Blanc Neige by Max Factory

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  1. This adaptation is really sensual, more than others I think (maybe because of the bikine). Yhe first Kotobukiya version is sensual too for her pose (Tony Taka style). I like the pose and the face of Max Factory adaptation. She is really cute and sexy ^^ Thank for this beautiful review Aka ^^ I’am impressive by your pictures (as always ? :P)

  2. “same franchise, different game” – Blanc Neige was a year older in Wind and sported a different look, but it is still the same Blanc Neige.

    Max Factory did a good rendition of the four girls in swimwear, but unfortunately did not manage to get the license to produce the Wind versions of them, which is a pity since Koto did not really do a good job for the only Wind version of Blanc Neige out. Reviewed this figure more than a year ago myself, though I have yet to post up the revised version. Nice job.

    1. Thanks, and thanks again for the additional info on the series of games. Again I relied on Wikipedia, since I’ve never played the games. I hope I was more accurate this time ’round than last lol.

      I agree that Max Factory could have done a better job on the Wind characters than Koto did, but I have to disagree a bit with your opinion of the 4 girls in swim-wear from Tears. I feel they’re somewhat mediocre in their craftsmanship, not bad, but not great either.

      1. I have another figure from Alter from 2007, she definitely didn’t live up to expectations of Alter products given all the praise I’d heard. But thankfully she was on sale at a good price. Was also before I understood the figure industry in any way whatsoever.

        I didn’t realize the quality levels would have changed so much over the short period, but I guess the industry isn’t a very old oen either.

        I think I based my judgement off how well I thought my Tohsaka Rin turned out from Good Smile Company, produced in 2005.

        Oh well live and learn!

  3. I’m also not an adept of swimsuit. A bikini and a pose more a less the same for all figures of that styles. Makes them ordinary.
    Blanc-neige is pretty. I like the way that it’s bikini match the tone of her hairs. It gives a nice sight. It’s true that Max Factory could have done better with skin shadows.
    Very nice photo and a good idea to propose a series based on that theme.

    1. Thanks,

      Yeah unfortunately bikini figures seem way too ordinary. When I think of bikini I don’t think of ordinary, but bikini + figure = Boring. So strange that way.

  4. You’re right about Blanc: sexy, but ordinary. I’ve seen this one floating around a lot at conventions have been tempted, but I find something better to spend my money on.

    Her hair looks kinda bland. Is the detailing on it as flat as it looks in the pics? If so that’s a shame. Max Factory is usually better than that.

    Pretty good job with Blanc’s face though.

    1. Yeah the detailing is about as flat as the pictures. I think maybe a bit more exaggerated but still pretty lacking. Hot, but lacking.

      There’s definitely better to spend ones money on than Blanc here, but she’s acceptable if one finds a decent price.

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