Mao by Max Factory

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  1. I don’t like this figure, maybe because I don’t really like the character and I don’t like her face expression (I prefer Blanc Neige). This figure is sweet, and her bikini is really really cute ! You made, still, a beautiful review ^^ I’am jealous, your white background is really white ^^” I do not still master this color 😦

    1. The white background took some effort but it’s simple to do now that I understand how. I use four 100 watt lamps, shine 2 of them on the white background to over-expose it, then shine the remaining two on the figure itself. It’s not perfect but it works out. I need a 5th lamp to even out the light distribution better though. As well as diffusers.

    1. Yeah I’d seen her around before as well, eventually picked her up off eBay while ordering a few figures from one seller.

  2. Ah, so you really are turning this into a series. Was wondering if you’d actually carry through on it. 😛

    I actually like this one a great deal more than Blanc. Her swimsuit is just uber cute. Better hair and more detail as well, but that swimsuit goes a long way for me. It’s a shame about her skin tones though. Reminds me of my experience with GSC Rin. >,<

    The issue with her left leg being darker might be due to a difference in material perhaps? Is her left leg more firm than the right? If so it might be another type of plastic. Sometimes companies will do that for "structural" purposes and often the color doesn't exactly match and/or the material ages differently.

    1. Yup! On Occasion I do follow through with my plans, but don’t hold me to it in the future!

      I agree, Mao’s swimsuit is übercute indeed, as well as her pose. But that leg drags her down for me, it’s so ugly in person, if you can’t notice it in the pictures. At least your GSC Rin has a similar skin tone all around her, even if it’s wrong, it’s uniformly wrong. Where as this has just one big wrong spot, the rest is fine, it really highlights the issue.

      I don’t believe it’s a different material though, it feels the same as her other leg.

      1. Don’t worry, I won’t. 😉

        LOL, j/k. Man I’m being a jerk. Must be because of the holidays. 😛

        Well there goes that theory then (but maybe they just used different batches of plastic?). I guess uniformly wrong is slightly better than being wrong in one big spot. It’s still not much of a consolation prize.

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