A certain white robot, x3 and a guest

Recent arrivals to Tailgrab HQ. My robot army increases threefold! Mwuahaha!!!</evil laugh>

Saber also joins us here at HQ and once she passes quarantine she will be released from her box to join the rest of us.



  1. Leonia says:

    OMG ! You are a big Drossel fan xD Three news figma of this rebot xD It’s the news mascott of OMGWebsite ? 😛 Saber Lily is beautiful ^^ I made a review about her, and she is impressive !

    • Aka says:

      I’m starting to think Drossel was already OMGWebsite’s mascot, she’s been so much fun to play with. I don’t think I’ve had as much fun with an action figure since I was 10 years old haha.

      I keep trying to find time to get Saber Lily out of the box but so far haven’t come up with any. I always take pictures of the packaging for my reviews, so I can’t just open her up at any moment.

      I was jealous when I saw you had Saber Lily before me!

      • Leonia says:

        It’s true, Drossel is really funny ^^ And he will be a nice mascot (but Horo is more cute !).

        I’am waiting with impatient your Saber Lily’reviews. Don’t be jealous, you had Taiga, and I’am always waiting for me >_<

        • Aka says:

          I should try and find a way to have Drossel cosplay as Horo! Double-win! (I can’t make little costumes though 🙁 )

          I’m not sure when I’ll get around to reviewing Saber, there’s so many reviews out there right now I feel it’s no longer a good time and that I should wait a bit.

          • Leonia says:

            Yes, there are a many reviews of Saber Lily on the net, well, it is always pleasant to see very beautiful pictures ^^

            Drossel’s Horo will be funny !

  2. Rico-sama says:

    Now it’s my turn: I hate you. I have no idea when my Saber Lily will be coming in. :/

    ‘Grats on the haul. You’ve passed a threshold I can’t imagine myself doing – buying three of the same figure – but at the same time I can’t wait to see what mischief the Drossel sister’s get themselves into. 😀

    • Aka says:

      I had a bit of a plan for the 3 Drossels that don’t necessarily involve them all being out of the box at once. Yet anyway. It’s not the whole otaku collection mantra or anything, but I wanted to try modding one like Kodomut has done if I ever get time. And I bought the 3rd just because I could.

      That said, I’m dying to get them all out of the box and doing something together, wishing maybe I’d ordered more haha. My own clone army of Drossels!

  3. Guy says:

    Saber Lily! I ended up ordering Saber Alter Maid instead.

    Also, your robot army quadrupled, as you went from 1 to 4 😉

    • Aka says:

      Nah only 3. The top one is the one I always had, I just had the box lying around and thought the picture would look best that way.

      Saber maid is quite nice too, but Saber Lily is just, well I couldn’t resist.

  4. Aoki says:

    nice to see so many more figures, can’t wait to see what you do with the Drossels

  5. Iain says:

    Hey, save some of your money. Remember, there’s that big die-cast metal Drossel coming out next year.

  6. GGT says:

    Oh my! You got 3 of them!!! XD

    • Aka says:

      Would have ordered more if I’d known AmiAmi now had an english store. They have some good prices, ¥1,000 less than Hobby Link Japan on Drossel. the ¥3,000 savings total would have paid for a 4th!