Review: Max Factory’s Sawatari Makoto

Perhaps my most sought after anime figure so far in my collecting career, Sawatari Makoto by Max Factory. She was hard to find and even harder to find at a reasonable price. Even after finding her at a ‘reasonable’ price she only JUST met it by one penny. I had set out with a $100 goal, and she was $99.99, for an open box, and included the previous owners dust! But I was happy to finally get my hands on her.

We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious.

Since I started collecting figures after she went on sale I had very little chance of catching her from the start. And even if I did, I wasn’t really sure I should back then, I was a lot more worried about what people might think. Over time that worry diminished and my need to possess her grew.


I started checking eBay from time to time for her but usually without any luck, and if there was some luck she was prohibitively expensive. Eventually I’d complained enough times that Rico offered to look around Otakon for me when he went this past summer and get me a copy if he saw one. Which was awfully nice of him since we’ve never met and there was no guarantee on his end that I’d pay up (I would have though!).

figure-max-factory-sawatari-makoto-18Eventually I got smart and setup an eBay notification that would email me when new items were posted. Two weeks passed and suddenly I received an email from eBay with a wonderful subject line, “eBay Saved Search: sawatari makoto”. Chance!

Immediately I clicked the link and purchased the item. In fact, I’d overlooked originally that she was an open box item. Only later when I’d already paid and sent off all information did I re-read the post and notice, how smart of me. This caused some worry, would she be in good condition, would she have some wear, or worse, would she have been ‘used’. Be thankful I couldn’t find a link to what I was looking for, though some of you probably already know.

Well, in the end my worrying was wasted energy. Makoto appears to be in quite good condition, though with a little added dust from the previous owner. Assuming this dust doesn’t contain some terrible disease or anthrax or something I don’t mind it.


Sawatari Makoto is originally from a visual novel produced by the renowned Key studios. The game was adapted into two different anime, the first was a 13 episode TV series produced by Toei Animation in 2002. The second adaptation was produced by Kyoto Animation and is the version I watched and enjoyed in 2006. It was 24 episodes long, had better character designs and was far better animated than the Toei Animation version.

Max Factory’s Sawatari Makoto takes after KyoAni’s designs with their interpretation and has produced her in a 1/8th scale form factor, though I think this is wrong based off other 1/8th scale figures and how big I imagine her to be. However this could just be due to the design style of her character.

Makoto was sculpted by Koshinuma Shinij, had an MSRP of ¥5,800 / $68 CAD and was released back in February of 2008.

figure-max-factory-sawatari-makoto-23Mustn’t mention pantyshot

Moving on…

Koshinuma and Max Factory have done a splendid job of realizing Makoto in 3-dimensions. She has a dynamic pose where I can imagine her quickly running off in front of me then turning to smile back before she runs off. Makoto’s face definitely is that of a Key character, even KyoAni’s designs can’t shrink those massive blue eyes, though perhaps they’re slightly too far apart. I suspect her hair is a bit unnatural in it’s movement but I totally don’t care I think it looks cute as a button on her.

The wrinkles and folds in Makoto’s clothes seem quite natural and adds some nice realism to the figure. Even her boots seem to have a good feel to them, her right leg closer to the back of the boot due to it’s position as well as the thick folds and indents.

My favourite part of the sculpt though has to be her pose overall, bending over, slight turn of her head and eyes, bum higher than her back, right knee bent in with her foot slightly behind and twisted cutely, flowing hair and of course a gap between those thighs. I’m not going to say it.

figure-max-factory-sawatari-makoto-36 figure-max-factory-sawatari-makoto-48 figure-max-factory-sawatari-makoto-49

Max Factory has done very well with the paintwork on Makoto and I haven’t found any issues even with her having been displayed in unknown conditions before purchase. Her skin tones are warm and appealing, her clothes matte and shaded well. I love her striped socks sticking out above her boots and how they indent her legs a little bit like socks would. Her hair has some nice shading in it as well, giving some nice depth to what could otherwise be a very bland orange.


I can’t really think of anything else to say, normally I’d have put in a paragraph or two about faults or issues with the figure but the only issue I have is the base and I don’t care about it. She has a very very bland white base with Kanon embossed upon it. That’s not really a fault, it works and doesn’t distract from the figure due to ugliness or anything. So does she get a perfect? I think so. Foo-bar-baz gives her a 4/5 though, so perhaps I’m biased due to my Gollum-like obsession with finding her.

