Yen Press’ Solution for Spice and Wolf

Yen Press has finally offered up their solution with regards to their English release of Spice & Wolf Volume 1. Their solution, that slip cover they offered in their magazine as a ‘gift’? Well it will now be included at participating online retailers at no extra charge as well and best of all, sans crease! I’m very happy to hear this as it’s a huge step in the right direction but I still have a big issue with it. I pre-ordered the book through Amazon long before there was even a cover released. My question, is Amazon one of the participating retailers, and if so, will my order include the slip cover? If not, this goes back to my complaint in my previous post where I said “…even if it’s a re-release with a proper cover, that doesn’t change the fact I’ve already ordered the first.”

I really hope Amazon offers it with all their pre-orders.

-Aka ( Horo)


  1. kizo. . . says:

    I hope Amazon deliver you with the extra slip cover! >.<

    The previous cover is too "Twilight-ish" for me.

  2. Miette-chan says:

    Ah…I see, well, this raises my hopes up. It will all depend on whether Amazon offers this cover or not.

  3. […] Volume 1 arrived yesterday in the mail from Amazon, unfortunately no slip cover was provided as per Yen Press’ ”Solution”. Should have cancelled my pre-order with Amazon and found somewhere else such as RightStuf to order […]