used to be) all riled up. XD

    It’s really easy to notice that they didn’t give Misato that semi-translucent hair when you’ve got all three stacked like that. Not that something like that would’ve worked for Misato.

    Glad you liked Rei and hope you’ll equally enjoy the rest. IMO each figure was better than the last.

    1. 😀 I’m rather happy I got them all!

      Getting Eva fans riled up is so easy. When I went to see Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance in theaters (rubbing it in btw) I was talking with a few people and they were asking me such specific questions about the series and my opinions, had I not been as polite, I could easily have started a physical fight amongst fans. Instead, my politeness paid off and no fights were had, and I got to watch the movie peacefully with my friend and newly met friend at the theater.

      It’s hard not to like Rei, they’ve done nearly everything right, except in my opinion, her pose.

      I think you’re right, Misato’s hair wouldn’t have worked with the translucent nature of the other two. But it does stand out in that picture, especially with the light shining from the back like it is.

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