So bright… so beautiful… ah, Precious.



  • Adorable pose
  • Quite well sculpted
  • Great paintwork throughout
  • Pantyshot


  • Came with the dust of the previous owner



  1. Leonia says:

    Makoto is cute, Makoto is the best ! I love Makoto xD

    Your picture are great, as always ^^

  2. Rico-sama says:

    I knew you would’ve paid: for some reason I trusted you (which still strikes me as odd, lol 😛 ). Besides, I figured that if I found her MSIB at a con I could’ve gotten a pretty penny off eBay if you changed your mind.

    I also would’ve harnessed the power of polyvinyl to crush OMGWebsite, but that’s beside the point. 😉

    Glad you found her! You gave her as high an overall score as Horo, so I guess that mean’s you’re happy with her, lol.

    She looks fantastic for not having come in a box. It’s bad enough sometimes where even MSIB doesn’t assure the quality of the figure, but it looks like the previous owner took enough care of her (aside from the dust). As nice as the one I have.

    PS. Your pics are really nice. Make me want to go back and redo my old gallery of her, lol.

    • Aka says:

      I guess even through the internets I’m a trustworthy person! I must give off some kind of “trust me” vibe.

      I’m definitely happy with her, but if you look at the scoring, the only thing that brought her down was cost. Had I bought her for her original MSRP she would have been a 5 on cost, and thus an average that would round up to a 5 overall!

      I hope Volks’ Horo can give me my first 5, though already her cost is high.

      Makoto came in a box, check the last few pictures. She came in the exact packaging she originally would have, minus the saran wrap.

      I’m getting pretty good at the pictures now I must say. I used to take a lot and select a few, now I take less and take out just a few that didn’t work out. Saves me a lot of time. Additionally since I’ve finally figured out the white balance settings for my lights, I automated the task and all my pictures have the same white balance now.

      I think one thing that helped me out is using manual focus and my 50mm f/1.8 prime lens, Kodomut suggested I stick to my prime and he was right. Crisp pictures and never a misfocus.

      Oh yeah, don’t redo your whole old gallery, just add a pantyshot! haha

      • Rico-sama says:

        That’s what I get for posting late at night. I mistook “open box” for “no box” and didn’t go through the entire gallery. ^^;;

        One could interpret that as you liking Mikoto more than you like GSCs Horo, but that can’t be what YOU of all people are implying. 😉

        Interesting. White balance is an area I haven’t been totally able to get 100% consistent across my galleries. I think it’s because my lights are pretty non-symmetrical with respect to the tent, but the patterned/colored backgrounds also make it a challenge. What type of bulbs do you use again?

        • Aka says:

          Liking Max Factory’s Makoto better than GSC’s Horo doesn’t mean I like Makoto better than Horo. Just Max Factory’s interpretation of the character better.

          The bulbs I use are Philips Daylight 23w CFLs. They’re supposed to be 6500K lights. But I find my white balance is almost always in around the 5600K +38 in the Tint. So even if I were to change the backgrounds etc… as long as I used the same lights I’m good.

          The area I had issues with before was using these lights along with my flash. The flash has a different colour than the lights, ugh.

  3. Miette-chan says:

    Aw man, lucky you. This is probably the Max Factory release I want the most together with Fire Haze Shana. I have yet to find Makoto for sale, and Shana for a reasonable price.

    This is certainly a nice figure to get from what I seen.

    • Aka says:

      She’s definitely hard to come by at anything reasonable. And even if you’re willing to pay some of the unreasonable prices she’s still hard to find on english sites.

  4. Lylibellule says:

    Your review makes me remember that i still don’t have buy this figure.

    She’s so cute!

  5. Guy says:

    Very nice figure. I’m surprised you didn’t remove the dust, from her skirt, for instance. The paint job on the front of her hair seems less than stellar, with those “dots”.

    Adorable pose, and yes, I’m also a fan of such poses 😉

    • Aka says:

      You’d be surprised how much dust I DID remove! But it was next to impossible to get rid of it all with my simple methods. I’ll have to research some better cleaning techniques I suppose, I was just using a can of compressed ‘air’.

      You’re right about the dots on her hair, but they’re almost non-existent to the naked eye. The macro shots really brought them out though. Maybe I should stop doing them, they keep bringing out flaws you can’t always see otherwise!

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